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The 5 Best TV Shows on Netflix

It's time to get cozy y'all

By Samantha PoppPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Are you struggling to find your next TV show to binge-watch on Netflix? If so, I have put together a guide of the five must-see shows on Netflix right now. Ok, here we go... Let's dive in!

1) 'Friends'

Although this series is supposedly leaving Netflix soon (I seriously don't understand why Netflix would do us like this), you need to binge-watch this series immediately! There's nothing better than the drama going on in the lives of Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Ross. The first few episodes of the series are pretty cringey, but the rest of the series is amazing. It's the kind of series that's a pick-me-up when you're sick or just need to laugh until your stomach hurts and you feel like abs are starting to form. Warning: you may fall in love with it to the point that you watch the series over and over again.

2) 'Nashville'

If you love country music and Hayden Panettiere (because she's iconic), then you will most likely love this show! Hayden's character Juliette has the craziest character development, and the sole fact that her voice is amazing just makes me love her that much more.

Although I like musicals because they are just plain fun to watch and sing along to, this is way better because you are invited into the county music world. This is the series that normal people, like myself, have been waiting for because we're fascinated with what celebrity life is like behind the scenes, and now it's country stars instead. Nashville exposes the characters to reveal what they're like that their fans don't see, and it's entertaining as hell. As Nike would say it, "just do it."

3) 'Dynasty'

If the name sounds familiar, it's because this is a series that Netflix has decided to remake. The original series aired in the 1980s and was quite popular from my research. I'm not sure if they copy a lot of the old episode ideas (which some remakes do) as I'm not too familiar with the old series, but the episodes definitely keep you on your toes and the cliffhangers are unbelievably absurd; some episodes it makes me do a double-take. This drama-filled series will keep you captivated for hours on end, so make sure you pop some popcorn while you digest all the ridiculousness that is the Carrington's private lives and how they "manage" it.

4) 'Drop Dead Diva'

This is a new age Elle Woods kind of series, and you will not regret picking it up. One of my favourite things about this show is how the main character adjusts to her new body and eventually finds her own sex appeal in it. Being "plus-sized" myself, this was a big deal to me.

Another reason why this series is one of my favs is because it makes me feel smarter while watching it, because obviously television was created to make us smarter, right? HA! Just kidding, but actually, I do feel smarter with the real law information they integrate into the show. If you want to feel smarter about law too, then check it out!

5) 'That 70's Show'

Someone in the 1990s thought it would be this amazing idea to create a TV show based in the 70s and it was literally everything. Whether you're a stoner or just enjoy watching people pretend to be stoned out of their minds, you'll like this series. I literally started watching this series in elementary school, and HOW I got away with that, I'll never know.

I totally didn't get any of the adult jokes (obviously), but now as an adult, I can appreciate all the jokes now to the fullest and laugh my a** off with everything. Kelso is the best character out of the entire gang. Don't believe me? Watch it and see.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to the five best TV shows on Netflix, and that you check out at least one of my picks. I am in no way endorsed by Netflix, and this is entirely my unbiased opinion as a paid subscriber for their streaming service.


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