The Two Popes - A Movie Review

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'The Two Popes' is an eyeopening and deep film that captures friendship.

The Two Popes - A Movie Review

Never judge a book by its cover. Friendship is very important.

The Two Popes is a Netflix 2019 film based on true events about the conservative Pope Benedict and the liberal Cardinal Francis who find out that they have much more in common than they expected. As they make plans for a new path of the Catholic Church, the two men bond, settling their differences.

I never thought that I was going to like this movie mainly because of the subject matter. After watching The Two Popes, I realized that it is a movie more about friendship than it is about religion. We all have our own varying opinions on topics of the world. The whole meaning behind The Two Popes is the importance of friendship.

Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Price do a superb job capturing the personalities of Pope Benedict and Cardinal Francis. Not only did they make sure to replicate a serious subject, but they did it with such a warm approach. Most of the movie is them in conversation and you can feel whatever animosity that was present at the beginning drift away until they are friends, joking around. Their nominations for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor at this year’s Oscars is well-deserved.

The Two Popes is a small cast. One of my favorite parts about this movie is that it is only Hopkins and Price onscreen. It’s a move about them after all. There are no other characters who try to ruin their friendship or lie about the views of the other. It’s a simple story that makes audiences have a different perspective.

One of my favorite elements that stood out was Cardinal Francis’s backstory. Scenes were filmed with him as a young man (Juan Minuji), trying to understand the world and a relationship that didn’t work out. I like how these scenes were shot in black and white to give a distinct tone to the rest of the film.

Cinematography and sets were beautiful. I loved when the two men were walking around the garden or sitting inside the beautiful Vatican. This film is nice to look at and study.

I am impressed with the amount of time Hopkins and Price gave to understand these people and their friendship. At first, it’s all about how they view religion and certain controversial topics to see if Cardinal Francis is right to be the new Pope. Eventually, these conversations turn into witty topics such as how to tell a joke, the past, or about themselves while enjoying a glass of wine.

Fernando Meirelles’ powerful direction brought out a meaningful and deep film about two people who you’d never think about. Knowing that some people may not be open to seeing this film, you should give The Two Popes a chance. I actually learned a few things about religion and how a new Pope is transitioned after that last Pope has died.

I recommend that you check this movie out instead of judging it based on the title or the subject on religion. Watch it with an open mind. I smiled so many times while watching this movie and I never expected that. Be aware that most of the dialogue is spoken in Spanish with English subtitles included.

The Two Popes is an eyeopening and strong movie that captures friendship. Anybody can be friends. I am glad that I gave the film a chance and watched it. It’s a chance to have a look at a different perspective and how we are open to viewing faith. Look for it on Netflix and watch it with all your friends.

Marielle Sabbag
Marielle Sabbag
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