The 10 Best Series of 'Power Rangers!'

by Craig Arnott 8 months ago in tv

With over 25 series and hundreds of multicoloured superheroes fighting the forces of evil, here are the ten best series of 'Power Rangers.'

The 10 Best Series of 'Power Rangers!'

From Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, this is a franchise that has been a part of a many peoples' childhoods. With over 25 years of morphinominal fights and mega forces of evil to be fought, everyone has a Power Ranger series close to their heart. In this list, we will look at ten of the best seasons of these multicoloured heroes who have defended the world from destruction.

This magical based team of Rangers appeared in Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006). With Rangers always facing forces bent of destroying the world, Power Rangers Mystic Force took us on a magical adventure with demons, vampires, mummies and dragons along the way. While other series have had elements of magic or mythical angles behind the teams looks or powers, everything in this series used magic. The Rangers had magical wands for spell casting and used their magic to become their Zords.

The Team:

  • Nick Russell: Red Mystic Ranger — Nick was the new kid in town with a rebellious attitude. He rejected the idea of magic, at first, until finally becoming a true believer. He controlled the power of fire through his magic and as a Zord he could become the Mystic Phoenix or the Mystic Firebird.
  • Charlie "Chip" Thorn: Yellow Mystic Ranger — Chip could be considered immature, due to his belief in the mystics, but this childhood belief proved useful when he was shown magic is real. The power of lightning is at his command and he could use his magic to become the Zords the Mystic Garuda or the Mystic Lion.
  • Madison Rocca: Blue Mystic Ranger — A polite and well-mannered young woman, but is always ready to speak her mind when the time calls. She is sisters with fellow Ranger Vida. She commanded the power of water with her magic and she could turn into the Mystic Mermaid or the Mystic Lion.
  • Xander Bly: Green Mystic Ranger — Originally from New Zealand, Xander is overly confident and believes he is always the best man for the job. He commanded the power of the forest through his magic and could become the Zords the Mystic Minotaur and Mystic Lion.
  • Vida Rocca: Pink Mystic Ranger — A music loving, pink hating rebel makes Vida. Tough and strong she is first into battle and never backs down from a fight, but she is easily drawn to darkness. Through her magic, she controlled the wind and could transform into her Zords the Mystic Sprite and Mystic Lion.
  • Udonna: White Mystic Ranger — The original Mystic Ranger who gave the five their powers. She is well versed on all areas of the mystic arts, she mentors the Rangers in the use of magic. She commands the power of ice through her magic. With her magic she could grow to giant sizes, making her the only Ranger in the team not to have a Zord form or Zord to command.
  • Daggeron: Solaris Knight — One of the Ancient Mystics who went missing after the Great Battle. Joining the Rangers he trains them in using their magic in combat as a no-nonsense warrior. He wields the power of the Sun through his magic. He could call forth the mighty Solar Streak train which he piloted to form the Solar Streak Megazord.
  • Leanbow: Wolf Warrior — Falling to evil and becoming Koragg the Knight Wolf, he fought against the Rangers until the spell was broken through the love of his wife, Udonna. He utilises the power of fire through his magic. With the horse Catastros, he could grow giant and merge with it to become the Centaur Megazord and the Centaurus Wolf Megazord.

The team had a standout design from other Ranger teams. While the designs of the outfits or helmets were not the most extravagant, they were the only team to all sport capes. This is why they stand apart when placed with other Rangers. The female Ranger's white leggings under the skirts, as opposed to their Ranger colour, giving them a more unique look to their male counterparts. When you then look at the 6th and additional Ranger outfits you see some truly unique styles coming in. The Solaris Knight, White Mystic Ranger and Wolf Warrior all had styles that linked them to the original five's style, but their outfits had more emphasis and diversions to signify them away from the core five.

The story played with the magic element extremely well, with the Rangers learning they had to respect magic and use it responsibly. You had deeper relationships running within the team, especially between the Pink and Blue Rangers being sisters. They gave mystery with the Red Ranger's past and question who his parents were, with surprising answers being revealed through the show. Then there was also the budding romance between the Red and Blue Ranger. There was just a sense of family at the core of this team and it gave for some truly brilliant story moments within the show.

