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Villainess Review: Marsha (Found)

A case centering on a missing escort leads to a number of surprising developments, one of them being a plot-twist villainess

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
Michelle Civile as Marsha

A loaded day that included postseason baseball, the NHL's first three games of the season, and NXT and AEW going head-to-head one more time, also included one of NBC's newest shows, Found. I remember seeing the promo for the show and was already in; the series stars Shanola Hamption as Gabi Mosley, a recovery specialist who was actually an abduction victim 20 years prior, held captive by a man only referred to as Sir--who is played by Zack Morris himself, Mark-Paul Gosselaar. As the pilot episode revealed, Gabi and her other captive, Bella, escaped from Sir on their own, because--sadly--society didn't (and still doesn't) care when Black girls go missing. The end of the pilot revealed that Gabi was holding Sir captive in her basement, and he had been assisting Gabi in her cases.

Which now brings us to Episode 2, "Missing While Sinning," which centered on Jinny Coe, a young escort who went missing shortly after celebrating her 27th birthday. As revealed by Maxwell, Jinny had been stalked for two years, with the culprit sending various creepy gifts to her and harassing her online. Sadly, Jinny's case wasn't taken with the seriousness it deserved, because according to society, sex workers have this sort of thing coming to them. We really are a shitty society.

Even Sir (whose real name was revealed as Hugh Evans) was acting so high and mighty regarding the case, informing Gabi that Jinny didn't deserve his or Gabi's time due to her profession. Oh boy. Going door-to-door turned up nothing, but it was the discovery of a painting of Jinny's during her party that led her to an art gallery that Jinny often visited. Gabi and detective Mike Trent spoke to the gallery's security guard, Marsha, regarding Jinny, with Marsha voicing her sorrow over Jinny being missing, and added that in her last appearance, she was with a man who made a pass at her, only to be rebuffed.

Marsha's description of the man led Gabi and company back to Maxwell, who revealed that he did have feelings for Jinny. That's not all. It was also revealed that Maxwell had been in contact with the stalker, who offered to pay $4000 for Jinny's whereabouts, with Maxwell giving a fake location in response. A clicker found in the house looks familiar to Margaret Reed, as she saw it at the home of Brandon Harper, one of the houses that was visited in the search. Gabi and Trent headed to Brandon's house and found Jinny, who shockingly said that she did not want to be found.

As it turned out, Brandon had been helping Jinny hide out from her stalker, as she feared that she would eventually be captured (or worse) by the culprit. With that, Gabi and Trent decide to lure out the stalker, and Maxwell is used as bait, with Gabi figuring that the stalker would want to go after Maxwell for "betraying" them. The trap does work, and to Gabi's surprise, the hooded figure who appeared was none other than Marsha, the gallery's security guard. As Gabi revealed after Marsha's arrest, Marsha had developed a fantasy after seeing Jinny so much, and she had been behind the crazy gifts and the online harassment. She paid Maxwell for Jinny's location, and as the arrest scene revealed, Marsha had been set on killing Maxwell, as she had a gun in her pocket as she approached Maxwell. Gabi also informed Jinny that a number of things in Marsha's house established that she was hellbent on having Jinny to herself, but with Marsha's arrest, Jinny's nightmare was all over.

"Missing While Sinning," the second episode of Found, aird on NBC on October 10, 2023, and featured Michelle Civile as maniacal villainess Marsha. I had Marsha pegged right when she first appeared; in procedural crime dramas like this, it's usually between the second and fourth episodes that the first female villain appears. I sensed this episode would give us one, and Marsha looked quite suspicious already. She played off the concern very convincingly, but the reveal gave us the true Marsha: an insane madwoman who was viciously relentless when it came to carrying out her twisted goal. We even received a shot of Marsha in the "hoodie of evil," which is immensely rare in crime dramas, and we also see Marsha's evil expression during her reveal--a perfect show and display of her unhinged demeanor. Civile was excellent in this episode; she acted out Marsha's feigned concern in her introduction, but of course, she absolutely shined while portraying Marsha's heel persona in that reveal scene.

Michelle Civile has done some stage work, but she has made a number of appearances in short films and movies. This includes appearing in the Lifetime film, Drunk, Driving, and 17, and she's actually part of the MCU; she had a recent bit role in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3.

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