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Villainess Review: Gloria Ford (Found)

A case involving a missing influencer exposes so many secrets--dark or otherwise

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 3 months ago 6 min read
Welker White as Gloria Ford

I bring some good news to start out this review: Found is being renewed!! The news broke earlier this week that NBC renewed both freshman crime drama shows--Found and The Irrational--for second seasons. I'm elated on a personal note, because I watch both shows religiously, but it's also good for diversity, because both shows have a Black lead. In the case of Found, it's Shanola Hampton leading the charge as Gabi Mosley.

I do love Found; it's an amazing show with a lot of good stories. However, while I have immensely enjoyed the episodes, the villainesses haven't been plentiful, with only one appearing in the first eight episodes. When I saw the promo for Episode 9, though, I figured that the door was open.

The episode, "Missing While Scamming," centered on Melissa Darr, a famous influencer who was abducted for ransom. Gabi and company were visited by the three people closest to Melissa: her husband Harris Darr, her good friend Riley Davis, and her business partner Gloria Ford, with all three revealing that the ordered ransom was $2 million--but they only had $500,000. The group also met with Marco, who was Gloria and Melissa's assistant, but during this visit, Gabi can't help but notice that Harris and Riley are a bit too friendly with each other. Even so, at this point, I did go the easy route and thought that Melissa had staged this whole thing. After all, when you hear the words "influencer" and "missing" in the same sentence, another word comes to mind: "staged."

Harris and Riley are under suspicion; meanwhile, Gabi managed to get the abductor to cut the ransom price in half, but the drop sees Gabi held at gunpoint and the DCPD come into play. As a result, DCPD's head honcho, Tony Mallory, whose rod up his butt has a rod up its butt (thank you, Superintendent Chalmers, for that line), forcibly puts himself in charge of the investigation, and even went as far as to try to phase Gabi out. Oh, as for Harris and Riley, they are suspected of having an affair and getting Melissa out of the way, but as both of them revealed, they are together...with Melissa. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have a throuple.

As for Gabi, she's definitely not going to let live-action Chief Wiggum tell her what to do, so she meets with the kidnapper to drop off the ransom. While Gabi went on her mission, Margaret took a look back at the earlier scene with the masked kidnapper holding Gabi at gunpoint, and used her deductive skills to figure out the true identity of the masked culprit: Marco. Margaret's attempt to call Gabi and inform her wasn't successful, as Gabi was in Melissa's location dropping off the ransom to Marco. Suddenly, Gabi hears the sound a gun cocking, and as she turns around, she's shocked to see that the person holding the gun is none other than Gloria, Melissa's own business partner.

So Gloria was behind the wheel of this whole thing, claiming that Melissa belittled her and shut her out of their business. The plan was to get all of Melissa's money, which Gloria felt was hers, and she had no plans to share with Marco, claiming that she took all of the risks with her scheme. Gabi reminded Gloria that both she and Melissa have seen both of their faces, only for Gloria to state that Melissa only saw Marco and claime that both he and Gabi were expendable. The statement indicated that Gloria was set on killing Gabi and Marco, with the latter distracting Gloria long enough for Gabi to get to Melissa. Unfortunately, after removing the bag from Melissa's head, Gabi discovers that there's no pulse, and that leads to Gloria running to the scene in a panic, stating that Melissa wasn't supposed to die.

Sadly, that's exactly what happened.

The bag that was around Melissa's head asphyxiated her and killed her. As a result, Marco and Gloria not only faced abduction charges, they faced murder charges as well. Harris lost his wife. His daughter, Brittney, lost her mother. Riley lost a good friend. Yet despite this, bootleg Buford T. Justice had the nerve to say this in a press conference:

"This, this right here, is why you call the police. Call vigilantes, there's no guarantee the people you love will make it home. I'm sorry Melissa Derr learned that the hard way."

Seriously, fuck off, Tubby McFatFuck. Actually blaming Gabi for Melissa's death instead of, oh I don't know, the people who abducted her! Safe money says middle-aged, live action Eric Cartman in this episode is threatened by strong, confident, and skilled Black women. I'd bet my Colorado Avalanche fandom on it.

"Missing While Scamming" was the ninth episode of Found's first season, and aired on NBC on November 28, 2023. Welker White appeared in the episode as main villainess Gloria Ford, and honestly, I had Gloria pegged as a possible culprit, and it increased after the throuple reveal killed my theory about Melissa (I figured that Melissa would stage her abduction to get back at Harris and Riley). Gloria was definitely the next most likely choice; after all, from what the episode showed us, Gloria was basically a bit of a parental figure in Melissa's life, and in thrillers like this, those are the ones who put the knife in said person's back. Gloria was bitter, enraged, vengeful, and greedy, as well as opportunistic. And yes, she was murderous; Gloria gave her "she wasn't supposed to die" statement, but she had to have known that the environment and the circumstances of Melissa's capture would be a huge risk to her life. So yes, Gloria's selfish greed and bitterness resulted in the death of a woman who put all of her trust in her.

Welker White was absolutely amazing as Gloria Ford in this episode. She truly delivered when it came to Gloria's concern in the first half, while Gloria's heel turn in the climax allowed us to see White act out Gloria's ruthlessly evil nature in stellar fashion. White's acting career includes appearing in cinema classics such as Dead Poets Society, Goodfellas, and Eat Pray Love (to name a few). Regarding TV appearances, White has appeared in episodes of Law & Order, Spin City, and Blue Bloods, among other shows.

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  • Philip Gipson3 months ago

    Your villainess radar is never off, my friend. I loved reading your review on Gloria Ford.

  • Babs Iverson3 months ago

    Awesome review!!!💕❤️❤️

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