The Wrecking Machine

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Time for an new superhero

Many years ago while Julio Martinez was young he and his parents decided to visit a little shop in downtown Miami. A man that was recently let out of prison for murder and kidnapping walked in and opened fire on everyone killing eight people including Julio: Julio cried and screamed while trying to wake his parents. He could not understand what had just happened and he saw the man take his own life. This had a great impact on Julio. He grew up hating criminals but he hated judges that gave them lenient sentences more. He realized there was no real justice in this world and being short many people happily insulted him and made his life miserable growing up.

His parents were wealthy business people that had emigrated from Cuba many years before Julio was born and they instilled in hum pride in his heritage and pride in education. Julio grew up gaining knowledge and decided at first to go into law and then decided genetics was more to his liking. He excelled in law, physics and genetics and eventually earned a spot conducting research for the science department and helping people out with their legal problems. Julio’s main concern was helping the people that society forgot about and used his knowledge of law and his art for compassion to help people turn from crime.

One working in the lab something went wrong or you could say it went right. Julio could never figure out exactly what had happened but a burst of radiation from a machine he was working with was hit a cell culture near him and whatever happened caused him to pass out. When he came to he realized immediately that he was not the same. He ran home and suddenly realized he could run faster than the speed of sound. He no longer needed his glasses and his vision was so much improved that he could read signs from any distance. His hearing was greatly improved so much that he could hear a person’s heart beat a hundred feet away. His since of smell improved so vastly that he could smell items a mile away.

He got home so exhausted and too embarrassed to tell anyone about the accident. He went back to work the next day and realized no one knew what had happened and he quickly realized that he could hear their thoughts if he chose. After all this he decided to test his new gifts. He found that he was a hundred times stronger and his skin was impervious to sharp objects such as knives and his skin was also impervious to bullets and fire. He also found he could absorb people’s knowledge and absorb knowledge from books and he could gain fighting abilities just by standing next to fighters. He grew up hearing about the stories of other superheroes but never guessed he could become one. He found he could jump thirty feet into the air and easily climb buildings and other objects. He spent weeks learning his abilities and finally decided it was time to come up with his superhero name and a costume. He named himself, The Wrecking Machine. Julio then decided on a custom. He decided on making his entire costume black to help him hide at night. He had his whole body covered in a skintight black outfit. He had always practiced Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Muay Thai but was never good at it. With his new abilities he excelled at all the fighting arts and weapons. Also the fact that his body healed hundreds of times faster made him a force to be reckoned with.

He finally decided it was time to go after criminals and decided murders and rapists must be killed but others he would simply tie up until the police arrived.

His first night out he decided to travel to the worse parts of Miami and found a couple of cowardly gang members attacking some helpless tourist that got lost.

“Well that is no way to treat people boys,” The Wrecking Machine said with a smile.

“What in the world are you supposed to be? Get lost before we hurt you too,” they yelled while brandishing their weapons.

“I am The Wrecking Machine and I am here to bring justice.” He immediately read their minds and absorbed everything they knew and before they could speak he attacked. Julio was simply too fast for any of the gangbangers. They shot at him and threw items at him but Julio won the night. He broke their legs, ribs and noses and finally killed one of them since Julio realized this guy had been in prison many times and had hurt so many people and would never change. Julio got out of the area before the police arrived but before the night was over the entire city knew of The Wrecking Machine. The tourist told the reporters who then reported it to the people. In addition there were people with video cameras that taped the whole incident and placed it online. The Wrecking Machine became a hit with the people.

When Julio went back to campus all he heard was news about The Wrecking Machine and of course there were people that felt he should have been nicer to those criminals that have never showed anyone mercy. Reading their minds he realized it would be no use trying to explain to him what it was like to be a victim like he was at one time. He was raised and cared for by his nanny who loved him very much and whom he loved in return. His main reason for his secret identity was to protect his nanny, Ms. Wilks. Ms. Wilks was an older tall woman with white hair and dark brown eyes. She cared for anyone that needed help.

Julio instantly became a wanted man by the police or we should say The Wrecking Machine. After several weeks the crime rate went down sixty percent and violent crime went down seventy one percent. People were more willing to snitch on criminals since they knew The Wrecking Machine was there for them. There actually were many people in the police force that secretly applauded The Wrecking Machine.

