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Three of the Worst Characters from MTV's 'Daria'

The animated 90s classic may have ended, but it will never be over to me. I spend an unhealthy amount of time doting on it, quoting lines from it, and all around obsessing over it. 'Daria' is my life!

By Waverleigh Rose GarlingtonPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
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Without further ado, here's my top three worst characters from the hit show Daria. The worst of the worst!

Kevin is #1 for good reason, the biggest one being that he is the worst of the worst!

"I'm the Q.B!" He often gloated.

At Lawndale High, there is nothing worse to the average student than being classified as a brain. It was super uncool to get good grades or being caught studying for classes.

Kevin, the quarterback for Lawndale High, has absolutely no respect for anyone. This includes acquaintance Daria Morgendorffer, (who he is frequently making comments towards, regarding her intelligence as of being smart is a bad thing), his girlfriend Brittany Taylor (who he suggests he's cheated on in multiple eposides), or his best friend Michael Jordan Mackenzie (or Mac), aka Mac Daddy; a nickname given to him by Kevin, despite Mac's constant urgency for him to stop.

According to the career aptitude test he takes in one episode, Kevin will most likely grow up to be a gas station tycoon. This brought great joy to his teacher and fellow peers.

Kevin makes roll my eyes for multiple reasons but the one that stands out the most is this: he is a stereotypical jock who rides on sports. While he lets sports be his life, my biggest problem with Kevin is that he coasts through his entire high school career without even bothering to crack open a book, instead letting football be his ticket to college. Of course, that doesn't happen. At the end of the series, we see Kevin staying back in twelfth grade to repeat instead of graduating.

Sandi Griffin, founder and President of the Fashion Club. Openly hates Quinn Morgendorffer. She's a typical girl of the 90's: boy crazy, shopping obsessed.

"Hey Quinn!" She would often say in her valley girl voice.

Sandi is forever trying to one up the younger Morgendorffer sister out of pure envy. Her favorite activity seems to be calling Quinn out for being distantly related to known "brain," Daria which mortifies Quinn to no end.

Eventually, Quinn begins experiencing that there's more to life than fashion and boys. In the movie Is It Fall Yet, Quinn takes a sabbatical from the Fashion Club to get a tutor during summer vacation. This brings Sandi much frustration and she too hires the same tutor, not wanting to be outdone by her rival. This only results in Sandi being let go when she doesn't put forth any effort for learning.

The distance from the Fashion Club is freeing to Quinn and by the time summer comes to an end gives Quinn the idea to continue taking a break from her duties as VP. Sandi is outraged by Quinn's decision and the Fashion Club choose to breakup permanently. However, immediately afterwards, they make plans as a group to discuss what they'll do with their new found spare time, suggesting that the Fashion Club may never see a demise.

Sandi boils my blood because of her general vapid personality and how conniving she is. To Quinn and the rest of the Fashion Club, she is extremely rude, judgmental and just plain selfish.

Tom Sloane joins the cast of Daria during the last episode of season three, shaking life up for both Jane and Daria. He meets the two at a Mystik Spiral gig one night where he and Jane take an interest in one another, making Jane begin spending a lot of quality time with the prep school boy. This causes havoc between Jane and Daria, the social outcasts of Lawndale High.

Tom is arrogant, entitled, and honestly a real jerk.

Daria feels threatened by the new relationship until Tom grows on her. Of course, as the show progresses, Tom and Jane's love flame dies out. It leaves Tom seeking someone else who is close by... Daria.

My major problem with Tom is that he built a wall between what was a great friendship. Yes, Daria shouldn't have kissed her best friend's boyfriend. That was a very wrong thing to do. Alas, Tom also knew what he was doing. He had a girlfriend and yet he went ahead and pursued Daria regardless of that.


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