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The 5 most classic sentences in "The Great Gatsby" wake up countless people

wake up countless people

By davidPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

American writer Fitzgerald was born in a middle-class family. He was forced to drop out of school because he could not pay the tuition, and was separated from his lover because of poverty.

After he became a writer with both fame and fortune, he was able to get together with the lover of his dreams, Zelda.

In the end, he used his own misfortune as a prototype to create The Great Gatsby.

Haruki Murakami once commented:

"If I were only asked to choose one book I must read in my life, I would choose The Great Gatsby without hesitation. It has never let me down once. What an incredible masterpiece."

In the novel, Gatsby, for money and dreams, turned from a poor military officer into a percent rich.

But after he entered the upper class with a successful image, he was not only looked down upon by others, but also abandoned by his beloved goddess Daisy.

The analysis of love and human nature in the book awakens generations after generations.

If you're feeling lost right now, take a look at these 5 lines from The Great Gatsby.

"Everyone has a green light in their hearts that cannot be touched or extinguished."

Life is like a reverse journey, we can stay for our dreams, but we must not be defeated by our dreams.

If Gatsby hadn't met Daisy, he might have been a poor boy, but after he met her, she became the green light in his heart, illuminating his path to pursue his dreams.

In order to make himself worthy of Dai Xi, Gatsby spent five years counterattacking to become a millionaire, just to renew the frontier with the other party.

However, the cold reality of people's heart can't hold the ethereal dream.

The two met again, and his memory of Daisy remained as pure as it was many years ago.

She was charming and pure, like the everlasting green light across the pier, and Gatsby longed to be with her like a pilgrim.

But at that time, when he met Daisy, Gatsby realized that the other party was no longer the simple girl he used to be.

At this time, she worshipped money and was selfish.

Gatsby has been pursuing his love, but was abandoned by love in the end.

When Daisy was getting farther and farther away from him, his dream of chasing love was shattered.

This is quite similar to the tragedy written by Shen Congwen in Border Town:

"Everything happens by chance, but it turns out to be inevitable."

We all have dreams of happiness, but not all of us get what we want.

Some loves, like a light in the dark, illuminate the road ahead of us; some loves, like fireworks blooming in the night sky, are fleeting.

Putting love in our hearts can become the brightest light in our hearts, pointing the way to our dreams, and it can also become an obsession that will eventually make people bruised and bruised.

As Fitzgerald put it:

"There are thousands of loves in this world, but there is never one love that can be repeated."

Those warmth became natural, those pains became unbearable.

There is a white moonlight in everyone's heart. If we can't touch it, let it become the light of our life.

It is also a kind of happiness.

"Whenever you feel like criticizing someone, remember that not everyone in the world has those advantages that you have."

After Gatsby's successful counterattack, the meeting with his dream lover did not go well.

He tried to find Daisy's trace by holding a banquet, but found nothing.

But Nick's appearance changed everything.

As Daisy's cousin, he is both a narrator and a participant in the story.

As a descendant of the aristocracy, he does not have the hypocrisy and selfishness of the upper class, but always retains a critical attitude towards one thing or a person.

When Gatsby invited him to his party and wanted to use him to meet Daisy, he heard all kinds of talk about Gatsby.

Some people say that Gatsby killed people, others speculate that he is a spy, and the commentators do not shy away from attending a party organized by the person they say.

Nick was close to these people, but he didn't judge the baseless remarks.

He believed the facts he saw more than the rumors he heard.

So, when he saw Gatsby himself, even though he noticed the deliberate disguise he was speaking, he still commented on Gatsby like this:

"He's personable, he speaks elegantly, and he has a very relaxing feeling."

Some people say that there is essentially no difference between criticizing others and criticizing oneself.

The full picture is unknown and will not comment. It is the basic literacy of adults.

Wang Xiaobo once said: "The foam is splashed in the mouth, and the value evaluation of the National People's Congress is very low."

It is true that people always speak up when faced with something they have not experienced, and choose to be silent when they are in trouble.

Saving others by yourself does not show your sense of superiority. Pushing yourself and others is the sobriety of the world.

Life is full of oceans, keep your mouth shut, and the road of life will get wider and wider.

"Don't overemphasize your self-esteem until you have achieved nothing."

When Gatsby had no money, he didn't even have a decent dress.

By chance, he met Daisy, who was from a wealthy background, at a dance. In order to have more interaction with the other party, he concealed his background and lied that he was a rich second generation.

Daisy quickly falls in love with him.

But she never thought that Gatsby used a lie to create a perfect character.

But deception often fails the test of reality.

After returning from service, Gatsby still lived a life of no fixed place. He didn't even have money for a meal, let alone marry a rich girl.

In the end, Daisy completely sobered up from the lies fabricated by Gatsby, and married the rich second generation Tom with tears.

As the writer Yi Shu once said: "Showing off your self-esteem in front of money and love is the most stupid thing."

The outside world doesn't care about your self-esteem, it only cares about your success, and then emphasizes your feelings.

Difficulties and sufferings are the gifts of life, and those who can accept them calmly are often easier to overcome.

There is nothing wrong with having self-esteem, what is wrong is that when you have no ability, you still put your self-esteem above everything else.

Life is short, put your energy in the right place.

"Everyone's basic morality is different and cannot be viewed in the same way."

If Gatsby's love is sincere and fiery, then Tom's love is hypocritical and selfish.

As Daisy's husband, Tom was angry at Gatsby's closeness to his wife, and went out with his lover behind his back.

This kind of affection shown because of possessiveness reveals deceit everywhere.

After Tom and Daisy had a heated quarrel over the presence of a third party, Daisy got into Gatsby's car and killed Tom's lover.

And Tom, the person who caused the tragedy, was thinking about how to avoid responsibility.

He told Daisy to put the blame on Gatsby, and then the two went on a trip; and Gatsby, in order not to hurt the people he loved, took the initiative to carry the crime.

Who is true love, you can tell at a glance.

As Hemingway said:

"The most painful thing is to love someone so deeply that you forget yourself."

In this world, there is always someone who makes you not like yourself.

In the face of the same love, some people choose to escape, some choose to maintain.

Two people with different morals are destined to have different endings, just like the choice of Gatsby and Tom.

There are thousands of people with thousands of faces, and the moral differences do not have to be equal.

"We should learn to make friendships while our friends are alive, not after they are dead."

Not cherishing friends is more regrettable than having no friends.

After Gatsby was murdered and died, most people refused to have anything to do with him, except for Nick who ran for his funeral.

Friends who called Gatsby brothers during his lifetime either made excuses or didn't even answer the phone, or even insinuated that Gatsby was dead.

This kind of relationship relying on the use value is often people who take tea and cool down.

Reminds me of the impressive plot from The Shawshank Redemption:

Andy was bullied in prison, and his fellow inmate Reid gave him hope of pursuing freedom; Reid had no clear direction after his parole, and Andy also extended a helping hand to bring him back to life.

Comparing the two, I gradually understood that sincere friendship is not bound by interests, but cherishes each other.

Bacon once said: "True friendship is like health, and it cannot be appreciated until it is lost."

The value of friendship lies in being consistent with each other at all times.

A good friendship should not end in the end, but should be the same as always.

Life is the stage, and friends are your backstage.

Reminds me of what Hayao Miyazaki said:

"People never know, who will never see you again after inadvertently saying goodbye to you."

It is true that every person you meet is a gift of fate.

The so-called long-term future may mean that there will be no future.

Don't lose your friends and hurt your friendship in the best time.


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