This futurist season first aired in 2011 with an intergalactic space force protecting the universe as Power Rangers S.P.D. Acting as the police force for Earth, S.P.D Earth dealt with crimes committed by aliens and held back the invasion force of Emperor Grumm. This series brought a darker and more mature tone to the premise of Power Rangers and introduced a team of Rangers that needed to be trained and disciplined.

The Team:

  • Jack Landors: S.P.D Red Ranger — Jack is a street-wise fighter who worked the streets with his long-standing best friend Z. He has the ability to phase through objects and walls due to a genetic enhancement that activated as a child. At his command were the Zords Delta Runner 1 and S.W.A.T. Flyer 1.
  • Schuyler "Sky" Tate: S.P.D Blue Ranger — Sky's father was honoured as the S.P.D Red Ranger and left Sky with a yearning to become a Red Ranger himself. He can create forcefields due to a genetic mutation he obtained as a child. His Zords to pilot were Delta Runner 2 and S.W.A.T. Flyer 2.
  • Bridge Carson: S.P.D Green Ranger — Bridge is overly chatty and sometimes too eager to please others. His genetic mutation is unique as it allows him to sense auras and see events that have passed. The Delta Runner 3 and S.W.A.T. Flyer 3 were his Zords to pilot.
  • Elizabeth "Z" Delgado: S.P.D Yellow Ranger — A tough and strong woman who grew up on the streets, she is never afraid to speak her mind. Her genetic mutation allows her to duplicate herself. Her Zords were the Delta Runner 4 and S.W.A.T. Flyer 4.
  • Sydney "Syd" Drew: S.P.D Pink Ranger — Raised in privilege, she can be seen as spoiled by some. Her genetic mutation allows her to transform at the molecular level into whatever substance she is holding. She piloted the Delta Runner 5 and S.W.A.T. Flyer 5.
  • Sam: S.P.D Omega Ranger - Sam comes from the future and as a result, is trapped in his Ranger form and appears as a white energy outside of battle. His Zord was the Omagamax Cycle, which can turn into the Omegamax Megazord.
  • Chief Anubis "Doggie" Cruger: S.P.D Shadow Ranger — Doggie runs S.P.D Earth by the rule book and holds the Rangers to a high standard. The battle with Grumm is personal for Cruger, as he believes Grumm killed his wife. Turning the S.P.D Delta Base into his Zord, he piloted the Delta Command Crawler which can turn into the gigantic Delta Command Megazord.
  • Kat Manx: S.P.D Kat Ranger — Kat is the brains behind S.P.D Earth, having created the Ranger's powers, the Zords, and their weapons. She only became a Ranger for a single episode and did not showcase her own Zord to pilot.

S.P.D was the first team to sport more black in their suits and each had the Rangers rank on the team, with one being the leader. The helmets were simplistic but by adding the sirens and lights gave them that little bit extra to reinforce the Ranger's theme. This was also the first team to have a 6th Ranger that was only seen out of his Ranger form for a brief second as he was trapped in an energy form having travelled through time. But the suit every one lives for is the S.P.D Shadow Ranger, who hold a truly unique style with the dog ears and resembling a mutt that no one wants to mess with. Two other Rangers that appeared were of the S.P.D Kat Ranger and S.P.D Nova Ranger, which made S.P.D the series to feature the most female Rangers.

The story was all about justice, but that alone brought mysteries. You firstly had the obvious question to answer, how did the Rangers gain these genetic abilities? This was quite interesting and linked back to their childhoods and how their parents were all scientists working together. One of the best elements of the story is how this team was also the B-Squad of S.P.D recruits. The A-Squad went missing early on while on a covert mission, causing the B-Squad to suit up. This meant the team was forced to prove themselves worthy of their Ranger powers, otherwise, they could lose them to a new and better recruit. The theme and dynamics of the characters work, and make this a police force that truly brings the justice.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999) saw the colony ship Terra Venture depart from earth with a single mission, to colonise a new world. However, the evil forces of Scorpius and his daughter Trakeena were hell bent on destroy the colony. With the mythical Quasar Sabres, five were chosen to become the Lost Galaxy Rangers and protect the colony from destruction.

