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The Tow Truck Driver and the Zombies

by Ferrari King 4 months ago in zombies

Don't mess with the zombies

This is the Story of Mark Bainer and a brief account about what happened to the Tow truck drivers after the Zombie outbreak

Many year before the zombie outbreak claimed half the world’s population Mark worked at a small research facility. He felt the job was a dead end and the company did not give raises or anything although all the employees had advanced college degrees. One day at dinner with a friend he was told about a dental radiography course in Gainesville. Hating his job he was willing to try anything so he volunteered at a dental clinic before taking the class.

The class took place over a two day period. The first day was hands on learning and the next day was a test on various radiological methods. After the first day Mark decided to grab a bite to eat at a local fast food restaurant. Mark had always been a quick eater so he finished his food within minutes. When he came out he noticed his car missing. After looking around he saw the obscure sign that said no parking or car will be towed. Although many cities have such sign no company actually tows people’s car. He got irate as you can imagine and after finally finding out which company he felt stole his car he called a cab to take him to the impound lot.

“They do that a lot around here. One day these tow truck people will get what’s coming to them,” replied the cab driver while shaking his head. He was an older gentleman, with white hair, and lines under his eyes and around his cheeks. “Yes, they will, what goes around comes around.”

He got to the impound lot and walked up to the counter and asked for his car. “I would like my car back now,” Mark replied with an irate voice. “Sure and that will cost you ninety dollars,” replied the fat man behind the counter. He was short with a balding head and eating a chili dog which got all over his gray shirt. There were three other men in this place. One was a young man around eighteen. He was average size but very thin with eyes spaced far apart. The next guy standing next to him was of middle age, with a graying beard and a bald head. Although he was overweight he was not as over weight as Aaron who stood behind the counter and was much bigger than Jim the eighteen year old. Knowing he could not win with these guys he simply got his paid and got his keys. He also caught the name of the third guy which was Bob. Outside as he was walking towards his car the fourth worker, Todd was watching him. Todd did not have an expression on his face. Todd was around the same age as Jim but taller and more muscular. Todd had a scar on his chin that he got in a fight years earlier. Mark drove off curing them all the way. The next day he took his test which consisted of two parts. The first part was hands on which Mark as well as his classmates had problems with. Being the only guy there on of the female teachers, Belinda decided to give him a rough time. Although Mark made less errors than the others Belinda found it necessary to berate every mistake. Belinda was a young woman of African descent. She was tall and thin without any distinguishing features except his blond hair which she dyed ritually.

After passing his exam and receiving his license Mark found it difficult to find a job so he joined the police academy in Miami Florida. Before this he lived in Ocala. Mark was first a patrol officer and then eventually worked his way to SWAT. He made friends with other officers all over the state which is how he heard about the death of those wretched tows truck drivers. Mark felt most tow truck drivers were good people but many just like people in all professions just get greedy. Once the zombie outbreak began Mark was given orders to protect the SuperSave which our main story was about. He was told to set up base camp there and find any survivors and bring them there which he gladly did. The rest is history as they say. In case anyone is interested the tow truck company owned the parking space that Mark’s car got towed as did many tow truck companies in that city so they would circle like vulture for someone to park in that empty lot.

The following is what happened to those tow truck drivers. After the asteroid impact they felt they could take shelter at their place of employment since they had guard dogs, guns and all the windows were bullet proof. The Drones being clever simple drove a car through their front door. “Oh, crap they’re in what do we do. Look they are eating the dogs, oh man we are dead,” exclaimed Bob shaking with terror. “Shut the hell up boy if you know what’s good for you,” yelled Todd while shaking his fist. He was so busy yelling at Bob that he did not notice the three Pukers behind him. As he turned around a Puker vomited in his face blinding him instantly. He could not get away since he tripped over a small file cabinet and spraining his ankle so the Pukers enjoyed a hearty meal. The other three men ran to a tow truck and drove out of there. Being in such a panic they were not paying attention to the road and crashed into a police cruiser. The police officer recognized the men and remembering his friend Mark had been taken in by these guys drove off. He felt it was not worth saving them at the risk of his life. After hitting the tail end of the police cruiser the tow truck crashed into a utility pole that was in a concrete block which snapped both the pole and the truck. The front part of the truck simply got crushed but the pole and the engine came crashing out. The men tried to keep safe in the tow truck but the Stenchers punched through the glass breaking their hands in the process and pulled the men out. They vomited in their mouths to make them sick and then ate them slowly. The police officer saw all this and related these facts to Mark. This ends the tale.

Ferrari King
Ferrari King
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