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The Way Of Home Depot


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The Way Of Home Depot
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The Way Of Home Depot in New York is run by Brian and Erin Whitehead, whose father started the business in 1972 and is now retired.

'Even with having a team of eight people working for him,' said Erin, 'you know that he's behind everything that he's selling.'

'I do feel like we've lost a little bit of the independence we had when we were little kids,' Brian added. 'He owned the building and he still pays the mortgage. I always wondered when we were little: How do you know that you're going to live?'

'It's hard to see him have to quit doing the things that he loves to do,' said Erin, who is now 21. 'He loves this place.'

In April 2010, Allswell Clothing (featured in a previous Beer Episode) opened a store in the back of the Home Depot in New York City.

Allswell is an “artisan-owned” and “small batch” clothing company which only runs a small studio shop in New York City.

They specialize in New York’s best-known styles like “the no-frills, fashion-forward New York City style,” which is fairly unisex and is often thought of as “the archetypal New York style”.

In January, 2016, Home Depot New York opened a new store in the garment district, just south of the original location.

The new store has modern glass and steel styling with three stories and 4,500 square feet.

The new location features a popular Pub, called Brewery 5, which is Home Depot’s smallest Pub in the city.

The Pub includes a liquor license and sells beers and wines by the glass.

However, Home Depot is known for selling a number of draft beer and wine brands and is frequently one of the top providers of draft beer in the New York City metro area.

Home Depot’s online sales in New York are run by thredUP, an online consignment shopping company, under the name "[email protected]".

Brian Clark has served as the General Manager of the Home Depot in NYC since 2014, after serving as the Senior Regional Manager of the Home Depot in Washington, DC, and the Senior Regional Manager of the Home Depot in Toronto, Canada.


The Home Depot at Harvard Square has been at this location since the early 1980s, though it underwent a significant remodel in 2003.

The first floor is a full-service appliance store, with a large fish tank to highlight the products featured on the second floor (which features a number of regular Home Depot departments, but also provides space for artisans).

The store also features a one-of-a-kind Home Depot bicycle repair station.

The Boston store includes what it calls a “State-of-the-Art Service”, with lots of staff available to help with anything from minor hardware issues to larger projects (most of the team is specifically tasked with helping Boston Home Depot's senior citizens and disabled residents).


The Home Depot at Florence is located in Florence Square, in the heart of Florence, Massachusetts, next to a couple of restaurants and a record store.

Though it opened as a Home Depot location, it is now a full-service local hardware store with a number of specials and departments that can only be found in a small independent hardware store.

The store features a craft room, in which local artists are featured in display cases and for sale.

The Home Depot at Maspeth has been located at that location since it opened in 1982.

Today, it is a full-service local hardware store, with a small fish tank featuring various fish, live plants, and insects.

Jackson Heights

The Home Depot at Jackson Heights was opened in 2005.

It is located in Queens Plaza in Jackson Heights.

Home Depot has one store in Bay Ridge, which opened in late 2007.

It is located at 94th Avenue and Bay Parkway, on the northwest corner of Fourth Avenue.


The Home Depot at Woodside is the only store in Woodside.It opened in 2006.

Though the Home Depot store is not the town’s first hardware store, it is considered to be Woodside’s only full-service hardware store.

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