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By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

As a comic book enthusiast you can imagine that my to- read list for comic books is just about as long as any reader's TBR list (my regular book TBR is pretty long as well). I get comic books from the big two just like everyone else but I also really love getting books off of kickstarter and from independents. So here is my full to-read comic book list.

From Kickstarter

I get a lot of comic books off of Kickstarter because I truly think that is the best place to find new, fun, independent work. And though I am better at reading things that come to me as soon as I get them, there are a few books that I need to catch up on. First is Sidekicked, a superhero story about superhero sidekicks. I needed to catch up so I have 9 issues of this one to read through. Next is Hellbent which is a queer fantasy thriller making me very excited to add to this season's reading list to be honest. And last but not least is the Golem of Venice Beach which is a beautiful, hardcover full graphic novel that I have yet to open but I am excited to read. So see we have drastically different stories here all from the same place because Kickstarter is where creativity lives now.


From Marvel I’ve mostly been waiting for series to conclude so I can buy and read them all at once. As so many of our ladies have gotten their own mini series this year. So first up is a series I just need to finish and that is Wasp. I read the first issue and I have the second one. I just haven’t finished reading it yet.

Next of course is the last few issues of the Scarlet Witch series. Of course I’ve started it but I decided to wait until I could buy them as one thing before finishing it. That’s mostly cause I’m poor, but still.

Of course I want to read Iman’s Ms. Marvel, I will simply only read the issues she writes for so she can decide how many issues that is for me.

And the last two from Marvel that are on my TBR are both Storm centered. Obviously her self named series and also Storm and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Both of which I have the very first issue for and am waiting to crack open until I have the entire series because I don’t like making myself wait for more story.


From DC I am balancing current runs as well as adding to my back issue catalog. So first I want to finish Hawkgirl, but I have no self control so I am just reading as it comes out because I love it so much and I have no chill.

Everything else is back issues that I just never got around to reading but really want to add to my collection. First up on that particular list is Teen Titans Raven from 2019. I’ve heard mixed reviews but as we know the general public's opinion means nothing to me and Raven is one of my favorite characters so I feel the need to add it to my personal collection. In that same vein I’ve been trying to put together a definitive reading order for Raven so also on my reading list is the original runs of The Teen Titans and the New Teen Titans. All of them…every issue…because I have a problem.

As we can see I have many many stories to catch up on and not only from the big two. Though there are plenty of Marvel and DC stories for me to lose myself in, there are also some incredible independent stories that I hope to fall in love with as well.


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Alexandrea Callaghan

Certified nerd, super geek and very proud fangirl.

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