Ms. Wilks was the only person Julio trusted with his secret and when he first old her she became quiet and pensive and said to Julio, “Your parents would be so proud of you. You are using your abilities to help others but I do not agree with killing but you do what you feel is best just remember you are not the judge.” Julio then replied with great energy, “ I understand but I only kill murders, rapists and those I know cannot be changed. I have helped many steer away from a life of crime but there are many that only want to hurt others.”

Finally Julio’s big day came and he graduated from college. This was the best day of his life so far. He was so happy when he walked across the stage and then suddenly like a ton of bricks a great sadness befell him. He realized his parents were not there. He took his degree and sat down feeling sadden by the fact his parents were not around. That was what he wanted all along and he realized what he had been doing was to make sure more people would not end up losing loved ones because of some bleeding heart judge giving a criminal a lenient sentence so he can get out and harm others. He felt worse when he realized he could not go after those judges without bringing trouble upon himself but he thought to himself there has to be away. Then he came up with an idea. Many of those bleeding heart judges are involved in some form of crime.

He used his power to read minds and his speed to quickly run past the homes of judges to get their thoughts and knowledge. It did not take long for him to gain enough evidence to have dozens of judges arrested or kicked off the bench, which made him even more popular with the citizens and the police. The police had been getting fed up with arresting the same person time after time only to have some bleeding heart let them go and as usual those criminals go right back to their old ways.

Julio had no idea that all this was a part of a bigger conspiracy. An evil organization called The SinKit was responsible for most of society’s ills and each region had a leader called a Boss Man. They controlled the media and as Julio would soon learn had him in their sights. They tried to use the media to turn people against The Wrecking Machine and Julio would just use his knowledge of the law to have them silenced.

One night while out for patrol he heard a woman screaming and ran as fast as he could to investigate, he came to a lone dark factory that had been abandoned but found no one but he could smell a man’s perfume and out of nowhere the Boss Man showed up. He was a large, well built African American guy, with no hair on his head and the meanest look you can imagine.

“So you are the little worm getting in my way. I control this town and I can make you very rich if you just would work for me. You cannot stop us; we are everywhere and into everything,” replied the Bossman without the slightest emotion.

“You will leave this town now or you will end up like so many other scum that I have fought,” replied Julio with great fury and the entire time he could hear a buzzing sound he

figured for a recording device. He quickly read the Bossman’s mind and absorbed his knowledge. With this new knowledge he learned he was being recorded for weakness and he learn a lot about the SinKit but realized it would be better not to mention t so he would not give away any information about his ability to read minds.

“Why don’t you make me? You are but an insect caught up in a hurricane. You and all your superhero friends always go after the symptoms but I am the disease. We will always spread. We are the reason for racism. We make sure each race will always fight each other. We make sure rappers make more money by celebrating the thug lifestyle while they live in nice homes and their fellow blacks live in squalor. We are the reason that people hate education. We have the media glorify sports and vilify knowledge. We convinced people to hate the rich so they will not try to become rich themselves. They actually believe the rich are holding them down instead of trying to learn how to make money. Of course we will never allow Person Finance and such things to be taught in the schools. We control the court systems and allow criminals to walk free and illegal immigrants to enter the US. Both political parties work for us. We make sure that certain groups are vilified in the media and we make other groups look ignorant. You cannot fathom what we do.”

“Perhaps but you die tonight.” The Wrecking Machine quickly ran towards The Bossman and ripped off his head and threw it has far as he could. He had a lot of information about the SinKit, which he shared with the police and his fellow superheroes. Although the police could not do much his fellow superheroes could. He gave them the names of all their members and slowly through the years busted up the SinKit but could not stop them completely. With his work television started showing more programs that showed people working together and they began showing both blacks and whites in a positive manner since the SinKit starting losing their grip.

Julio became a well-known researcher and a well-respected lawyer. He used his professional abilities to help rough neighborhoods and help people find an alternative to crime. As The Wrecking Machine he brought hope to many and became a symbol for peace. Julio never got over the deaths of his parents and Ms. Wilks was always supportive of everything he did.

This is the story of The Wrecking Machine. He may return.

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