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The One 'Predator' Movie We Haven't Seen But Need

'Prey' offered a glimpse at a different kind of Predator movie, which might be the last in the series. But before the franchise wraps, there's one more story that needs to be told.

By Allie Z.Published 2 years ago 5 min read
Image Copyright: 20th Century Studios

Prey, the latest chapter in the Predator franchise, has given audiences a glimpse at what is presumably the alien species' first hunt on Earth. Exceptions within the expanded universe exist, ones that tell of the Yautja visiting Egyptians and the Aztecs. However, those missions seem geared towards battlegrounds for their endless rivalry with the Xenomorphs.

Other installments have covered more recent incursions upon the planet, like in The Predator (2018), but Prey was the first to take fans back to an age where the Yautja species was a bit primitive, slightly primal. The helmet design, specifically, gave off vibes of an animal more than a hunter. It also came equipped with homing bolts that resembled arrows rather than the traditional plasma-based energy projectile seen in every other installment.

Is This The End Of 'The Predator'?

Image Copyright: 20th Century Studios

Regardless, the recent Hulu Original pretty much closes the book on this sci-fi saga. There are stories left to tell, but for now, it appears that 20th Century Studios set out to wrap up the franchise with a journey back to the beginning. Unless, by chance, the executives are planning on launching a trilogy. Prey has worked as a successful revival, and the positive response may lead to more movies. The question is, where would another installment go?

As it stands, audiences have seen everything there is to the Predator. The hunter species even went head-to-head with their alien nemeses, the Xenomorphs. So, there's a question mark surrounding what another movie can offer. And more importantly, how can a new installment avoid rehashing past films? The answer is complicated, one that necessitates some original thinking. But perhaps it's simpler than we think.

Even though the franchise has done well to present unique stories from many different perspectives, one remains untold: The Predator's.

Yautja Origins

Every installment thus far has framed the Yautja hunters as single-minded killers with one purpose. The species doesn't appear to have motivations beyond slaughtering everything in their path, which sums them up to one-dimensional villains. They're not dumb or primitive, evidenced by the intricate traps they lay for unassuming victims. 2010's Predators provided many examples of the species at the pinnacle of their hunting ability. One such instance saw Danny Trejo's character propped up like a captive begging for help. In reality, he was already dead, and the Predator used a voice recording of him asking for help to bait others, likely obtained moments before his death.

Still, the Yautja are worth exploring in greater detail. Without even delving into their specific origins, they were born on Yautja Prime, and it's something we haven't been privy to in any outing so far. Witnessing their journey from birth to death alone could fill out the duration of a film. And there's plenty more to explore.

Clan Wars

Image Copyright: Dark Horse Comics

In addition to younglings maturing into adult hunters, there's also the matter of clans. Like any species, subsects with particular philosophies challenge others as part of a class system. Each has traits characteristic of their respective families, following certain traditions to the letter. Aliens Vs. Predator: Three World War, a graphic novel, established the existence of two unique subsects, Killers and Hunters. The two may sound synonymous with one another, although they differ in interesting ways. The Killers, for example, trained alien captives to become attack animals for them. Meanwhile, the Hunters killed indiscriminately in search of trophies.

By merely knowing the species runs on a social class system and that they grow like most humanoids, the Yautja could be depicted similarly to the Na'Vi in James Cameron's Avatar movies. Then again, the Predator species have shown they share little loyalty to their kind. The one strung up in 2010s Predators was brutalized by comrades for not being adept at hunting. Similarly, the same happened to the smaller Yautja in 2018's installment. The dominant Alpha obliterated his weaker counterpart, tossing him around like a rag doll practically moments after the latter took the fight to a platoon of spec ops soldiers.

Image Copyright: Dark Horse Comics

The biggest takeaway is the Yautja deserve an opportunity to be more than killers on the big screen. Not just in the broad sense, there's also the potential for individual character development. For instance, a young hunter sent down before

Predator movies have limited the aliens we've seen to the most adept of their species. They always seem to send the best of the best despite the likelihood of failures along the way. Humans overcoming the Yautja also proves the theory that not everyone sent down is ready. Yet again, another point of view deserving acknowledgment.

An installment where a Yautja is an underdog instead of a dominating force would turn the plot on its' head for once. They always appear unstoppable until humans can think of an elaborate plan to take them down. But what if a rejected candidate got tossed on Earth with used gear and little to no training? The story could look very different in that scenario.

Future Of The Franchise

Image Copyright: 20th Century Studios

Whether 20th Century Studios goes with a sequel or prequel to Prey, or nothing at all, the prospect of a Predator-based narrative warrants equal consideration for adaptation. Logistical issues for items like heavy costumes, makeup, and CGI are hurdles to overcome. Although, an installment with the same budget as 2018's Predator or perhaps even 2010's Predators offers some resolution.

One thing is preventing any more movies from going into production: box office sales. 1987's Predator was the only success story, accumulating a whopping $98 million on a budget equal to a quarter of the return. Keep in mind that there's an argument for both Predators and The Predator. According to Forbes, the 2010 installment brought in $127 million worldwide on a budget of $40 million, while the latter made $160 million off of an $88 million investment by 20th Century Studios. Neither received the applause expected, but the returns speak for themselves.

More importantly, the massive response to a movie sent directly to a streaming platform feels like it would motivate studio heads to reconsider more outings for the Predator. Features sent directly to streaming can be hit or miss. Though that's not the case with Prey, and things might play out similarly in a future installment.

With the pros surrounding another chapter in the franchise growing, Hulu may want to test the waters. The premise of Prey seemed like a gamble at first glance, and the same is true of a Predator-focused narrative. Of course, the latest outing's success proves that risky plays pay off in the end.

Prey is currently streaming on Hulu.


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