'The Seven Deadly Sins' End

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'The Seven Deadly Sins' End

Disbelief. Shock. Those were the first reactions to the news of The Seven Deadly Sins manga ending soon. It has been one of the most loved and awaited animes of 2018, yet the manga will be ending in roughly a year. The creator of the manga, Nakaba Suzuki, recently expressed his desire to end the manga at 40 volumes in about a year's time. This means the manga does not have much to go and is bound to have an ending worthy of a shonen as described by Suzuki.

For the fans that follow the manga, the current storyline is in a current falling action stage, most of the characters have been revealed and the drama is slowly taking a slope down the climax. There is a lot of action that is going on, but there are still a few dangers looming over the heroes of the story. A few theories can be predicated on how the story will end, but there could be some room for a spin-off series after the last arc. For example, the author still has room to expand a spin-off on the character Arthur Pendragon, we do know that so far he has had a tragic end but there is room to bring him back (oops, spoiler). But the author may choose to elongate the story into a spin-off or completely begin a new story. He has said the possibilities of a spin-off or a new manga will all depend on his superiors, so in the meantime, we can continue enjoying the new season as well as the new movie.

'Seven Deadly Sins' Season Official Art

"Even if you were to die, I would fulfill the promise I made to you" - Meliodas, Seven Deadly Sins

The second season of the Seven Deadly Sins made its way to fans in January 2018. Many new characters were revealed and continue to be important key characters into the upcoming arcs. There is a lot of information that was revealed, including the bond that ties Meliodas and Elizabeth. However, for those who have not yet finished the anime, no more spoilers will be given. But finish up season two, and get ready for the release of the new movie coming August 2018. The movie, Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoner of the Sky, will be released in Japan on August 18. The movie will reveal two new characters, Sorada and Ellatte, that are winged beings from the Sky Temple. Both of these characters resemble both Elizabeth and Meliodas; it's almost as if they were doppelgangers.


The story takes place above the clouds, or, in other words, the Sky Temple. During a search for the perfect ingredient (sky fish) both Meliodas and Hawk end up in the sky. Unfortunately for Meliodas, he resembles a young man that has broken the law and is imprisoned rather quickly. However, the drama revolves around the beast that has been sealed away for hundreds of years in the Sky Temple. Thus, the Seven Deadly Sins not only need to break Meliodas out of jail but also need to face another danger: The Six Knights of Black, a demon group, are out to break the beast free and to bring wrath upon the winged-ones.

'Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoner of the Sky'

While fans await the arrival of the movie, there is still season two to watch this summer. Also, the manga is still ongoing and at least fans do get a year heads-up of its finalization. Hopefully, the author continues the Seven Deadly Sins franchise through spin-offs or short stories, but there could a possibility it will be completely finished. There is still a long way to go for the story to finish, and the story cannot drag forever. More likely, the story will come to an end with either Meliodas and Elizabeth's curse being broken or perhaps we will receive a surprising ending that not many will expect!

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