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'Survivor: Winners at War' Episode 4

by Nathan Miller 2 years ago in review
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Episode 4!

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Wow! What an incredible episode of Survivor tonight! First off, nice move to the 4 who blindsided Ethan. As sad it was, it was a brilliant move. And Adam, you have a lot of work to do, man. You definitely screwed up by telling Rob. As for Dakal, it's nice to celebrate the small things. Yul's right on point about that. Dakal is thriving, eating well and they made it a quarter through the game with 9 members still in tact. That's worth celebrating. And the Edge. The difficult task of moving 20 logs, one log at a time from the top of the hill to the camp, finished by sundown. Those four pushed through and did it. Natalie rocked it, Danni & Amber fought in second and Ethan, poor guy. He pushed himself to nearly fainting. Dude, I get you're a pro at this but it's okay to stop and breathe. I know you're a competitor but, calm down. Us fans would rather have you lose a fire token than have you lose your spot in the game due to a medevac. But, after medical did convince him, he took his breaks and he pulled it off, with Danni, Amber & Natalie all with him for support. Great job, Ethan. You beat cancer, you can beat the Edge of Extinction.

Back at Sele, Rob consoled Michele about her controversial win for a moment and meanwhile, Adam was overworking like a kid who just got in trouble from their parents. And with him working so hard, it comes down to Rob & Parvati, who are on the outs for being the biggest threats. And despite Adam not budging, Rob pulled out a lie to Jeremy & Michele that Adam is still playing both sides and they bought it. As a result of Rob's excellent skills in deception, Adam is now back to target #1. As for Dakal, Tyson began to realize how the people with no connections have no trouble whatsoever. But, those with targets, especially him, have giant targets against them. Heck, he couldn't even remember Sophie's name, that's how under-the-radar she is. So, he began to discuss this with Tony & Sandra. But, he forgets one thing. He put Sandra's name out and she has not forgotten that. So, Tyson better hope Dakal wins again because Queen Sandra is not gonna forget that.

At the challenge, Sele struggled as Dakal lead, as usual. Only Adam was able to grab keys for Sele while others from the tribe could not. Meanwhile, Dakal had already made it through the physical and swimming portions and already were working to solve the puzzle that Nick had won in his previous season, to give Dakal an even bigger advantage. Despite this, Sele ended up catching up and through the puzzle skills of Rob & Michele, they were able to catch up and then take the new lead. And ultimately, Sele won the challenge, going back happy with immunity and chickens waiting for them. As for Dakal, they're heading to Tribal for the first time since Day 3.

Before Tribal Council, Tyson wanted to make sure a plan was in place. So, thinking about how Nick didn't contribute in the challenge as well or much at camp, he'd be the best target and everyone would be great with that. They all agreed, but the real plan was to take Tyson out. Here's the thing, nobody actually wants to go with that plan. The real plan seems to be Tyson, since he is a giant threat and he threw Sandra's name under the bus. Plus, with his connections, he could cause trouble with Rob & Parvati. But, then, Tony realized something. Tyson's kinda right. If he goes, Tony or Sandra is likely next. Then the other. Then Sarah & Kim and oh look, the four with no connections took out everyone with connections. So, he ran out as Tony does and talked with Sarah who spoke with Kim and it came to an agreement that maybe it should be Nick. This just leaves Sandra, who hates Tyson but has connections and is arguably the biggest threat in the game. But, she listened to Tony and considered all her options.

At Tribal Council, the tribe spoke about the facade of kumbaya and the reality of hiding the groups within the tribe. They also mentioned staying loyal and true to the tribe in case of a swap. And of course, the "plan" that everyone knows. And while it could've seemed like Nick would go, I guess those with connections figured that it'd be best to just stay with the tribe and Tyson was blindsided, leaving a fire token to Nick, instead of swallowing it like he wanted to.

Overall, this has been a fantastic episode of Survivor tonight! I can't wait to see what happens next week when the tribe swap does happen and I guess, Michele somehow gets stuck with her ex boyfriend? I don't know, but what I do know is it should be an interesting episode next week and I'm excited to watch. #Survivor #SurvivorWinnersAtWar #ByeTyson #EthanRules #Blindside #FanVotesOffTheHero #AdamIsFightingBack #TribeSwapNextWeek #Survivor40 #QueenStaysQueen #TonyRules


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