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By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Another MCU set-up that has finally become complete is the Young Avengers. Now they have many storylines to choose from but I think (very biasedly) that they should of course go with Children’s Crusade (because that would center on Wanda and I always think everything should center on Wanda). That said we did just talk about Secret Invasion and in a tie-in series the Young Avengers team up with the Runaways and are the first to respond to a Skrull Invasion in New York, so perhaps it will be very easy to get all these kids together.

It was a half hearted joke but the Children’s Crusade is one of their biggest storylines and quite frankly with the MCU as it stands now it would be very easy. Technically the one that got the Young Avengers together was Vision, and though Vision as we know and love is technically gone White Vision is out there somewhere with real Vision's memories (also an excellent opening for the Wonder Man love triangle but we’ll get to that later). Also we know Wanda isn’t dead, Fiege himself has kicked that door wide open to would be stupid to kill off such a powerful and involved character off this early after her introduction. Also even in the MCU all of the Young Avengers have endured some kind of parental trauma so them all coming together to find Speed and Wiccan’s mom would be an involved and heartfelt storyline.

The 2013 rebrand of Marvel as a whole, including the Young Avengers, focused less on major stories and more on their inter-team relationships. The internet has already discussed this at length but the Young Avengers are a very queer group of heroes and quite frankly they made them old enough in the MCU to explore those storylines as well. That said it will take a major event to get them all together, I don’t see it happening by happenstance, it's going to have to be a deliberate building of a team. Especially considering that Speed and Wiccan don’t currently exist in our main timeline.

Now obviously we are probably never going to have the entire cast of the Young Avengers but we have already been introduced to most of them in the MCU. Patriot, we met Eli Bradley in Captain America and The Winter Soldier and we also saw his will to fight. Wiccan and Speed, we have met but currently they are in an alternate reality as far as we know, that said we have a reality jumper. Hawkeye, we met Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye series. Stature who we will see in the upcoming Ant-Man movie as she is Cassie Lang. And last but not least America Chavez who we met in the Multiverse of Madness, now we have been technically introduced to Iron Lad (everyone speculates, Harley from Iron Man 3), but I doubt that the MCU is actually going to bring him in. We are missing; Prodigy, Marvel Boy, Kid Loki (they aren’t gonna do it), and Vision (Jonas). I personally can’t wait to see the Young Avengers and see the MCU get very much gayer.

As with most comics the Young Avengers have several volumes and are compiled together for your convenience. I, of course, have recommendations; Sidekicks because I always think you should start at the beginning. Dark Reign and The Children’s Crusade (both the Avengers title and the Young Avengers title. And Style > Substance from the newest reboot, I think this one really gives the Young Avengers more personality and I much prefer reading about interpersonal relationships then I do about superpowers, I think it makes them much more interesting.

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