Super Hard Harry Potter Trivia

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Part 3 - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Super Hard Harry Potter Trivia

If you have read the first 2 parts in this series of quizzes you will know they are challenging. Here you will find the 3rd instalment of my Super Hard Harry Potter Trivia.

As with the previous quizzes all answers are based on the book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban not the film version, expect obscure questions that only dedicated Potterheads will know the answers to.

Here we go..


1. Over the summer holidays, what were Harry’s homework essay’s about?

2. What did Hermione get Harry for his Birthday?

3. When aunt Marge arrived she gave Dudley a hug, when they finished what did Dudley have in his fist? 

4. How many dogs does aunt Marge have in total?

5. When Harry ran away from the Dursley’s, he stopped and sat on a wall, which road did he stop in? 

6. Which room in the leaky cauldron did harry stay in?

7. Who taught care of magical creatures before Hagrid?

8. On Hermione’s new timetable, which 3 subjects were all at 9am on the first day? 

9. When Harry, Ron and Hermione were lost whilst looking for the north tower for their first divination lesson, who helped them to find it? 

10. How many hippogriffs did hagrid bring to the first care of magical creatures Lesson? 

11. How long are buckbeaks wings?

12. In the first potions class of third year they were making a shrinking solution which is supposed to turn a bright acid green, what colour was Neville’s potion? 

13. Which spell does Lupin use to get rid of peeves and remove the chewing gum peeves has stuck into a keyhole?

14. In the DADA lesson, Ron’s boggart was a giant spider, what happened when he cast riddikulus?

15. Who told Dumbledore that it was Sirius Black that attacked the Fat Lady?

16. Snape gave Ron detention because Ron defended Hermione in the dada class that Snape taught. What was Ron’s detention?

17. When Harry’s broomstick was destroyed by the Whomping Willow, what broomstick did he use as a temporary fix until he received the Firebolt? 

18. What spell did harry have to use to open the statue of the one eyed witch?

19. What were Neville’s punishments when it was discovered that he had lost his list of passwords which allowed Sirius Black to enter the gryffindor common room? (Hint – there were 4 punishments)

20. What was the third year Transfiguration exam?

21. Who helped Harry and Hermione get past the Whomping Willow to save Ron?

22. How long did It is take the marauders to learn how to become animagi properly?

23. When Snape was knocked out, what spell did Sirius use to start transporting him back to the castle?

24. Who did Dumbledore kick out of the hospital Wing so he could speak to Harry and Hermione alone? (Hint – There were 3 people)

25. Which class did Hermione decide to drop at the end of the year?

26. Something unusual happened on the train back to London, what was it?

Keep scrolling for the answers.......


1. “Witch-burning in the fourteenth century was pointless – discuss”

and “Shrinking potions”

2. Broomstick servicing kit

3. £20 note

4. 12

5. Magnolia crescent 

6. 11

7. Professor Kettleburn

8. Divination, muggle studies, arithmancy. 

9. Sir Cadogan 

10. 12

11. 12 feet

12. Orange 

13. Waddiwasi

14. The spider’s legs came off and it rolled around the floor.

15. Peeves

16. He had to scrub out all the bed pans in the hospital wing without magic

17. Ancient shooting star

18. Dissendium 

19. Banned from all hogsmeade visits.

Not allowed to know the gryffindor password and had to wait outside to be let in.


Howler from his grandmother.

20. Turning a teapot into a tortoise.

21. Crookshanks

22. 3 years

23. Moblicorpus

24. Snape, Fudge, Madam Pomfrey.

25. Muggle studies

26. An owl flew to meet the travelling train, carrying a letter from Sirius. And Ron could keep the owl.

Hope you found that challenging

Part 4 is to follow – it will be a longer quiz due to the detail in the book, just a heads up, get studying.



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