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The Ballad of Bartholomew, the Singing Cat

Singing Cat

By Moharif YuliantoPublished about a month ago 3 min read
The Ballad of Bartholomew, the Singing Cat
Photo by Ludemeula Fernandes on Unsplash

Bartholomew wasn't your average feline. Unlike his brethren content with purrs and meows, Bartholomew possessed a most peculiar talent - he sang. Not the guttural yowls for food, but true melodies, complex and sweet.

Bartholomew lived with a kind old woman named Agnes. Agnes, with her snowy hair and gentle smile, had a heart that resonated with music. When she discovered Bartholomew's gift, her heart overflowed with joy. Every morning, Bartholomew would perch on the windowsill, greeting the rising sun with a trill that mirrored the chirping of birds. His repertoire was vast. He'd weave tales of playful chases through long grass in lilting soprano, his voice mimicking the rustling leaves. Sometimes, he'd croon a melancholic tune, a melody of moonlight and shadows, reminiscent of a lullaby his mother might have sung.

News of the singing cat spread like wildfire. People from far and wide flocked to Agnes' cottage, eager to hear the musical marvel. Bartholomew, with a regal air, would perform for them, his voice filling the humble dwelling with a magic that transcended words. Agnes, ever the promoter, set up a small stage in her garden. A weathered hat on a stool served as the collection box, and soon, coins clinked merrily as people, captivated by Bartholomew's performance, offered their appreciation.

One day, a renowned composer named Frederick Blackwood arrived. He'd traveled the world, collecting sounds and composing symphonies that stirred the soul. But he'd never heard anything quite like Bartholomew's song. He sat mesmerized as the cat weaved a tapestry of sound, each note carrying a depth of emotion. Frederick, inspired beyond measure, approached Agnes.

"Your cat, madam," he declared, his voice trembling with excitement, "is a prodigy. He possesses a talent unlike any I've encountered. I must capture this magic in music!"

Agnes, hesitant at first, warmed to the idea of sharing Bartholomew's gift with the world. A contract was drawn, stipulating the cat's well-being as top priority. Frederick, a true gentleman, promised to create a safe and stimulating environment for Bartholomew.

Bartholomew's life took a dramatic turn. He traveled to grand concert halls, gracing stages in major cities. Frederick, with meticulous care, composed a masterpiece – "The Symphony of the Feline Soul." It was a breathtaking journey through sound, capturing the essence of Bartholomew's songs. The symphony took the world by storm, its beauty resonating with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Yet, amidst the applause and accolades, Bartholomew felt a pang of longing. He missed Agnes' loving touch, the familiar scent of her home, and the simple joy of chasing sunbeams across the living room floor. He missed the quiet solitude where his music flowed freely, a language of his soul.

One day, during a particularly long tour, Bartholomew disappeared. A frantic search yielded no results. Frederick, heartbroken, assumed the worst. Agnes, however, held onto a sliver of hope.

Then, one rainy afternoon, a familiar scratching came from the back door. There he was, Bartholomew, a little thinner but with the same spark in his eyes. He nestled on Agnes' lap, his purr the sweetest melody of all.

News of Bartholomew's return spread quickly. Frederick, understanding the cat's need for a simpler life, adapted his plans. He recorded Bartholomew's songs in a state-of-the-art studio, creating a more intimate album titled "Whispers from a Feline Heart." The album became an even bigger success, a reminder that sometimes, the most profound music emerges from the simplest of lives.

Bartholomew never returned to the stage, but his music continued to touch hearts around the world. He lived out his days with Agnes, serenading her with his soulful melodies, a forever reminder that magic can come in the most unexpected forms, and that sometimes, the greatest music is the one that speaks to the soul.


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