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By Edward GermanPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

For the past two years, I have been listening to a podcast network that is as diverse as it is interesting. The Parcast Network started back in 2016 as a series of true crime podcasts that are professionally produced and presented. Starting with Unsolved Murders, the network now has some 22 individual podcast series that range from true crime, history, science, and the paranormal. Moreover, it continues to grow, the latest show is The Dark Side Of... It doesn't look like Parcast will stop growing anytime soon.

Parcast founder Max Cuttler.

What is Parcast.

The Parcast network was founded as a true crime podcast producer in 2016. Max Cuttler is the founder of Parcast, which is a part of Culter media. Culter media is based in Los Angles, California and employs over 50 staff members. Ron Cutler is a constant to Parcast Network, he has a long history as a producer of radio programs and is the father of Max.

Parcast is the premier storytelling podcast network focused on creating scripted, story-driven programming that is engaging, informative, and entertaining.

Max Culter started Parcast under the goal of that “Nothing should sound like anything else in the podcast space.” Parcast creates audio style movies for storytelling, unlike other podcasts that are using different formats. Their emphasis is on using information that is readily available instead of the original reporting. At nearly 30 years of age, Max Culter is now running a successful business that boasted of over 100 million downloads by the end of 2018.

Excerpt form Hostage, a series on persons who are held against their will, this epsoide on Sen. John McCain's ordeal as a POW in Vietnam.

How a Parcast Podcast is made.

A group photo of Parcast staff.

It takes a talented and diverse group of staff members to create a Parcast Podcast. The process involves actors, writers, and engineers all working together using a nine-step formula. The first step is research; the staff will ensure that they have enough information from various sources for a particular topic. The second step is writing the script. The script is written and rewritten multiple times to ensure the best story is presented. The third step is Fact Checking, the staff will recheck the final script one last time for any errors, and make changes if needed. The fourth step is a Script Breakdown, this involves the staff analyzing the final script, correcting grammar, creating spreadsheets, and write character profiles. On to the fifth step, which is Casting; an actor is chosen for the right part and given a script along with charter descriptions. Then comes step number six, Actor Preparations. In the sixth step, the actor gets prepared for his role by researching the part and reviewing the scripts. Step number seven, Tracking, in which recording engineers work with the actors and host in recording the show. The next step, number eight is Sound Design, this is where the episode is edited, sound effects, and music are added. The last and final step, number 9, is Listening. This is where you, the listener, downloads the podcast and enjoys the content while feedback is given via social media.

Excerept from the epsoide the Dark Side of Hollywood.

This series looks at the darker side of people and institutions. The show is hosted by Kate Leonard and Richard Rossner. The first episode of the series discusses the origin of Hollywood, and how it became the movie capital of the world. Later episodes will deal with other Hollywood celebrities from the past and the scandals that ensued. The future seasons of series will deal with other topics that have a dark side to it.

A parcel list of Parcast shows.

The varitity of shows.

There are some 22 different podcasts on a verity of topics. Starting with the True Crime shows which are Cults, Crimes of Passion, Not Guilty, Unsolved Murders, Kingpins, Assinations, Serial Killers, Female Criminals, Hostage, The Dark Side Of and Espionage. Paranormal shows are Extraterrestrial, Unexplained Mysteries, and Haunted Places. Historical shows are Great Woman of Businesses, Gone, and Historical Figures. There are also podcast based on works of fiction; Tales, Mythology, and The Mind's Eye. The last two are Conspiracy Theories and Survival, which fall into their own categories. There are many diverse subjects covered by the different podcasts that some simply will cross over into one of the other shows.

A parcast podcast seclude listed on their twitter feed.

Promo for an episode on Rosswell.

My favorites.

I subscribe and listen to six different Parcast shows. The first podcast series I subscribed to was Cults then Conspiracy Theories. Later I tuned into theUnexplained Mysteries podcast, Gonecame next, after that came Extraterrestrial. My most recent subscription is The Dark Side Of... After I had listened to a few episodes of Cults I got hooked on the series. When I discovered newer titles, I enjoyed listening to the newer shows also. The content of each show is excellent and very detailed. The host makes the subject matter both interesting and engaging. Sound effects are added throughout the show to give a sense of realism to the listener.

I have previously written three posts on Parcast Podcast, just click on the links in the post for more information. You can get some more detailed information on Cults, Unexplained Mysteries, and Gone. You can also read about two more favorites of mine in the next section.

The Extraterrestrial podcast asks the question "Are we alone?" The show is hosted by Bill Thomas and Tim Johnson. The series explores everything from alien encounters, contactees, and the scientists who study the phenomena.

The Conspiracy Theories podcast deals with the other side of what is called the official story. However, can we be sure things really happened that way? Hosts Molly Brandenburg and Carter Roy explore history's controversial events and possible cover-ups. From the Aids epidemic to the moon landing, they examine the official version of events, and look at what might have really happened.

From the Parcast twitter feed.

Where to find the podcast.

You can listen to Parcast Network on their website, or by other providers. Parcast shows are on Apple podcast, Stichter, Tune-In, Spotify, Google Play store. All Parcast episodes that are six months old and older, can be found on Sticher Premium via subscription. As for myself, I listen to Parcast shows on my smartphone using the AntenaPod app, or thru Podcast Republic app while I use my tablet, I also listen via the website from time to time.

Parcast can be followed on social media on the following sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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