The Martian Manhunter: Most Overpowered Character in DC?

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The Last Martian

The Martian Manhunter: Most Overpowered Character in DC?
Justice League #8, 2012

Hey guys! Today, we talk about a character that is very important to the DC Universe. He has been around in every major incarnation of The Justice League, down to the New 52 continuity. He is the last survivor from the Green Martians' race of Mars. The Last Martian. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: The Martian Manhunter.


"I am Mars's sole survivor. There is a reason for that."—Martian Manhunter

We first encountered the Last Martian in November 1955, in Detective Comics #255. In a feature story titled "World Wide Manhunt," John Jones must prove a man's innocence of murder. He must locate three members of the Adventures' Club "across the globe, and locate the one who can testify in his friend's behalf."—Detective Comics, Vol 1 255.

Martian Manhunter was created by Joseph Samachson and Joe Certa (Martian Manhunter).


Martian Manhunter's origin story depicts him as an alien detective on Mars. During the Silver Age, he took on more and more traits of a superhero. During the 1960s, J'onn J'onnz, as he is called—and his human alias, John Jones—became a founding member of the Justice League of America, "and his solo stories ranged from fighting gangsters and costumed crooks, to strange sci-fi/fantasy menaces, to jet-setting as super-spy Marco Xavier, and fighting the evil spy ring, Vulture." That's a mouthful!

Let's delve a bit more on the character's origin story. Here it goes! A long quotation from DC Fandom:


Centuries ago on the planet Ma'aleca'andra, the Green Martians known as M'yrnn and Sha'sheen gave birth to twin sons. The bearing of twins was uncommon among the Martian culture, and as such, the first of the twins was named J'onn J'onzz, whose name means "Light to the Light." J'onn's brother, however, was born a mutant, bereft of a Martian's innate ability to communicate telepathically. He was named Ma'alefa'ak, whose name means "Darkness in the Heart."

As an adult, J'onn became a Manhunter (police officer) and married a Martian woman named M'yri'ah. The two established a modest home for themselves beneath the windswept Martian plains and gave birth to a daughter named K'hym.—"Martian Manhunter", DC Fandom

TOO Overpowered (OP)?

During JLA: Trial By Fire (2003) which ran from JLA #84 to #90, Martian Manhunter became Fernus the Burning. Thanks to his new love interest, Scorch, Martian Manhunter succeeds in overcoming his psychosomatic block to fire. It turns out that it was a genetic block placed on the Green Martian race by the Guardians of the Universe about 20,000 years ago. Long story short, Martian Manhunter turns into Fernus the Burning, bent on planetary destruction by launching nuclear warheads in order to reproduce, and the Justice League has to stop him! Or else, Armageddon!

Martian Manhunter has often been regarded as too over-powered: He is a character who possesses the powers of Superman, the powers of a Green Martian, all packed in the mind of Batman! That ought to pack a punch! It turns out that the Justice League is no match for Fernus The Burning!


The powers of The Martian Manhunter include super strength (on par with Superman), super speed, flight, heat vision, nine senses, shape-shifting, telepathy, invisibility, durability, molecular manipulation, adaptation, phasing and more. In addition, he is highly intelligent, with a detective's mind and fighting skills.


The Martian Manhunter is the Last Martian, the last survivor from the Green Martian race.

The character was published in 1955, in the pages of Detective Comics #255! (You are welcome to grab a copy!)

Originally, a detective from Mars, he became a superhero and a founding member of the Justice League of America in the 1960s.

In JLA: Trial by Fire (2003), The Martian Manhunter turns into Fernus the Burning after having overcome his vulnerability to fire and becoming bent on nuclear destruction in order to reproduce. The Justice League is no match for him! (Bummer!)

Superman stated in JLA: Trial by Fire (2003) that he can list the number of beings he is afraid to face in open combat. The Martian Manhunter is at the top of that list, and is "The most powerful being on the face of the Earth."

He has been regarded as Overpowered (OP) possessing powers on par with Superman, in addition to shape-shifting, telepathy, phasing, invisibility and molecular manipulation.

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