'Survivor: Island of the Idols' Episode 12

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Episode 12!

'Survivor: Island of the Idols' Episode 12

Wow! What a great episode of Survivor tonight! First off, nice move taking out Karishma. Could've easily been Noura, but that's ok. Noura seems likely to be next to go by most people anyway considering how Dean destroyed her game. But, as revenge, Noura hid his shoes on top of the flag to signify that he could be next to go. The next morning, an idol hunt began. Dean and Elaine got up to search, knowing that they were big targets, possibly on their way out without the idol. But, Janet & Tommy also went looking and then, it happened. Janet found the idol, nice job Janet! So now, she & Tommy are in possession of it. But, Dean & Elaine caught them, so now they know that Janet has the idol.

Elaine then saw Noura and agreed with everyone with how crazy she was. Then, Elaine continued to try and get people to think about their games. She started by talking with Lauren about her chances, making her think about how Tommy & Dan would prefer to have Dean in the finals with them over Lauren, because Lauren would win. This did actually give Lauren some thought, so when she spoke to Tommy who completely denied it, Tommy mentioned in a confessional that Elaine was absolutely right, so the final 3 plan is for Tommy, Dan & Dean because Lauren would definitely win in the end as would Janet should she make it that far.

Then, the Island of the Idols. A name was drawn and Dean's name was chosen, so he went and met Boston Rob & Sandra who fed him fish and discussed jury management to him. He also mentioned the Legacy Advantage to him, which they both knew was fake. And he even had a plan to get people to vote him at the final 6 so he could play the legacy advantage and save himself in front of the jury. But as we all know, doing that would end up in disaster for him. But they continued discussing jury management, which lead to Dean's test. A coin flip. If he won, he'd get a choice of idol nullifier, extra vote or idol for someone else. He chose the nullifier but it was all up to a coin flip. If he won, that'd be a heck of a story to tell the jury. He could make the biggest move of the game all based on chance. So, he took the chance and the coin said "YES". So, Dean now has an idol nullifier to use.

When he got back, Dean told the tribe that the coin said "NO" and he lost his vote. But he then told his trusting allies of Tommy, Dan & Lauren that the coin said "YES" and he got the nullifier. Unfortunately, this made him a bigger target for Tommy who realized that Dean wasn't just a goat he could drag to the end. Dean has an idol nullifier and a "legacy advantage". So, Dean's a real player, so maybe Tommy will take him out. As for the immunity challenge, the tribe span, they crossed a bean and did a word puzzle. It was close, like very close. So close that Elaine knew what the puzzle said but she wasn't as fast. Ultimately, Dean ended up winning, so Elaine felt defeated. She especially felt defeated because she's the likely target. But, she's voting Noura, who cannot really be trusted, so maybe there's a chance for Elaine to stay.

Back at camp, the plan was for everyone to vote Elaine, at least according to Noura. But the real plan was most people vote Elaine but Dan votes Noura just in case of an idol or advantage. So, if Elaine does something, Noura goes. If not, Elaine goes. But then, Lauren had a thought. Since Elaine's gonna vote Noura and the boys are probably gonna team up to take her out later on, it may be a good idea to take out Noura now and Elaine next. That way, a goat goes and Elaine's being there still keeps the threat off of Janet and Lauren. So, a plan emerged. The question is, will this plan go through? It's really up to Lauren and Janet.

At Tribal Council, Elaine fought for her life. She made some real good claims. Janet & Lauren definitely agreed with these claims, obviously Noura didn't, because she wants to say. Elaine's fight kept happening and she mentioned how he's a glass half-empty type of person. She then mentioned several things about her life that she's still going through. This lead to some tears but some heartfelt words from everyone towards Elaine. And unfortunately, the sad outcome occurred. Elaine, my favorite player since Day 1 was voted out by her fellow contestants. It's unfortunate, but I knew it would come eventually. If anyone could win Survivor, it'd be Elaine.

And then something else happened. The next day, Jeff arrived at the Lumuwaku camp with some news. And Dan was obviously missing. So, apparently there was another incident with him, off-camera and the decision was made that due to the entire situation and he was pulled from the game FINALLY. Not even a juror. So, now we're already down to the Final 5 and due to everyone that works at the show being so sincere and with everything that happened, it was the right thing to pull Dan from the game. Inappropriate behavior such as the type that Dan displayed should and will not be tolerated. Great work, producers, you made the right call.

Overall, this has been an amazing episode of Survivor tonight and I am so excited to see next week's finale where the final five duke it out for the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor! #Survivor #SurvivorIslandoftheIdols #ByeElaine #DanIsGone #TheTribeHasSpoken #InappropriateBehaviorIsNOTTolerated #ThisIsARealGame #SorryToSeeElaineGo #NextWeekFinale

Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller
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