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Top 10 Times Tom Brady Made Us Laugh

by WatchMojo 2 years ago in celebrities

He's a force to be reckoned with on the field, but off of it, he seems like he's pretty funny guy, too.

This future Football Hall of Fame quarterback has made some, shall we say, interesting celebrity cameos throughout his career. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Tom Brady Pop Culture Moments."

For this list, we dive into Brady’s work done off the field. This includes movie and television cameos, as well as some quirky, yet endearing, commercials.

In the midst of “Deflategate,” Brady certainly kept busy—even throwing a certain league commissioner under the bus. This memorable commercial took a few not so subtle jabs at the league and the suspension many felt unjustified. When Brady gets called up for his turn with a “trusted” Shields MRI technician, he doesn’t shy away from flaunting his Super Bowl bling as he stores it in a locker. But no one could have known the veteran Patriots quarterback was also a prophet. Before shutting the locker, he pulls out another ring; and later that year, he would indeed claim his fifth Super Bowl.

He may play Football in Boston, but don’t ever accuse him of having a Boston accent—or things might turn ugly. Although it might seem impossible, these Californian Dick’s Sporting Goods shoppers have no idea who Brady is… even though he’s born and raised in San Mateo. Instead, he’s asked if he’s actually Matt Damon, who, ironically, is a massive Brady fan, but that’s beside the point. Brady becomes enraged with the fact no one seems to know who he is and, to make matters worse, he can’t get a word in because of his apparent accent!

Boston loves Brady. After all, he has brought five championships to Bean Town. The thing is, everyone seems to love Brady more than the next guy… especially these two. Throughout much of Brady’s career, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have popped on his radar, whether it was in his defense or to show appreciation. And sometimes they argue who's better friends with the all-star, resulting in this painfully hilarious donation sketch. Promoting the opportunity to hang out with Brady in Boston might seem easy, of course, that’s if the people in question weren’t trying to hang out with him themselves.

If there was anything Tom Brady loves more than football, it would probably be UGGs—his family comes in at a close second. Brady has been promoting UGGs for years and it has resulted in numerous creative and funny commercials. The New England star has had to entertain a childlike Julian Edelman and even played some pickup football with people waiting at the airport, albeit with an invisible ball. But his masterpiece came when he partnered up with Jeff Bridges. It was simple, yet effective, watching a grown man sing another grown man a lullaby… well, that’s priceless.

Who can forget Brady’s guest appearance on Entourage? Turtle certainly wouldn't, and he didn't hold back any verbal punches from the superstar. The reason being? He’s a huge Giants fan. As you might recall, though, Turtle’s hatred quickly turned into love once Brady started paying him attention. Funny enough, Brady actually never meant to be on the show; in fact, it was supposed to be the Manning brothers. It was a last minute cancellation that led him to doing a small favor for his good buddy Mark Wahlberg.

Ask any Patriots fan out there and they’ll deny Brady had anything to do with the scandal that resulted from a 2015 postseason blowout win over the Indianapolis Colts. Whether he did or not, the Pats were slammed with a hefty one million dollar fine, as well as losing two draft picks. Not to mention, Brady received a four-game “vacation,” which is how he refers to his suspension in the commercial. The suspension was the first of his career, and as he points out, just because something has been great for so long, it doesn’t mean anything is going on behind the scenes.

What pairs best with watching sports, you ask? Chicken wings and beer? No! It's gambling. How else do you make a boring telemarketing job, interesting? Just ask Gary. While telemarketing might be “cool,” the best way to spice things up is playing a little competitive fantasy football with your colleagues. As far as commercials go, this is one of the golden boy’s better attempts; he seems more fluid on screen, and even drops an unforgettable “boom shakalaka” line. He even added telemarketing to his resume after the commercial dropped.

If there’s one thing the Pats hate more than losing, it’s showboating players. But what do you expect will happen with Peter Griffin on your team? Another show that loves celebrity cameos, Brady makes his appearance on Family Guy when he notices Peter’s ability to bulldoze past people in order to get to the bathroom. Subsequently, he recruits Peter to play for his offensive line. Of course, this is Peter Griffin we’re talking about, so the usual hi-jinx ensues. And, as you can probably guess, the fame gets to his head and leads to a ridiculous touchdown celebration.

Many famous athletes have found their way onto SNL, and, for the most part, they’ve held their own. Unfortunately for Brady, this was one of his first true celebrity moments, so his comfort in front of a camera left a little bit to be desired. The fact that he can remain so calm playing football in front of thousands of screaming fans apparently had no factor in his performance. 12 delivered some awkward sketches, from portraying a hands-ey coworker in a sexual harassment PSA to opening his very own falafel stand. In the end, we did learn something: Brady is one terrible singer.

Before we get to our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:

  • Brady in the Wrong Huddle—“Snickers Commercial”
  • Space Commander Tom Brady—“UnREAL Commercial”
  • Brady Bond—“Beautyrest Mattress Commercial”
  • Brady and the Patriots’ Offensive Line—“Visa Commercial”
  • How to Change Cars Forever—“Dodge Dart Commercial”

What does a talking, stuffed teddy bear do when he’s having trouble getting his girlfriend pregnant? Well, he seeks the most potent sperm donor imaginable… and if you’re from Boston, that means Tom Brady. Wahlberg pulled in yet another favor from Brady, and as far as on-screen moments go, this was one of the QB's funniest performances. When Ted and John break into Brady’s home late at night, they uncover the sheets to see a golden glow emanating from his nether-regions. But before they can actually do anything, Brady tosses them from his balcony—that has to be grounds for a lawsuit.

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