The Team:

  • Leo Corbett: Galaxy Red — Leo originally did not have a ticket to board Terra Venture, making him eager to join his brother who was the first officer. Sneaking on board and stowing away, he found himself on an alien planet with his brother. When his brother perished he took the Quasar Sabre and became the Red Ranger. His Zord was the Lion Galactabeast.
  • Kai Chen: Galaxy Blue — Kai is one of the officers serving aboard Terra Venture. He is very by-the-book and eager to impress his superiors. He has a talent for cooking and is close friends with fellow officer Kendrix. The Zord at his command was the Gorilla Galactabeast.
  • Damon Henderson: Galaxy Green - One of the engineers working to keep Terra Venture flying, he is resourceful with his hands but can be a tad clumsy. When he became a Ranger he discovered a greater purpose on the journey to a new home. His personal Zord was the Condor Galactabeast.
  • Maya: Galaxy Yellow - From the planet Mirinoi, the planet the Quasar Sabres originate from, she is a refugee on Terra Venture when everything on her planet is turned to stone. She can commune with animals and finds a new sister in Kendrix. She could call on her Zord the Wolf Galactabeast.
  • Kendrix Morgan: Galaxy Pink - Kendrix is one of the science officers serving aboard Terra Venture. She is intelligent and kind with the ability to make connections missed by others. Her Zord was the Wildcat Galactcabeast.
  • Magna Defender - A rogue warrior out for revenge against Scorpius's forces for the death of his son. He has no interest in working with the Rangers and finds them a hindrance in completing his mission. He commanded the Torozord which he can grow large and merge with to create the Mega Defender.
  • Mike Corbett: Magna Defender II - Thought to have perished on Mirinoi, Mike was revealed to be alive and became the second Magna Defender. He worked with the Rangers, increasing the team's strength and power. He took command of the Torozord after the demise of the original Magna Defender.
  • Karone: Galaxy Pink II - Karone was once Astronima, the Princess of Evil, but worked to redeem herself of her past deeds by protecting the Pink Quasar Sabre. The Sabre chose Karone to replace Kendrix who was killed stopping the Pink Psycho Ranger. The Wildcat Galactabeast accepted Karone as its new pilot.

Marked with white vests and black lines, this team of Rangers held a more simplistic suit design, but brought animal based helmets back to Power Rangers. The Quasar Sabres and the added armour from the Lights of Orion do make these Rangers have a more knight based feel than other teams. The Magna Defender's long cape and knight based design adds to this feeling, making you wonder if these guys were the 'Knights of Terra Venture'.

The series as a whole was ground breaking at the time. It was the first season after the 'Zordon Era' of Power Rangers, but brought elements from the iconic era forward. It held one of the most epic Ranger crossover adventures in the franchise, bringing back fan favourites the Psycho Rangers as the villains, which saw a historic marking moment in Power Rangers as a Ranger died. It was also the first season to have Zords that were physically alive. Other seasons had Zords that mimic life-like actions, but were not sentient animals like the Galactabeasts. The series took fans on an intergalactic adventure that truly sticks in your mind.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004) saw a team of Rangers return to the jurassic roots for their powers. Starting with only three members, they fought Mesogog who wanted to destroy modern society and return the Earth to the era of the dinosaurs. Mentored by Tommy Olivers (the original Green Ranger), this team roared into action and accessed super dino modes to stop evil in its tracks.

The Team:

  • Conner McKnight: Red Dino Ranger — Conner lived for soccer and would find his passion for the sport a distraction from his Ranger duties. Through his Dino Gem, he gains super speed and commanded the mighty Tyrannozord.
  • Ethan James: Blue Dino Ranger — A computer genius and purebred nerd, Ethan is more likely to be excited over a new upgrade for his computer rather than a girl. With his Dino Gem, he is granted a tough skin that acts as armour and piloted the Tricerazord.
  • Kira Ford: Yellow Dino Ranger — A gifted singer and songwriter, Kira dreams of being a successful singer and icon for how you don't have to be cookie cutter beautiful. Her Dino Gem gives her a powerful ptera scream and she flew high in the Pterazord.
  • Tommy Oliver: Black Dino Ranger — A Ranger who can not stay out of spandex for long, Tommy mentored the new team and eventually joined them, now sporting the colour black. His Dino Gem allows him to turn invisible and his personal Zord was the Brachiozord which housed all the other Zords within it.
  • Trent Fernandez-Mercer: White Dino Ranger — Trent was brainwashed and forced to fight against the Rangers as an evil White Ranger. Breaking the spell he joined the team and had a close relationship with Kira. Through his Dino Gem, he can camouflage and commanded the Dragozord.

