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True Psychological Thriller

One of the front runners of the Oscars this year!

By Walter NgPublished 7 years ago 5 min read
Get Out 2017

The movie Get Out is a comedy, horror, mystery genre. At least that's what it is on paper.

Now we know what it is on paper and especially with Jordan Peele as its director, we were expecting him to ham up the comedy and/or provide a parody on a horror genre that he may have grown up watching.

But oh boy, were we wrong.

The Premise.

The premise started off as I kinda expected it, with a subtle commentary hit at day to day life.

As our protagonist, Chris, has a girlfriend of the Caucasian persuasion and with the modern day thinking of society, it is wise to see this as the norm as we've seen more and more interracial relationships nowadays.

But what this is is more than just a relationship, as Chris and his girlfriend, Rose, want to take it up a level as she gets ready to introduce Chris to her family.

Now, Rose has since confided in Chris that she has not mentioned that she's bringing home Chris; an African American.

And this gets Chris worried, as Rose also told him that this was the first African American boyfriend she was bringing home.

She reassures him that it's okay and that her family will most likely accept him for who he is and not the color of his skin.

The Plot.

The plot centers around our protagonist desperately trying to adapt to his surroundings. As his first meeting with the parents is pretty awkward to start off, it still is pretty acceptable.

Alright the father made some bad jokes, but hey, we've had those meetings that were awkward and then it's all smooth sailings from there right?


As the movie goes on it seems that this family is pretty weird.

The first hint was when Rose conveniently forgets that she has a party of some sort, with her family.

A family gathering if you will.

Alright, it's not that convenient, but it is a bit suspicious.

And what's more is that at the beginning of the movie we did see someone get nabbed and disappear in the night, and the guy who nabbed the passerby, had a car playing "Run, Rabbit, Run", and all the more it made me think of Alice is Dead which was already creepy to begin with.

The Climax.

The climax is one of the most thrilling things I've ever seen, I remember being like this when I watched "The Boy", which I thought was a legitimate ghost story, that just turned out to be an average horror movie, that had a lot of creepy elements.

And something about that drew reflections for me. But I knew this wasn't going to be a ghost story, so there may not have been as much as a let down as I had with "The Boy".

No. This movie sets you up to be scared of your surroundings. No cheap jump scares, no cheap lighting tricks, no cheap shadowy figures in the distance.

This movie delves you into the protagonist and make you feel like you are in his shoes.

Granted there were some flaws, but I'll talk about that later.

In the climax, it reaches to the point where Chris is starting to piece together a horrific truth, and kinda brought me into "12 Years A Slave" in a way, because it was that dread and that anxiety that Chris was feeling.

The acting from David Kaluuya is superb. Like he emotes well and everything. His lines are slightly awkward, but I definitely add that into the things that are supposed to add into the overall feel of this place.

And the ending is out of some Stephen King novel. I mean really. The television turns on as Chris just starts to come out of his consciousness as he was hypnotized a few scenes earlier and now it's come to fruition, and it's almost as if I was playing Alice Is Dead, the more I think about it. Because there's a lot of similar movement in the story.

But I digress. He starts to figure out that there are people using these other people for their healthy bodies. And the scenes that follow.

Man is it fucked up.

The Flaws.

Alright, time to get into the nitty gritty of things. Look this is still a great movie. It's just that even great art does have some flaws. We are only human after all.

My biggest problem is the shaky cam. We didn't need that. Still shots are fine and the graceful, fast movements which are in some scenes kinda add to the anxiety. But I guess they kinda wanted to add the nervousness that Chris felt.

And I guess my second problem is some of the story doesn't add up, especially the scene where it was revealed he put in ear plugs. I'm like "how did he do that though?"

And other little stuff in the story as well. I mean Chris is a smart guy, he should've just left Rose, as his brother/best friend also urged him to leave the place.

I mean nothing good can come out of people eyeing you like you're prized meat.

But then again that also adds into the personal paranoia that one feels, when they feel out of place.

I certainly have felt that. And I'm not even American. It's just that feeling when you're outnumbered and you kinda wanna find your own kind to have a safer feeling.

And that's all shown in this movie.


Overall, I would give this movie a solid 8/10.

Would I put this under a horror genre? Not really.

This is more a psychological thriller than anything. There was some funny stuff, obviously the best friend was there more to be the comedy relief. But he is a really good friend. Even when the authorities shut him down, he kept on trying to look at stuff to try to help his friend out.

This is a really solid try for a first time director. Obviously, there were some homages to some of the better horror movies. But this was really something where I got anxious for the main character. And that's a hard thing to do.

From the atmosphere to the characters, everything has a point, and that is most definitely the winning point for this movie.

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