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Tujhpe Main Fida Web Series Review: Nothing Fresh Here

Now look, we have already seen this type of content in Hollywood and Bollywood, so maybe this show may not impress a pro audience, nor may it become a worthwhile experience for them.

By Ayush VermaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Tujhpe Main Fida Web Series Review

Guys, yesterday I spent almost the whole day in Dehradun, and as soon as I arrived, I started watching a web series on miniTV, Tujhpe Main Fida, which is based on the theme of romance and has a total of 15 episodes.

Now look, if we come straight to the point, story-wise, this series does not present anything new; you must have already seen such stories in many teen dramas like Elite, The Glory, etc., where there are some rich students in a big college who have blind money. They do all the debauchery, and then a crime angle starts on the side, which the parents of those rich students try to hide.


Here, the story revolves around two couples, one Marcus and one Aira, who have known each other since childhood. Marcus has been in love with Aira since childhood, and he goes out somewhere for two years and then comes back to Cole Town.

As soon as Marcus comes, he sees that many things have changed, and a lot of gossip is going on about Aira and her family. As there is a ghost in their house, Aira's mother is missing somewhere. And then Marcus starts researching everything to find out what happened here after he left.

Tujhpe Main Fida Review

On one side, college life is also shown here. There is a college in Cole Town where many students come to study, and suddenly the dead body of a girl is found in the surrounding forests, and then the police come there to investigate. The process of interrogation begins.

My interest remained in the show because of the couples, the love between them, and the very soulful songs. Also, there is a different tension going on in Aira's life, and then we get to solve a murder mystery.

Now look, we have already seen this type of content in Hollywood and Bollywood, so maybe this show may not impress a pro audience, nor may it become a worthwhile experience for them.

The angle of the police investigation in which they try to find out how that girl was murdered and, on the other hand, Marcus tries to find out everything about Aira—all this was good to watch. Although I also belong to a pro audience, I have already watched shows based on this theme like Elite and The Glory, but still, for me, the Tujhpe Main Fida show has been a decent watch; neither did I find it too bad nor too good.

Negative Points

Now you will also agree with one thing: how this show ended. I am telling you the truth: I did not understand anything, which means I was able to digest whatever was going on on the screen before the end. But I could not digest the end of the show; it means that you are watching something on TV and suddenly someone comes and switches off the TV. I got that same feeling, meaning nothing was explained in the climax and no hint of season 2 was given.

You would like to know the answers to many questions, but sorry, boss, you will not get anything.


Well, as I told you, my experience has come out decent. If you are into brand new teen dramas, then this might impress you, but for a pro audience, I cannot say whether it will impress them or not.

By the way, if you have seen this show, then you can share your viewpoints with me if you want; otherwise, it is your choice as you like.

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