The suits definitely brought some nostalgia, with dinos being the motif for the Ranger's suits. The core three all retained white diamonds, like the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but this time running up their legs and arms. The Black suit being highlighted with gold worked so well, with Tommy being the ultimate veteran of Power Rangers. Then the White Ranger brought back an iconic chest shield and was truly menacing with the red visor. If the look alone wasn't enough, they got even cooler as they kicked in their 'Super Dino Mode' which would take normal looking suits and augment them with spikes, and for the Yellow Ranger wings.

The series as a whole is extremely enjoyable. It pays clear homages to the roots of Power Rangers. The theme is only one aspect, but you have a long story arc covering a brainwashed evil Ranger with a budding romance between him and the female Ranger. Then by adding auxiliary Zords which could create new weapons for the Megazord was what gave this series its own gravitas away from the original Dinozord powered Rangers. For the smallest team of Rangers, they left a mark and reminded us all the dinosaurs are cool!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season III (1995), started with an epic bang as the Ranger's Zords were destroyed along with their powers. This saw the Rangers seek out the great Ninjor, the creator of the Power Coins. While reluctant, at first, to aid the Rangers, he saw them worthy and imbued them with new ninja based powers. Now repowered and stronger than ever, the Rangers faced Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa with a strength Angel Grove had never witnessed before.

The Team:

  • Tommy Oliver: White (Ninja) Ranger — Being the leader of the team, he never wavered in his duties to his team. He led them on the mission to obtain new powers and drew on his past when Kimberly's Power Coin was stollen. He embodies the falcon and piloted the Falconzord and White Shogunzord.
  • Rocky DeSantos: Red (Ninja) Ranger — Rocky breaks away from his jock stereotype in this season, and proves he has a quick and agile mind along with fierce fighting skills. His ninja powers are drawn from the ape and he commanded the Ape Ninjazord and Red Shogunzord.
  • Adam Park: Black (Ninja) Ranger — Adam finds himself disappointed when his ninja spirit is a frog. However, he soon realises the grace and agility a frog holds as he piloted the Frog Ninjazord and Black Shogunzord.
  • Billy Cranston: Blue (Ninja) Ranger — Being one of the original five, Billy was at the peak of his Ranger talents. His brains and now brawn were valuable to the team. His ninja powers come from the wolf and he piloted the Wolf Ninjazord and Blue Shogunzord.
  • Aisha Campbell: Yellow (Ninja) Ranger — Aisha discovered she had an affinity for animals and began thinking about her future working with animals. She was powered by the mighty bear and commanded the Bear Ninjazord and Yellow Shogunzord.
  • Kimberly Ann Hart: Pink (Ninja) Ranger — One of the original five, Kimberly truly knew how to be a Power Ranger, until her Power Coin was stolen. This made her remember her love of gymnastics before leaving the team. With the grace of the crane, she piloted the Crane Ninjazord.
  • Katherine "Kat" Hillard: Pink (Ninja) Ranger II — Under a spell of Rita's, Kat stole Kimberly's Power Coin. Upon breaking the spell she worked to get the coin back and replaced Kimberly when she left to focus on her gymnastics. Powered by the crane, she piloted the Crane Ninjazord and co-piloted the White Shogunzord with Tommy.

As fully powered Rangers, they kept their original suits that had been used in previous seasons. However, they did get an upgrade through Metallic Armour. This caused all the suits to glisten with colour to increase the Ranger's speed and power. The best suits in this season, however, go to the ninja suits. When battling the foot-soldiers, the Rangers would don their Ninja Ranger forms and gave viewers a truly unique style that no other Ranger team has managed to capture since. Each held a giant Power Coin on the chest and kept the Ranger's identity secret through masks.

