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Viewers Want These 'Arrow' Teammates Gone: What Will Become of Dinah, Curtis, and Rene?

by Rachel Carrington 3 years ago in tv

Viewers have been calling for the removal of Team B since it banded.

Viewers aren't happy with the team-up of Curtis, Dinah, and Rene, otherwise known as Mr. Terrific, Black Canary, and Wild Dog. The writers have written the team into a corner and taken them past the point of no return with the most recent episode (6.14). It will be difficult for any member to be redeemed to the point where they can rejoin Team Arrow, and quite frankly, viewers would much rather see them leave the show.

Each of the three team members have gone down a disheartening path, leading them to make choices that have harmed Team Arrow and created unnecessary drama, and viewers are both unable and unwilling to see the potential for redemption for these three.

Dinah Drake AKA Black Canary

After Dinah loses her returned-from-the dead boyfriend, Vince, her sole focus becomes finding and killing Black Siren. Gone is the kindness and compassion she showed Diggle when he was doing through his own battle. In its place is a woman hardened by grief, and while that might be understandable, she went a step too far with her willingness to fight anyone who stood in her way, including Quentin, who took a beating when he tried to stand between her and Black Siren.

She failed to remember that Oliver found her, helped her find a purpose beyond killing people because of her pain, and gave her a team and friends. All that went out the window when she discovered Felicity had tracked her. The trust was broken, according to her, but she had been seeing Vincent behind the team's back. She offered no apologies, nor did she see her fault in the situation.

Rene Ramirez AKA Wild Dog

Rene definitely takes the cake. Not only was he willing to turn his back on everything Oliver did for him and testify against Oliver, he seems to have forgotten that he is where he is because of his own actions. This is a guy who was still writhing in pain from the death of his wife and the loss of his little girl when Oliver found him and began training him to be a member of Team Arrow. The team tracked him down when he was kidnapped and brutalized. Quentin Lance helped him get another shot at getting his daughter back, and when that failed, Oliver Queen, as mayor, stepped in. Now Rene has custody of his daughter once more, and he was willing to turn his back on the man who made that possible.

Rene doesn't miss the opportunity to blame Oliver for everything that has gone wrong on both teams. And to top it all, he shot at Felicity and went toe-to-toe in a battle against Oliver which, unsurprisingly, he soundly lost. Now that he's in the hospital from a wound that can only be blamed on himself, viewers are supposed to feel sympathetic toward him. We don't.

Curtis Holt AKA Mr. Terrific

Once upon a time, Curtis was a good guy. He brought humor to the team and played off the other characters wonderfully, but he, too, got upset when he discovered Felicity had tracked him. Forgetting that he's the one who wanted to be a part of the team, that he's the one who decided to put on a superhero suit, he stomped away, only to join up with Dinah and Rene. From there, he spiraled downward.

Though he did manage to talk Dinah out of killing Black Siren, Curtis took things too far when he used the microchip in Diggle's arm to locate Team Arrow. The action caused Diggle excruciating pain, and Curtis knew it would. He did it anyway, conveniently forgetting that Diggle is supposed to be his friend.

When Rene is in the hospital, Felicity and Diggle visit only to be told by Curtis that they aren't welcome and that Team B doesn't want to see or speak to Team Arrow. And how many times has Team Arrow saved Curtis's skin?

Original Team Arrow

Arrow started with Oliver Queen and John Diggle, adding Felicity Smoak several episodes in. And this team made it work. They were friends and had each other's backs. They never had to worry about who would betray them because they knew it wouldn't happen.

Now that the team is back down to three, viewers are excited about the prospect of it remaining that way, and with Speedy suiting up in next episode, that could round out the team and bring it back to a family of teammates who support and love one another.

So that begs the question: What will happen to Black Canary, Wild Dog, and Mr. Terrific? Were their runs intended to be temporary while Speedy found her way again? Will Black Siren be redeemed, thereby opening up a spot for another Canary?

Perhaps Rene won't recover from his injuries, Dinah will take off because she needs to go somewhere to consider her actions, and Curtis will leave as well because he doesn't want to be around Team Arrow. Whatever the writers decide, they may want to consider how the viewers feel as, so far, there have been no indications of support for the B-team.

Rachel Carrington
Rachel Carrington
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