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Top 10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Hated

Justin Bieber is hated for many reasons, and they're pretty justified.

By WatchMojoPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

Whether or not you like his music, there’s a lot to find objectionable about Justin Bieber. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 reasons why Justin Bieber is hated.

For this list, we’re looking at some of the douchiest, dumbest, or most offensive things the Biebs has done. You may think the poor guy has just gotten a bad rep, but looking at these it’s tough to support that theory. For the record, we’re not saying we hate him, but when you look at events like this we guess we can see why some people do. And here’s a warning: don’t watch this if you’re a Belieber.

One night out in NYC, Justin and his entourage were leaving a restaurant through the back. But, Biebs had to make a #1, and instead of finding the bathroom, he just dropped trou and did his business into a nearby bucket. There are so many things wrong with this we can’t even count: 1) this ain’t rock and roll. Keith Moon drove a Jaguar into a swimming pool; that’s rock and roll. 2) The poor restaurant janitor now needs to change Biebs’ piss water. 3) Bieber then sprays a pic of Bill Clinton with something and says “Fuck Bill Clinton.” What could Clinton possibly have done to piss off Bieber? Is Justin dating Monica Lewinski?

In 2012, while doing an interview for Rolling Stone, Bieber was discussing his heritage—but unfortunately, he got a little mixed up. While it’s definitely possible that he is part Indian, or part Inuit as he claimed, the suggestion that he’s therefore entitled to free gas in Canada as a result is… not. For one, Native peoples in Canada don’t get free gas. This misconception probably stems from one Ontario law that allows certain First Nations people to buy gas tax-free on reservations. And that law doesn’t even cover Inuits. Maybe Justin should avoid trying to parlay his heritage for gas. He is, like, a millionaire right?

While down in Miami in early-2014, Bieber was pulled over in his rented bright yellow Lamborghini, supposedly for driving under the influence. After mouthing off to cops, he was charged with resisting arrest without violence, for having an expired driving lisence and for a DUI, as he was found to have booze, pot, and prescription meds in his system. It was later revealed that Bieber had been drag racing, and his peeps had actually blocked the street off so he could get up to speeds beyond the legal limit. Basically, he allegedly got really high and went all Fast and Furious.

While hanging out with the Chicago hockey team shortly after they won the hallowed Stanley Cup in 2013, Bieber trod all over their logo while trying to grab a pic of the trophy. For those of you not familiar with hockey superstition, fun fact: do NOT, under ANY circumstances step on a team’s logo. It’s bad luck, period. In fairness to Justin, he may not have known about this superstition, and the logo was right in the middle of the room. That said, Justin’s supposed to be a hockey fan, and even skated with the Toronto Maple Leafs. You’d think a Canadian would know more about hockey.

#6: He abandoned his pet monkey.

You may or may not remember the time that Bieber expanded his entourage to include a pet capuchin monkey named Mally in March 2013. Well, if the Instagram pics are to be beliebed, they had some good times… That is until Bieber tried to bring Mally into Germany and authorities confiscated the tiny creature since his owner didn’t have the proper paperwork. Bieber claimed to be heartbroken, yet made no effort to rescue the chimp, or even pay for its care. Mally is now being looked after by a German zoo. Bieber, meanwhile, keeps going on world tours. We wish it was the other way round.

While on tour in Amsterdam, Bieber decided to take in a little local history and culture with a trip to Anne Frank’s house. That’s a good thing, right? Yes, it’s valiant that he wants to learn about the Holocaust life… Except he wrote in the visitor book that he “hoped she would have been a Belieber.” Kinda missing the point there, eh Justin? We’ll admit his message was probably well-intentioned, but it just came off as ignorant and egotistical and caused an enormous backlash on Twitter—none of which was enough to make him apologize.

Stars get pelted with stuff while performing all the time… Teddy bears, bras, water bottles, whatever. While Justin was performing in Argentina, a fan threw a flag at him. Instead of picking it up and wearing it, as many musicians would, Bieber kicked the flag offstage. This provoked outrage from… well, pretty much everyone in Argentina, and it could have even led to jail time as disgracing the flag is a crime. Bieber publicly apologized, claiming he thought the flag was just a t-shirt, but he was slammed for his disrespectful move. Although, in fairness, maybe hurling your flag at pop stars isn’t the most respectful way to treat it either.

We’re sure being a pop star is a rough life that leaves you so exhausted you can barely walk. Well, Justin happened to be on tour in China when he decided to enjoy some sightseeing. The Great Wall is the first place you have to go. And, while the Great Wall may not actually be visible from space, Justin Bieber's ego is. Anyway, as you can imagine, sightseeing this attraction involves a lot of walking. Well, poor little Justin was so sleepy, his bodyguards carried him. Awwww.

After all you’ve heard about Justin, you may find it hard to believe that anyone still likes him. Yet by some miracle of nature, some Beliebers cling on. You’d think Justin would treat his legions of fans well, right? Well, not so much. While on tour in Toronto in 2013, Bieber was looking out from his hotel balcony to see a large group of girls cheering out for him below. That’s when he hocked one big loogie right down at them. Spitting at the only people in the world who still like and defend you? Yeah, that’s not a sustainable business model.

#1: His Attitude

All the annoying things Justin Bieber does point to one unfortunate truth: buddy has an attitude problem. Whether he’s spitting on fans, drinking and driving, or forgetting about monkeys, Justin does it all with an irritating level of arrogance. He walks around like a guy who thinks he’s better than everyone around him, and that spoiled brat act has worn pretty thin over the years. Despite the efforts of his PR team to subdue him and force him to apologize for his most indolent acts, Bieber’s self-important nature has shone though. Do we think he’ll ever grow out of it? Never say never.

Do you agree with our list? What did Justin do to piss you off? For more entertaining top 10s, published every day, be sure to visit


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  • Linda8 months ago

    Totally agree never liked him as a Canadian and never will.

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