The story for this series had a great focus on one colour, pink. The Pink Ranger was at the heart of this story and introduced a second Ranger that had fallen under Rita's evil spell. What people seem to forget about Kat is when she was evil she actually succeeded where Tommy failed when he was under Rita's spell. With no Ranger powers or Sword of Darkness, she infiltrated the Rangers and depowered one of them. While it was a repeat of an old theme in the show, the second time around was far more effective and changed the colours we saw for a few episodes. The most shocking part behind this season is the conclusion, when the Rangers actually lost the fight and were turned into children, stripping them of their powers. For a Power Rangers series, this season has plenty of twists and turns from start to finish.

Roaring into action, Power Rangers Wild Force (2002) gave the Rangers a king of the jungle theme for fighting the evil Orgs. The Rangers had to stop the Orgs from polluting the planet to the point life wouldn't survive. But in a world riddled with pollution, the Orgs were more powerful than they were in the past. Discovering more Wild Zords on their journey, the Rangers became stronger and had a simple mission, rid the world of Master Org and restore balance to the world once again.

The Team:

  • Cole Evans: Red Wildforce Ranger — Cole is the last of the starting five to join the team. Raised in the jungle, Cole could commune with animals and the Wild Zords. He had a strong passion and only wants to discover what happened to his parents. With the Power Animal Crystals for the Red Lion Zord, Green Gorilla Zord and Red Falcon Zord he leads the Rangers into battle.
  • Taylor Earhardt: Yellow Wild Force Ranger — The first member of the team, she fought the Orgs alone for six months. With her Air Force training, she is a stern and strong leader, resenting handing over leadership to Cole. She is given the Power Animal Crystals for the Yellow Eagle Zord, Black Bear Zord and Polar Bear Zord.
  • Max Cooper: Blue Wild Force Ranger — Max is extremely confident, even when his skills do not match his ambition and was the third Ranger to join the team. He is best friends with Danny and the pair are often working on things together. He holds the Power Animal Crystals for the Blue Shark Zord and the Giraffe Zord.
  • Danny Delgado: Black Wild Force Ranger — Danny is the definition of a gentle giant and was the fourth member on the team. With a broad and tall stature, he is the gentlest of all the Rangers. He is also timid and shy, giving a contrast against his best friend Max. His Power Animal Crystals are the Black Bison Zord, Rhino Zord, and Armadillo Zord.
  • Alyssa Enrilé: White Wild Force Ranger — Alyssa was the second Ranger to join the team, which forced her to divide her time between her college classes and Ranger duties. She is naturally kind and comes from a long-running family of martial arts experts. She holds the Power Animal Crystals for the White Tiger Zord, Elephant Zord, and Deer Zord.
  • Merrick Baliton: Lunar Wolf Ranger — Merrick was a warrior a thousand years ago fighting the Orgs. He was cursed and turned into Zenaku and forced to work for Master Org. Being freed from the curse, he was reunited with Princess Shayla and joined the Rangers. His Power Animal Crystals are the Wolf Zord, Hammerhead Zord and Aliigator Zord, which can combine to create the Predazord.

The suits had nice touches to make them work as a unified team. Each Ranger had a gold band across their body and the band may have black lines breaking it into multiple strips of gold. These strips indicated their rank on the team and breaks the solid colour of the suits. The best aspect is easily the helmets. They have a true feel of the original Mighty Morphin' helmets, but this time with animals. They are perhaps the most detailed helmets to use animals for the theme. The standout two suits are the Lunar Wolf Ranger and White Wild Force Ranger, as both sport a secondary colour, the Lunar Wolf being navy blue and the White being pink.

The story of this show just works. The premise of nature vs the pollution of man is a real fight happening today. This series took that and ran with it. You have so many aspects that play well into the story, such as Merrick's curse and the history of the world prior to the start of the show. It is a shame we never got to see how the original four became Rangers, as them becoming Rangers at separate times is interesting. It would have been cool to see them slow add to their forces, but knowing this was the case makes the team interesting from the start as a power struggle occurs for leadership. As a show, it gives you what you are looking for from a Power Rangers series.

A force from the future, Power Rangers Time Force (2001), saw a Ranger Team journey to the past to stop the villainous Ransik who aimed to change the future by altering the past. Led for the first time by the Pink Ranger, the team called forth mighty weapons and Zords from the future, while trying to adjust to their new lives in a world unknown to them.

