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The Chosen

Season 1

By Susanna FlaviusPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

The Chosen is a new amazing series about the Life of Jesus from all levels. Season one is an excellent production, and inspired performances from all. Very engaging, delightful, and thoughtful. Simply wonderful.

Jesus is played by the amazing handsome actor Jonathan Roumie, who gives a phenomenal stunning performance, that is breathtaking, and takes your breath away. Having seen all episodes from season 1, and have ordered the Blu Ray discs.

Episodes are as following:

0. The Shepherd (Christmas Special - Pilot)

1. I Have Called You by Name

2. Shabbat

3. Jesus Loves The Little Children

4. The Rock On Which It Is Built

5. The Wedding Gift

6. Indescribable Compassion

7. Invitations

8. I Am He

Such great character development, and you really get the sense of a most genuine connection between Jesus and his disciples.

The writing is extremely good... They tie the stories of the Bible text together, with potent historical context, and often with the most creative twist that doesn't take away from the story of the Bible.

The acting, directing, and story is awesome and unstoppable. I had to watch repeats on numerous occasion.

The Chosen will leave you captivated and wanting more, the excitement of seeing different characters, who struggles sometimes to believe and follow Jesus.

By them witnessing the miracles, and hearing him preach led them to follow him, is so very truly realistic, with some people's own personal experience. One can relate to this beautiful series, where Jesus comes alive on screen, not just in ones heart and mind.

I love the way how they show Jesus in his humility, It's so, so refreshing that this series shows all the Apostles unique, different individual personalities. It's so well acted out by amazing actors, written, and directed and believable.

Each episodes brings you closer to Jesus. It's so worth your time to watch this. You can watch for Free on Youtube or on the Chosen's page on Facebook anytime.

They also have an app that you can download to watch FREE anytime on your phone. Just type in 'The Chosen App' on google and you'll find it with ease. Or you could just go either to Amazon, Youtube, Facebook to watch the whole series FREE.

Amazingly entertaining that you do not want to miss!! It takes the biblical stories and brings them to life before your eyes, without you losing out on it's accuracy, that in and of itself is so difficult to do.

On top of that, it is massively incredibly entertaining, and thought-provoking. I couldn't ask for anything better, this series is without a doubt one of the best TV I've ever encountered in a very long time.

The Chosen have left folks deeply touched and craving more. With season two on it's way at Easter 2021, I for one, and many others, cannot wait for the excitement to roll over again.

This is truly a good show I have ever seen. Completely moved to tears at each single episode I watched. The writers and the director Dallas Jenkins, did a great job making this biblically accurate as possible, while basically focusing on the many different relationships, within the Gospels.

I have watched Season 1 three times now and it still hasn't gotten old. It is unlike any other Bible tv show. The Chosen series, blows every other one out of the water. If you haven't seen this show, you must drop everything and watch this. Believe me you will not regret it.

The Chosen is Absolutely compelling! The embellishment of the story, the core, the doctrine is there, you can't miss it, and it is so very wonderful to see things that brings the story of Jesus brought to life.

When Jesus confronted the Nicodemus, at that point, you could feel the power flowing from the character and you are left blown away.


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