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'The Batman' Sequel Villain Fancast

by Greg Falconer 2 months ago in movie
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Which villains will show up and who should play them?

The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, was a smash hit when it was released in early 2022. Combining amazing acting performances with solid writing and directing, it quickly became one of the best received Batman films. Quickly after its release, The Batman was tipped for a sequel with some of the cast and the director teasing Pattinson's return as the Dark Knight in the future. Couple that with Barry Keoghan's Joker being teased teaming up with the Riddler in the final moment of the film, a sequel is more than likely in development right now.

The big question on fans lips now is which villains will be picked to appear in the sequel and which actors will be chosen to follow on from Paul Dano and take on Pattinson's Batman. Back in March 2020 I published an article titled "The Batman" Rogues' Gallery Fancast, in which I chose who I thought should take on the role of certain Batman villains which you can view here. In this article I will be changing some castings for who I think should appear in the sequel.


Bane is one of the most used villains in Batman's rogues gallery, he has appeared numerous times in comics, movies, and games over the past two decades. However, we have never had a standout live action Bane before, Tom Hardy is a sensational actor and done the best with what he had, but his version of Bane strayed away from comic accuracy. I think in this new era of Batman, we can have a comic accurate Bane while still keeping it in the realistic world of Matt Reeves Batman. The dark and gritty Gotham City he has built would be the perfect setting for a Bane vs Batman showdown.

The casting for this has stayed the same, and for good reason. Dave Bautista would be the perfect casting to portray Bane. I would love to see Bautista in a more serious role and I think a villainous role would be the perfect opportunity after his years of playing the comedic Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

Two-Face/Harvey Dent

Two-Face is one of the villains you can imagine fitting well into the Matt Reeves Batman movies. I can see Harvey Dent being introduced into the next film, due to the ground work of the civil and political unrest of the first film. Dent would most likely come in and run for district attorney like he has in most of his appearances. Like Bane, the dark atmosphere of the first movie would be the perfect setting for Two-Face to begin his life of crime.

My casting for this role has changed over the past 2 years and I have now moved to star of The Boys Anthony Starr. Watching The Boys you can see just how comfortable Starr is playing a villain. I think he would excel at balancing the different personalities of Harvey Dent and Two-Face, having watched him switch in between Homelander's public and private personalities in The Boys.


Scarecrow, when used correctly, is the most terrifying villain Batman has ever faced. He could easily be the main villain of the sequel if he is handled correctly. I can picture a Batman: Arkham Knight style scarecrow fitting well into this new era of Batman. It would be the perfect blend of dark, evil and terror that can take on Pattinson's Batman and bring out his inner fears. Scarecrow's involvement in the sequel could also hand itself to introducing some horror elements.

Like Two-Face I have changed my actor for this role, this time to Rami Malek. Malek could take the role of Scarecrow to a whole new level. His character in the new James Bond film was very unsettling and creepy, he could take that and go even further to portray a truly terrifying Scarecrow that will be a true nemesis to The Batman.

The Court of Owls

The villain I hope for above all else to make an appearance in the sequel film is The Court of Owls. They are such an iconic Batman villain and have to date, we have never had them appear as the main villain in a live action Batman movie. Given the stature of the Court of Owls, and how many iconic comic runs they have had, it would be crazy for them not to feature in one of The Batman movies.

The world has been perfectly set up with the civil unrest and the corruption of those in charge. The court can come in and reveal themselves and the ones that have been running Gotham all along, or they could come in and take over Gotham in secret. The court will appear in Batman movies eventually, so we shouldn't waste anymore time and bring them in now.


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