The Team:

  • Jen Scotts: Time Force Pink — Jen was the leader of the team and sought revenge on Ransik for killing her fiancé, Alex. However, life became complicated when Wesley, the new Red Ranger from the past, looked just like her lost love. She piloted Time Flyer 5 leading her team against Ransik's forces.
  • Wesley Collins: Time Force Red II — Wesley was found in the past by the Rangers, as his DNA matched the fallen Red Ranger Alex. This allowed the other morphers to be unlocked and he was then dismissed by Jen. Refusing the abandon the adventure of a lifetime, he convinced the Rangers to let him join them. His Zord was Time Flyer 1.
  • Lucas Kendall: Time Force Blue — Lucas knew how to use his looks and charisma to his advantage. But this could lead Lucas down a path of arrogance, even if what he was doing wasn't right. His personal Zord was Time Flyer 2.
  • Katie Walker: Time Force Yellow — Katie appears to be a kind and sweet young woman, however, this was one girl not to cross. She is super strong and can lift the immense weight with ease. This strength has caused her to become slightly awkward when it comes to expressing affection to others. She piloted the Zord Time Flyer 4.
  • Trip: Time Force Green — An alien from the planet Xybria, Trip holds a crystal on his forehead which allows him to read minds, pinpoint locations and to some extent foresee the future. Being an alien gives him objectivity when it comes to others being judged by their appearance. His Zord was Time Flyer 3.
  • Eric Myers: Quantum Ranger — Eric resented Wes for growing up privileged and never truly appreciating the opportunities given to him. Running the Silver Guardians, he refused to work with the Rangers and acted as a rogue Ranger protecting the city. His Zord was the powerful Quantasaurus Rex or Q-Rex.
  • Alex: Time Force Red — The original Red Ranger, he fell in battle against Ransik. However, when time began to shift he journeyed to the past to reclaim the Red Ranger powers and take his place as leader of the team. His personal Zord was Time Flyer 1.

The suit designs for this team truly came from the future. The reverse visors give the Rangers a striking appearance, which was enhanced further with an arrangement on lights running down the sides of the head. It was the first time we got to see two Red Rangers in a single series, with both almost representing the yin-yang, with one having white highlights and the other having black. The appearance of the morphers remaining on the wrist also gives you the impression these powers were made by man and not from some divine ancient power source.

The story for this series is interesting. First off, it gave fans a look at what the future holds in the Power Rangers universe. I mean junk food being illegal! Don't sign me up for a visit any time soon. But what made this series special was Jen, the leader of the team. Despite the fact she was the first Pink Ranger to lead the team, she brought some true emotion throughout the series. The pain of losing her fiancé followed by the confusion of Wes looking just like Alex to then have to deal with the return of Alex. It was a true rollercoaster for viewers and gave you a yearning to know which one she was going to choose.

Heading out from their defeat in Power Rangers Turbo (1997), the Rangers headed into space and joined Andros to form the Power Rangers In Space (1998). With the forces of evil across the galaxy set to finally claim victory, the Rangers had to fight Astronima and Dark Spector in an attempt to rescue Zordon. However, events from the past rippled through the season effecting both sides before a climactic battle.

The Team:

  • Andros: Red Space Ranger — From the planet KO-35, he was reluctant to trust the Rangers of Earth. But when he saw them set to be executed by Astronima, he realised they must be his allies. Joining forces with them and giving them new powers, he became the new leader of the team. But he had a single personal mission to fulfil, finding his sister Karone. He piloted the Mega V1 and held the device to control the Delta Megaship.
  • Carlos Vallerte: Black Space Ranger — Adjusting to his new life in space, Carlos found himself new purpose with his new powers. He did, however, let his guard slip, allowing a young girl called Silvy to discover his identity as a Power Ranger. His personal Zord was Mega V2.
  • T.J. Johnson: Blue Space Ranger — Coming from the defeat as leader of the Turbo Rangers, T.J. willingly handed leadership over to Andros. However, he continued to be an ear for his team and often took the place of advisor to the Rangers. The gigantic Mega V3 was his Zord.
  • Ashley Hammond: Yellow Space Ranger — Ashley was instantly drawn to Andros and was fascinated by his telekinetic abilities. She asked him to tutor her in learning this power herself, and the two became extremely close. The Mega V4 was her Zord.
  • Cassie Chan: Pink Space Ranger — Brave and confident, Cassie never failed in doing the right thing, even if it put her in danger. However, she could become frustrated easily, especially when she felt her efforts were not being recognised. She piloted the Mega V5.
  • Zhane: Silver Space Ranger — Injured prior to the start of the season, Zhane lay in stasis on the Astro Megaship. When he was revived he discovered his Ranger powers had been weakened and he had to find a way to recharge his powers. He was childhood friends Andros and wanted to help him find Karone. His personal Zord was the Mega Winger.

