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'A Furry Freak With Epic Super Powers Superpowers': Could Santa Claus Exist In The MCU?

A Marvel-ous Christmas.

By Kristy AndersonPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Credit: Marvel Comics.

While a few past MCU projects, such as Iron Man 3 and Hawkeye, have been set during the holiday season, Marvel Studios recently produced their first official piece of Christmas themed content with the Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special. The success of the special, and a half-joking tease in the post credits, has fans wondering about whether we could see more Christmas-themed MCU content in the future, and if so, whether such content would deal with the existence of Santa Claus.

Interestingly, there is precedent for Santa existing in the world of Marvel Comics. So, could jolly old Saint Nick make his way into the MCU?

The Origins of Santa In Marvel Comics

Odin, one of the three inspirations for Santa Claus. Credit: Marvel Comics.

Myths centered on three particular figures are believed to form the basis of the character that eventually became Santa Claus: The real life Saint Nicholas, the British legend of Old Man Winter/Father Christmas, and finally, the Norse God Odin. Odin's goats, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder (who recently got their own MCU debut in Thor: Love and Thunder), are one of the inspirations for Santa's reindeer.

In the Marvel Comics Universe, Santa Claus came into being when the human race's belief in the above three figures merged with a sudden spike in spiritual energy. He was a physical manifestation of the spirit of Giving, as this was the major common factor in the three myths that gave him life. Santa initially worked out of a city in Finland, delivering gifts only on Christmas morning, but after meeting and marrying the special woman who became his Mrs. Claus, moved to and set up a workshop at the North Pole. Over time, he gathers a workforce of elves, mostly descended from the Light Elves of Alfheim, one of the ten realms of Asgard. Odin gifts Santa with eight flying reindeer, thus completing the image of Santa Claus that we all know and love.

The Awesome Powers of Marvel's Santa Claus

Credit: Marvel Comics.

Santa's mystical origins come with a number of impressive powers. He possesses a dimensionally limitless sack in which he carries presents for all the Earth's well behaved children, and can bend the laws of space and time in order to deliver the gifts in a single night. Santa also has the power to magically fit himself or anyone with him down any available chimney, and an innate ability to tell naughty from nice. He is the most powerful Mutant ever registered by the X-Men's Mutant detection device, Cerebro, placing him in the rare Omega Class.

On occasion, Santa has been known to use his powers to help out other Marvel heroes, either as himself, or in disguise. In one story, Spider-Man hunts down a scam artist pretending to be Santa in order to trick children into giving him their addresses so he can rob them. However, after catching up with the criminal Spidey discovers that Santa, angry at innocent children being manipulated, had already dealt with the impostor himself. He also once used his power of Naughty and Nice detection to pose as a Detective, Nick St. Christopher, who helps She-Hulk gather evidence in a murder investigation. As St. Christopher, Santa briefly develops an attraction to She-Hulk, putting him in hot water with Mrs. Claus.

So, could Santa Claus ever appear in the MCU?

Perhaps surprisingly, the most solid evidence as to Santa's potential existence in the MCU comes in the recent Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special. He is referenced in the song the alien band (played by real life musicians the Old 97s), perform for Peter Quill.

"Santa is a furry freak with epic superpowers."

While the song is mostly a joke, packed with humorous misunderstandings the aliens have made about Christmas mythology and traditions, considering what we've learned about Santa Claus in Marvel Comics, the above lyric may not be entirely wrong. Considering the fact that we know the X-Men are eventually coming to the MCU, and the teaser in Ms. Marvel that mutants likely already exist, there is a distinct possibility of Santa existing in the MCU. If Christmas themed specials become a tradition in the MCU, we may see Santa make his official debut sometime in the future.

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