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Was There an Unexpected Hero Dusted at the Conclusion of 'Avengers: Endgame'?

by Craig Arnott about a year ago in superheroes

This article will discuss the end of 'Avengers: Endgame' and how there may have been an unexpected casualty.

Was There an Unexpected Hero Dusted at the Conclusion of 'Avengers: Endgame'?
Nick Fury as he turned to dust in 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Only read on if you have seen Avengers: Endgame as this article will have heavy SPOILERS!

So in perhaps one of the biggest battles in cinema history, fans watched hundreds of heroes fight to stop Thanos and his forces from gaining the infinity stones and exterminating all life. But, despite all their might Thanos nearly achieved his goal as he grabbed the Nano Gauntlet (made by Ironman, Hulk, and Rocket) and all six Infinity Stones. Luckily for all of creation, Iron Man proved he is just as sneaky as Black Widow as he grabbed the Stones, infused them with his armour and snapped all of Thanos's forces to dust. This cost Iron Man his life, but did his actions also kill another hero in the process?

Was Gamora dusted at the same time?

Did Gamora fall to the same fate as her father?

Before I explain why, let's cover what we saw of her in the film. To begin with, we see she is working for her father and is surprised when he has found an Infinity Stone. However, a future Nebula and War Machine had also come back in time to claim the stone. This resulted in the two Nebulas having their networks link and Thanos discovering his daughter would one day try to reverse his plans for the universe, while also confirming for him that he would find the gauntlet and the six stones in his future.

Gamora next appeared seeing the devastation of her father's attack as his forces aimed to get the six stones from the Avengers. This leads her to talk to the future counterpart of her sister and discover that the pair did eventually form a strong sisterhood. Now as a united force, the pair headed down to the surface and tried to convince the Nebula from the past that she could also change sides. This doesn't go as planned as future Nebula kills her past self to save Gamora's life.

Now with the stones away from Thanos's forces, Gamora next saves Starlord from a killing blow and stuns him with her presence. Unfortunately for him, this is the "no touching" Gamora from the past and results in a pair of squished nuts from her knee. Her final act that we witnessed was in the battle uniting with all the female heroes in protecting Captain Marvel and the stones from Thanos, where she leads the charge to stop her father. That is the last we see of her on screen.

At the end of the film, we witness Thor and the Guardian heading off into space. However, before Thor entered the ship we clearly see Starlord scanning the local area for any signs of Gamora. The computer is clearly stating there is no sign of her anywhere nearby. Before Starlord can react to this information, Thor starts puffing out his chest to be the alpha male on board. But how could she have escaped?

Gamora would not have had access to a way off of Earth, as the Guardian's ship was the only way out. So does that mean she was dusted along with Thanos and his army? Iron Man had never witnessed Gamora fighting for his side and if his snap was simple "anyone who was with Thanos" then she would have been included. While the question of what happened to Gamora will most likely be answered in Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it does leave the potential for her to have perished a second time. There is no obvious way for her to have escaped Earth and considering Starlord was scanning star systems, he would have surely checked Earth first, right?

Do you think Gamora was dusted? If not, how do you think she escaped?

Craig Arnott
Craig Arnott
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