The suits may not have had extravagant helmets or designs, but they did hold a space feeling to them. The simplistic visors and the black circle on the top of the head, for the Rangers suit's augmented abilities to be activated, gave you this spaceman feeling to the helmets. The suits also had nice white lining, boots, and gloves to break from the colour. What is nice is the five coloured squares across their chests, which represented the team's five colours. The Silver Ranger was the first in Power Rangers and with gold lining and green squares across his chest gave him a unique look, but kept him uninformed with the original five.

This series is special as it marked the end of the 'Zordon Era', which crossed seven teams of Rangers and formed the foundations of Power Rangers. But, nostalgia aside, it gave so much to Ranger fans that was new. Firstly was Astronima, who appeared evil, but obviously had some link to Andros. Then they introduced a full team of five evil Power Rangers in the form of the Psycho Ranger, which are easy fan favourite villains. Then there was the ultimate battle at the end of the season, where the Rangers actually morphed before a crowd of people. It is one of the most thrilling series to watch and still hold strong today.

Back in 1993 the Mighty Morphin Power Rangersburst on to the small screens. When the evil Rita Repulsa was freed from her dumpster, she was bent on destroying the world. This forced Zordon to select five teenagers with attitude to create the first team of Power Rangers. With the power of the mighty Dinozords, the Rangers fought Rita's forces and protected their city of Angel Grove.

The Team:

  • Jason Lee Scott: Red Ranger — Jason was a karate expert and enjoyed teaching his skills to others, to allow everyone the right to know how to protect themselves. He especially encouraged his fellow Ranger Billy in never faltering in the fight to become stronger. With the power of the tyrannosaurus he commanded the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and later the Dragonzord.
  • Zack Taylor: Black Ranger — This hip-hop, dance-loving Ranger created his own fighting style called HipHopKido. He is often out looking for love and aims to make Angela fall for him, somehow. With the power of the mighty mastodon he piloted the Mastodon Dinozord.
  • Billy Cranston: Blue Ranger — With an intellect unmatched by his fellow Rangers, he was the brains behind the team. However, his confidence was not the best and he lacked fighting skills, like the other Rangers. He was powered by the triceratops and could call forth the Triceratops Dinozord.
  • Trini Kwan: Yellow Ranger — Smart and respectful, Trini is a Ranger out to change the world. She fights for rights in Angel Grove and encouraged others to respect their city, even forming a clean-up crew to keep the park clean and tidy. The saber-tooth tiger gives her power and she could summon the Saber-Tooth Tiger Dinozord.
  • Kimberly Ann Hart: Pink Ranger — Your typical 'valley girl', Kimberly loved to shop and enjoyed time with her friends. She had practised gymnastics since she was young, which allowed her to spring into battle against Rita's forces. She is extremely close with fellow Ranger Tommy. With the grace of the pterodactyl, she called on the Pterodactyl Dinozord to attack from the skies.
  • Tommy Oliver: Green Ranger — New in town, Tommy found himself under Rita's spell as the evil Green Ranger. The Rangers broke the spell and he joined the team, but soon found himself targeted by Rita. This led to him losing his powers temporarily, but he found comfort from fellow Ranger, Kimberly. With the Dragon Dagger, he commanded the Dragonzord.

These suits are simply iconic. They were the first Rangers fans fell in love with and gave each fan a Ranger they loved the most. The white diamonds across the chest and back were balanced with diamonds in the Rangers colours on their gloves and boots. The helmets are effective as each Ranger's prehistoric beast can be recognised with ease. The Green Ranger's outfit brought variation, especially with his golden shield. When the shield was used by the Red and Black Rangers it showed new variation to those suits, it is a shame we never got to see Blue, Yellow and Pink sport the iconic shield.

