'Up'—A Movie Review

by Marielle Sabbag 3 months ago in review

'Up' has become one of my favorite movies that I will cherish forever.

'Up'—A Movie Review

We’re going on an adventure! Nope, not on a plane. Instead, we’re going to fly through the skies attached to balloons.

Ten years ago, Pixar released Up. Carl Fredricksen, a lonely widower, attaches balloons to his house and takes off to South America. Only, he is not alone. Russell, an eight-year-old wilderness explorer, Dug the talking dog, and Kevin, a gigantic bird, take the journey of a lifetime running into dangers and learning a beautiful message.

I still remember the day I experienced Up. Waiting in agony for school to end, my heart was pounding in glee as I walked into the theater. And boy, was it a much different story than what I expected.

Up has become one of my favorite movies that I will cherish forever. The characters, soundtrack and the message are beautiful. What I love about Up is that it didn’t hold back. Up is a realistic and symbolic film about life and death. It’s the right movie to help you if you are struggling.

The animation is spectacular! Animators spent countless hours rendering and even studying the colorful balloons. I would have loved to have traveled to South America with the creators. The beautiful setting is one of the most remarkable parts of the film.

A terrific cast brought out the voices of our characters. Ed Asner did a terrific job as the curmudgeon Carl Fredricksen. This was Jordan Nagai’s first voicing experience as the energetic Russell. And Christopher Plummer was genuine as the evil Charles Muntz.

You’ll even get a kick out of Bob Peterson’s memorable performance as Dug. He definitely channeled his inner dog.

I have never seen an animated film that highlights love like Up. There is a dedication to Carl and Ellie’s life story in this powerful five-minute sequence. No words. Just moving piano music.

Up is a mixture of tears and laughter. Pixar is the best at comedic timing. Most of Carl’s and Russell’s lines are hilarious. You’ll get a kick out of Dug’s introduction scene. And the old man fight had me laughing out loud.

Carl and Russell’s friendship is beautiful. For me, the scene where the two are talking about Russell’s dad really touched me the first time. I was so excited about Up based on numerous clips that I watched that I forgot that Carl and Russell didn’t know each other.

Friendship is a given. It doesn’t matter how far apart you are in age. Up establishes a beautiful bond that I treasure.

Pixar knows how to make you smile. Dogs highlight the story. And not just any dogs. Talking dogs! Don’t you wish that you had a collar for your dog that transmits their thoughts?

Every sequence is beautiful. There is never a dull moment. Even the quiet scenes have such a breathtaking impact.

It’s never too late to change. Failing is never fun. What you should never do is let that failure ruin you. Live life. You only live once.

In the ten years since Up was released, I have lost three close family members, two of them being my grandparents, who I saw Up in theaters with on my second viewing. Loss is painful. It takes time to recover. We can not let ourselves walk into the shadows away from the world. Without Up, I have no idea where I would be. We’re not alone.

Up is an epic ride from start to finish. If you have not watched it yet, I recommend that you write it on your watch list. The film’s themes are heavy, especially for children, but it’s worth the watch. Honestly, I felt like a different person ten years ago. Keep some tissues nearby. You’re going to need them.

Thank you Pixar for this genuine and moving film.

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