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Traps in the Heart!

by Terrence about a year ago in comics · updated about a year ago
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Zaigon-Uhuru-Page 2

King Gargantuan of Tuskas

Sushil was a war orphan who lost both of his parents 15 years ago. The Flock launched a devastating surprise attack that left Tuskas reeling in casualties. His father Rudra who was 6’3, 250 lbs. , he was kind and highly regarded. That’s why it was heart wrenching how he lost his life in the most gruesome way. Beheaded in the middle of battle against a top general. They carried his head off in the sky and brought it back to their country High Tier. His mother was kidnapped while hell bent on revenge. He grew up in a hut on the outskirts. His foster parent was a proud woman who over exerted herself . She often went hungry feeding war orphans with her meager government payments. Compared to The Flock the other countries are struggling financially.

In present time the king was giving his sons lectures about the country. When a troubled Captain Ritva came charging in, yelling that they were under attack. As they ran outside they could see the flock flying above the city. They heard and saw the panic going on. The distinct smell of sulphur as the flock rained bullets and bombs over the capital. 10 feet away from the king and the others. A female elephant was sniped. The elephants were silent in defeat. With only the sound of a kings tear drop hitting the cement. That sound too was drowned out by the gunfire and screams that seemed to litter the air. This was the time of nightmares.

The king had to snap back to reality. The harsh realities that we’re dealt on earth, are exactly what he’s accustomed to. He had to analyze the situation . The flock were occupying the Skys and rooftops armed riflemen and snipers. Having guns , perfect vantage, the ability to fly and they proved to be very dangerous! The kings first aim was to take over control of the tallest buildings and the top of them. He ordered some soldiers from his ground unit to infiltrate the closest tall building. Once in they were ordered to take out any invaders while trying to rescue possible hostages as they advanced up.

Boom! A soldier came running to the king. “The building that was just infiltrated just exploded. There were civilians and soldiers in there! It was a trap! The Flock had anticipated them trying to regain high ground. They had bombs setup just in case! Other soldiers reported there were timed bombs located in most buildings! Lastly the occupying birds would just fly to the next building after they armed the bombs!” The soldier collapsed and the king ordered someone to bring him to the medics.

In Tuskas the soldiers only have 4 ranks. From highest to lowest they have the King, Generals/Royal guard , captains, and soldiers. General Heel from the shield division was there and eager to make a change. His division is in charge of breaches and halting invasions. He has a chip on his shoulder right now because he believes that its his divisions fault for things to have gotten this far.

He’s age 34, 6’3 and weighs 264 lbs. He worked his way to the top with hard work and determination. Born into a big family in being the second oldest he matured early. Did well in school , and joined the military as soon as he could to support his family. He’s well know throughout the country for developing all 3 stages of his powers by the age of 19. Using his powers on the battlefield is how he became the youngest general in the Tuskas military at the age of 24.

Page 3 available here on vocal by 9/12/2021

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