Thomas and Zende are up to no good on The Bold and the Beautiful

by Cheryl E Preston about a month ago in entertainment

The two men are suspicious of each other but have one thing in common. Both are on a mission to ruin the lives of others.

Thomas and Zende are up to no good on The Bold and the Beautiful
Zende and Thomas will compete.

Zende Forrester returned to LA with a bang. He went straight back to work at the family fashion business and Hope chose him to be her designer. Thomas does not like this at all and is trying his best to regain his position in the company. Both men have agendas that are not clear to those around them. They are related by adoption but it's obvious they think alike. Thomas is still hung up on Hope and Zende has set his sights on Zoe. Both men are willing to do whatever it takes to have their way no matter who gets hurt in the process.

There was a spark between Zoe and Zende even though she is going out with Carter. He secretly wants her for himself and has been flirting and she has allowed it. Spoilers say this week that Zende will try to interrupt the evening that Carter has planned for his sweetie but he won't be able to. He will try to reach Zoe by phone but the call will not go through and Zoe and Carter will end up in bed. This does not indicate that the two will be solid as a couple. Once Zende finds out he will no doubt try something else. Viewers want Carter to be happy and enjoy a real relationship but there may be a lot of drama where Ms. Buckingham is concerned.

She and Zende are working together and are often in close proximity. When Zoe first came to LA she was playing games to win Zander back but mellowed out once she fell for Thomas. Her guard is not up where Zende is concerned and she is missing the signals that he wants her. Carter is not suspecting trouble either and is basking in the joy of a promotion, new apartment and getting the girl. Viewers are wondering if Zende's ex-wife Nicole might show up and shift the way things are going. The Avants are supposed to return this fall and so far only Julius has shown up and that was on Friday. Carla Mosley announced she will not be returning to The Bold and Beautiful as Maya, so fans are curious as to which Avants they will see.

Zoe is to blame for sharing details of her relationship with Zende. She just met him and has already told him Carter gave her a key and she declined. Zende will be livid that he did not stop her from sleeping with Mr. Walton and will probably have something else up his sleeve. Viewers can see that he looks as if he is plotting so who knows what he will try next. He has not however shown himself to be as crafty and devious as his cousin Thomas, who has truly gone over the edge at this point.

Viewers have been begging and pleading with The Bold and the Beautiful to not go in the direction they seemed headed with Thomas but it happened anyway. Thomas has the mannequin that looks like Hope in his home, and he believes she is talking to him. This is strange even for Ridge and Taylor's wacky son. He has gone from demented and violent to just plain weird. Fans have no idea where this storyline is headed or where it will end up. On social media, most viewers think this is just plain creepy. It's bad enough that some cast members have to kiss the plastic dolls, but having Thomas believe the Hope lookalike is talking to him dangerous.

Could this mannequin cause him to reach out to the real Hope yet again or would he go so far as to pretend this doll is Hope and the situation lead him to become inappropriate? Whatever happens next viewers know that it will not be good. Thomas had been seeming as if he had calmed down and trying to play nice. It's a shame that he is attempting to not goo to the dark side but his mental health is going to take him there anyway. Both of Eric Forrester's grandsons are headed for trouble and it's those around them who will be hurt the most. Zoe, Carter, Hope, and Liam had better all watch out. Thomas and Zende will be also be in a war all of their own as they fight to be the top designer for Hope for the future.

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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