'Survivor: Island of the Idols' Episode 11

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Episode 11!

'Survivor: Island of the Idols' Episode 11

Wow! What an amazing episode of Survivor tonight! First off, nice job getting Elizabeth out and Karishma playing that idol, nice move. Also, nice way to start off an episode. Loved Ones Challenge. A truly iconic part of Survivor. We got to see each of the remaining castaways reunite with their loved ones in passionate, beautiful and tear filled reunions. Elaine and her girlfriend, Dean and his mom, Karishma and her husband, Janet and her husband, Noura and her sister, Tommy and his girlfriend, Lauren and her husband and Dan and his 13 year old son. All of these were wonderful moments to witness. Then, the challenge. The tribe divided into pairs to get through a small course and toss a bag onto a stand. And Jeff, being as kind as he is, knew how Noura's sister was visually impaired, so he let her go with him to watch the challenge with him, moving around so she can actually watch. Nice job, Jeff. Such a great human being. This and many other reasons are why Jeff is the best host ever. The pairs were Tommy & Janet, Dan & Noura, Dean & Elaine and Lauren & Karishma. And Noura's sister was even. It was a close fight but in the end, Tommy & Janet won time with their loved ones and they invited Dan & Lauren to join them on the reward. Obviously, Karishma wasn't happy. None of the people who weren't chosen were happy to not be picked.

At the reward, the four were enjoying their time with their loved ones, eating, drinking and then strategizing to get Elaine out next. All was well. But back at camp, everyone was pissed, especially Noura. She went on a long rant about her original Vokai being the ring leaders controlling the game and they're the pawns, including her and the choices at the reward were an example of that. The four showed where their loyalties lied so a new alliance was formed between the three original Lairo and Noura to take out the other four, starting with Lauren. Then, they had a choice, either get a 5th person, risk a tie or find an idol. So naturally, they all went on an idol hunt and Elaine found the idol.

At the immunity challenge, the tribe had to hold a ball with a pole above them keeping it hanging against a bigger pole without it falling. It was tough, the castaways all hung on. But one by one many failed and fell. Janet even stumbled and slipped off, giving her an injury on her foot that looked bad, but she walked pretty ok. Not too bad of a stumble. And then, it came down to just two, Lauren and Elaine. Lauren wanted a win, Elaine knew what it was like but also potentially needed to win this one. It was close, Lauren struggled a lot, but she stayed. And then, in a big surprise, Elaine slipped and dropped her ball, giving Lauren the win.

Back at camp, a plan was put into action. A split vote with Karishma getting the majority of the votes but Elaine getting 3 votes in case Karishma had another idol. But, here's the secret part that the four who went on the reward didn't realize. The other four teamed up and since Lauren was immune, while the split vote would happen, 2-2, the other 4 would blindside Tommy. They were all in for it. But, then there's Noura. The lady that everyone knows for being out of control. Could have a normal plan then suddenly...BAM, Noura flips out and changes everything. So with her, Tommy is potentially going home but then, Karishma may end up going home anyway or even Elaine. And Noura worried about a 2nd idol, she wanted to split the vote 3 and 1, she was so confused about numbers and everything. Noura is just very different and the scary part for everyone was the vote was completely up to her. Will Karishma go? Will it be Elaine? Will it be Tommy? It's gonna be somebody, so it's gonna be an interesting Tribal Council.

And at Tribal Council, the game flipped on its head thanks to Dean and Noura. First, Dean, not trusting Noura at all, immediately whispered to Tommy about the plan. Tommy understood, the situation escalated, there was more whispering which lead to Noura arguing with people, fighting for her life, with Boston Rob & Sandra watching it all from their little hut. Missy was even on the jury eating invisible popcorn, lol. This was a hectic tribal council but in the end, it was all talk. Elaine played her idol, but she didn't need it. And while it felt like Noura was gonna get a huge realization that she should be honest with her alliance, Karishma ended up getting the boot. Wow. What a missed opportunity. But, it's the game and it was the right move for that alliance. They kept their ally around. Though, Noura could've also been a good move, but maybe she's being kept to take to the end.

Overall, this has been an amazing episode of Survivor tonight and I can't wait to see what happens next week when Noura continues her craziness and Lauren may or may not be next to go. Tommy does want someone gone for being a threat, but is it his biggest ally? #Survivor #SurvivorIslandoftheIdols #ByeKarishma #Blindside #IdolFindandPlay #BigMoves #Alliances #UnderdogPotential #DeanSquealed #LovedOnesVisit #IslandoftheIdols

Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller
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