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We Wish You A Marvel Christmas!: The 5 Best MCU Christmas Moments

Christmas with Marvel!

By Kristy AndersonPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Credit: Disney.

Christmas is almost here! While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has only one official Christmas special, there have been plenty of smaller Christmassy moments along the way, and we are soon to get another when the season two What If..? episode, 'What If Happy Hogan saved Christmas?' begins streaming on Disney Plus on Christmas Eve 2023.

To celebrate the festive season, let's look back at some of the best MCU Christmas moments.

1. 'The Mechanic' leaves a gift for Harley Keener (Iron Man 3)

During the middle section of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark forms a reluctant alliance with a young boy, Harley Keener, after he is forced to hide the damaged Iron Man Mk 42 prototype in Harley's garage. Harley aids Tony in his investigation into Extremis, and in turn, Tony deals with Harley's bullies.

Harley expresses a passion for building potato guns. In the film's final minutes, he arrives home from School to discover an upgraded potato gun and fully operational lab installed in his garage- Gifts from Iron Man's mechanic, aka Tony Stark. A sweet, fitting ending to the first MCU movie set at Christmas time.

2. "How did you keep your heart? (Black Widow)

In the opening scenes of Black Widow, Melina Vostakoff orders Natasha Romanoff to leave behind an album filled with staged photos of their undercover family. However, later in the film, Natasha discovers that Melina had salvaged the album herself.

While browsing the pictures, Natasha tells Melina how much she had loved shooting the Christmas pictures. Despite knowing that there was nothing inside the gifts, she was still caught up in the excitement of opening them, able to be a child for a little while. A sweet but tragic moment in the film, possibly driving Melina's ultimate decision to help Natasha take the Red Room down.

3. The best shot Clint Barton ever took (Hawkeye 1x04)

While not officially a Christmas special in the vein of The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special, the six episode Hawkeye series is both set in the days leading up to Christmas, and includes the holiday as an important part of the plot, with Clint eager to resolve the situation with his Ronin suit, the Tracksuit Mafia, and a mysterious stolen watch in time to make it home for Christmas with his family. During a lull in the action in the series fourth episode, Clint and his new partner, aspiring archer Kate Bishop, share a heart to heart while they lay low in Kate's apartment, both wearing Christmas sweaters.

During this conversation, Kate asks Clint to tell her about the best shot he ever took, and he replies that the best shot he took was actually the one he chose not to take. At Kate's obvious confusion, Clint elaborates, explaining that he was referring to his decision not to assasinate the late Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff, who became his best friend. The Christmas jumpers and discussion of found family lend a festive feel to the scene, which also forshadow's Kate's decision not to take a shot at Natasha's sister, Yelena Belova, at the end of the episode.

4. The battle at Rockefeller plaza (Hawkeye 1x06)

In Hawkeye's finale, 'So This Is Christmas?', newly minted partners Clint Barton and Kate Bishop enter into a final showdown with the Tracksuit Mafia. The confrontation happens in the centre of Rockefeller Plaza, amidst the ruins of a giant fallen Christmas tree.

It is the perfect festive ending for the series. And best of all, when all is said and done, Clint successfully makes it home for Christmas.

5. The entire 'Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special'

During the Christmas season of 2022, the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special arrived on Disney Plus. After learning that Yondu ruined Christmas for Peter Quill as a child, Mantis, also nursing the secret that she is Peter's half-sibling, decides she must fix the holiday for him. Thus, she and Drax embark on a trip to Earth to find Peter's hero, Kevin Bacon, and bring him to Knowhere as a Christmas gift. The result is delightful Christmas chaos unfolding in a way that only the Guardians can provide.

Despite only being a year old, the special will almost certainly be considered a classic in Christmases to come, and has already become a festive viewing tradition for Marvel fans.

Merry Marvel Christmas, everyone!

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