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Top 10 Must-Watch Adult Cartoons on Netflix

Top 10 Adult Cartoons on Netflix

By Mbeha maliwa Published 15 days ago 3 min read

# Top 10 Adult Cartoons on Netflix

## Introduction
Adult animated series have seen a surge in popularity, thanks to their unique ability to blend humor, satire, and complex storytelling. Netflix has become a hub for such content, offering a range of shows that cater to diverse tastes. Here, we take a look at the top 10 adult cartoons on Netflix that you should definitely check out.

## 1. Inside Job

"Inside Job" takes place in a world where all conspiracy theories are real, and a shadow government organization is responsible for keeping them under wraps. The series balances absurdity with relatable workplace comedy themes. It explores conspiracies ranging from Flat Earth to the Mandela effect, presenting them in a humorous and satirical manner. Unfortunately, "Inside Job" was canceled after two seasons, ending on a cliffhanger. Despite this, its intelligent humor and unique take on conspiracies make it worth watching.

## 2. Big Mouth

"Big Mouth" is a coming-of-age comedy that delves into the awkwardness of adolescence and puberty. The show is crude and explicit, finding humor in topics like sexuality, body changes, and teenage angst. With seven seasons and an eighth on the way, "Big Mouth" has established itself as a staple in adult animation. Its spin-off, "Human Resources," also offers a unique take on the series' themes.

## 3. The Midnight Gospel

Created by Pendleton Ward, the mind behind "Adventure Time," "The Midnight Gospel" follows Clancy, who uses a multiverse simulator to travel to different universes and interview the beings living there. This series stands out for its trippy visuals and philosophical themes, making it a favorite among those in a highly inebriated state. Though it was canceled after one season, its unique storytelling approach and stunning animation make it a memorable watch.

## 4. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Based on the video game "Cyberpunk 2077," "Cyberpunk: Edgerunners" follows a street kid surviving in Night City as an edge runner, or mercenary outlaw. The series, a Japanese-Polish production, has been praised for its high-energy storytelling and striking visuals. With one season and ten episodes, "Cyberpunk: Edgerunners" is a standalone series that has made a significant impact, even boosting the sales of its source video game.

## 5. F Is for Family

"F Is for Family" is a raunchy comedy set in the 1970s, following the dysfunctional Murphy family. Created by and starring Bill Burr, the series offers an unfiltered look at suburban life during that era. Its humor is nostalgic, politically incorrect, and reflective of Burr's comedic style. The series spans five seasons with a total of 44 episodes, providing a rich, hilarious look at family dynamics of the past.

## 6. Castlevania

Inspired by the video game franchise, "Castlevania" follows Trevor Belmont as he defends Eastern Europe from Dracula and his minions. The series doesn't require familiarity with the games to be appreciated. It's praised for its violent, well-written storylines, impressive animation, and strong characters. "Castlevania" spans four seasons and has a follow-up series titled "Castlevania: Nocturne."

## 7. Love, Death & Robots

"Love, Death & Robots" is an anthology series where each episode is created by a different animation studio, exploring a variety of genres, styles, and themes. The episodes range from futuristic dystopias to fantastical worlds, each offering a unique and visually stunning take on the human condition. Though the quality varies by episode, the series has found its footing over three seasons, with a fourth on the way.

## 8. Blue-Eyed Samurai

Set in Edo period Japan, "Blue-Eyed Samurai" follows a samurai seeking vengeance against those who made her an outcast. The series is visually stunning and features intense action sequences that punctuate its thrilling, well-paced story. Its compelling narrative makes it an addictive watch, with one season available and a second on the way.

## 9. Arcane

Based in the universe of the video game "League of Legends," "Arcane" follows two sisters on opposite sides of a war between two regions. The series blends 2D and 3D animation to create a visually spectacular experience. You don't need to know the game to enjoy its layered characters and compelling story. "Arcane" currently has one season, with a second set to be released in November.

## 10. BoJack Horseman

"BoJack Horseman" is often considered one of the best animated series on Netflix. It follows a horse who was once the star of a hit TV show as he attempts to return to the limelight. The show is known for its hilarious yet deep and dark storytelling. With six seasons and 77 episodes, "BoJack Horseman" has left a significant mark on the world of adult animation, being highly influential and critically acclaimed.

## Conclusion

These top 10 adult cartoons on Netflix offer a mix of humor, satire, and deep storytelling. Whether you're looking for a laugh, an engaging story, or a visual spectacle, these series have something to offer. Happy watching!


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