This series really set a precedent for the following series to exceed. While there was no build up to a final battle against Rita, you did get plenty of action to keep you hooked on the show. You had everything you would be looking for in a superhero show. A hero formed from a villain, mighty weapons to call on that could be used in varied ways to get results and personal stories on the characters to make you like them. If this show had failed, Power Rangers would never have become what it is today and that alone makes this a show any true Ranger fan has to watch.

2009 brought the first dystopian future based series in Power Rangers RPM. Prior to the start of the show, the Venjix virus had taken over the computer networks and wiped out the majority of the organic life from the planet. Only the domed city of Corinth still stood and Venjix was relentless in his attempts to destroy the last remnants of humanity. The RPM Rangers acted as the guardians of the city, constantly halting Venjix's plans and aiming to end his tyranny on Earth once and for all.

The Team:

  • Scott Truman: Ranger Operator Series Red — Scott felt inferior in his father's eyes compared to his deceased brother. He strived to prove himself, but never felt his actions were recognised, even as leader of the RPM Rangers. He could access a burst attack to channel bio-energy for a fast attack and piloted the Eagle Racer and Paleozord against Venjix's forces.
  • Flynn McAllistair: Ranger Operator Series Blue — Always believing he could do more to help people, Flynn became a Ranger and was proud of what he did. He was a handy mechanic around the Ranger's garage and was often working on enhancing something. His personal Zord was the Lion Hauler and through bio-energy could pause time for ten seconds through a time manipulation burst.
  • Summer Landsdown: Ranger Operator Series Yellow — Raised in luxury, Summer only found her true place in the world when it ended. Brave and strong she worked with a cool head. She was the one who saw more in the criminal Dillon and convinced her team to let him become the Black Ranger. She barrelled into battle piloting the Bear Crawler and unleashed an energy blast through channelling bio-energy.
  • Ziggy Grover: Ranger Operator Series Green — Not what you would think of as an ideal candidate to become a Ranger, Ziggy accidentally became the Green Ranger. Often the fool, he often took matter less serious than his team would have liked and could sometimes exhibit signs of cowardliness. His personal Zord was the Tail Sinner and while unreliable, he could teleport through channelling bio-energy.
  • Dillon: Ranger Operator Series Black — Dillon had no past memories, but did hold one, he had a sister. Having escaped experimentation from Venjix, he was arrested when he arrived at Corinth. Summer seeing more in him convinced her team and allowed him to join them. With their help, he aimed to uncover the answers to his forgotten past. He could channel bio-energy into an impenetrable shield that would last for five seconds and his Zord was the Wolf Cruiser.
  • Gem: Ranger Operator Series Gold & Gemma: Ranger Operator Series Silver — The twins Gem & Gemma operate together. they were part of a secret government think tank known as 'Alphabet Soup'. Detained as children for their genius intellect, they worked on many projects. But they were believed to perish when the facility exploded. They actually survived and fought Venjix outside of the walls of Corinth as the Gold and Silver Rangers. Their Zords were the Falcon Chopper Zord and Tiger Jet Zord.

These outfits merged perfectly a balance of vehicles and animals like no one could believe. The lights on the helmets and spinning wheels/turbines on the sides of the helmets brought the machine to the animal faces. The tires on the top of the boots and gloves gave a street sense to the suits, but when they spun for close combat friction it made them even more meaningful. The rocket motif of the Gold and Silver Rangers worked as it separated them from the others but kept them within the themes and designs of the team.

The series is just unexpected. It starts after Venjix has conquered Earth and Corinth closes its doors to the world. It has extremely dark tones within the story and makes it clear that billions of people have been killed. The civilisation of Corinth contrasted with the desert world outside, making it clear that humanity is at an end. But what is even more interesting, is how a Ranger team makes sense more in this world than any other. They are the guardians of the last stronghold, which is what you would expect in a fortress in a dystopian world. A group of elite warriors dedicated to keeping those in the sanctuary safe and not allowing the evil to win. You also have the mystery with Dillon and his sister along with great character progression across the show. It is easily the standout series that is a must watch out of all of Power Rangers.

Which series of Power Rangers is your favourite? Do you agree with this list?

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