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The Best Ways to Introduce Kids to Superheroes

Relive your childhood and get the kids in on the fun with these books, costumes, and toys for children and adults alike.

By Sarah QuinnPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

One of my absolute favorite things about being a parent is sharing the things I love the most with my kids. A perfect example was getting to hear my kids gasp in shock when Darth Vader reveals that big family secret to Luke in The Empire Strikes Back. Nothing like the magic of re-experiencing the best science fiction, fantasy, and comics with someone who’s seeing or reading it for the first time. Case in point: superheroes. I love hearing my six-year-old geek out about what Spider-Man would do in a given situation, so I’m definitely planning on fanning the flame of fandom with some comic books to keep the superhero love going. Rekindle your fascination with the great men and women of the superhero universes with these toys, costumes, books, and more this Christmas or any time of the year.

These Superhero Dress-Up Costumes have been on my four-year-old’s Christmas list for the last few months, and he keeps reminding me that they need to be under the tree. If you’ve got a kid who loves pretending, but don’t want to purchase a Halloween costume for every single one of their favorite superheroes, this is the perfect set. They’re durable, double sided, and close with velcro at the neck so they can take them on an off by themselves (plus, they’re safe - if they get caught on something, the velcro will release and your kid won’t be stuck dangling from something with a cape tied around their neck). There’s nothing like a cape and mask to make you feel like you can leap tall buildings in a single bound or fight off the Nazis with your awesome shield. This set features Batman, Superman, Captain America and Spiderman, and they’re all hand washable so when they inevitably get filthy, they’re easy to clean up. Most reviewers agree that they fit kids ages 3-7, depending on their size.

Ok, so I am absolutely loving this My First Book of Girl Power. Talk about an awesome gift for the little girls in your life to introduce them to Wonder Woman and Batgirl and more! Unlike other books about superheroes for girls, this one ignores their shiny tiaras or bracelets and focuses on their strength and power with positive messages you’ll love sharing with them. They’re clearly featured here because they’re awesome people, not just because they’re women. If you like this one, there’s a whole series for you to explore, with titles like My First Book of Superheros and My First Wonder Woman Book: Touch and Feel (just to be clear, YES, that is a totally G-rated children’s book, so no getting excited, you creeps). Enjoy reading these as short bedtime stories and seeing your kids page through them on their own.

Got a kid who’s obsessed with legos? Bring the good guys and the bad guys into the building with Lego Juniors Superhero Building Kits. The one pictured above, Batman and Superman vs. Lex Luthor, is a 164 piece set with complete with a Batcave, batmobile, Lex Luthor's robotic vehicle and a catapult. The bat cave features a bat-disk shooter, and the catapult helps make Superman 'fly, The batmobile actually features rolling wheels and has space for a mini figure, so this isn’t just a set you’re going to build once and put back in the box - it’s actually intended to be played with (as all toys SHOULD be, harrumph). They’re compatible with classic Legos, so if you need to build the whole of Gotham city you’ll have no issues with fitting everything together. These are intended to be safe for kids ages 3-5 so even preschoolers can get in on the fun.

All twenty-one of the stories in this collection focus on the origins of your favorite superheroes so you can bring the kids you babysit or your own children right back to the beginning. “This is where it all started,” you’ll grandly say, beginning a lifetime of fandom that they’ll surely thank you for one day. She-Hulk, Charles Xavier, Spider-Man, Ant-Man - they’re all here. If you like this one, you can also get storybook collections of the X-Men or DC superheroes specifically. If you know a reluctant reader who it’s hard to choose books for, this one is a great option. There’s a ton of power in starting a kid on a series that they just want to keep reading more of (and if you’re reading this aloud, you’ll be the one staying up for just ONE more before bedtime).

Maybe you’ve got one a Funko Pop! Wonder Woman your desk at work, but she probably isn’t going on as many adventures as the ones you give to your nieces and nephews will. I love that you can get pretty much any Marvel or DC hero or villain you want, and if you choose to get one through Amazon Warehouse Deals they’re cheap enough to be stocking stuffers. From Harley Quinn to The Flash, just choose the ones you’ve always loved. For a special gift, you can package one with a matching comic book or movie so your child can be inspired by the film or book to play with their new little figure. In the end, these are just little plastic toys, but they’re well-made, and there’s something about their big heads that makes them more adorable than your average action figure.

How much do you know about Captain Boomerang? What about little-known superhero The Question? Even if you think you know everything about Superman or Wonder Woman, you’ll find the limits of your knowledge tested when you dive into the DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide. This is a perfect book for the fact-filled kid who’s always beginning their sentences with “Guess what?” And you won’t mind listening when you’re comparing notes on your favorite DC characters. This definitely isn’t an ultimate guide if you've been into DC comics for years and years, but for young fans who are just beginning to learn about the DC universe, it’s the perfect introduction.

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