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Suicide Squad – Potential Pros and Cons

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

By Lewis JefferiesPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

We all waited for Deadpool. We all waited for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. We all waited for Captain America: Civil War. Now all we're waiting for is Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad is the latest film presented to us by the DC Universe. Suicide Squad is a team of super villains that have been formed by a woman who is called Amanda Waller. The team are then assembled into a United States task force to actually do something good. However they're blackmailed in their task. If they refuse to do their task, they're simply blown up by the micro explosives that are implanted in their bodies.

With a film like this, there's bound to be some pros and cons that will stand out to the crowd. Lets start with the pros. Start off on a bright note.

1 - Jared Leto Playing The Joker Will Be Incredible

In the teaser trailer we were shown literally nothing of the Joker apart from his one line. Then came along the awesome second trailer. It showed a little bit more of the Joker himself. This was done by giving him… One more line. If you move onto the third trailer, it shows a lot of characters which cause a lot of Joker kind of mayhem. Of course we all love a bit of mayhem. Jared Leto will be portraying the Clown Prince of Crime in the all new film, and judging by his lines in the trailers, it's probably the only reason some people are actually watching this film for.

“Oh, I'm not gonna kill ya. I'm just gonna hurt ya. Really… Really… Bad."

2 - Probably More Batman Than We Imagined

There's a lot of mixed reviews about the latest Batman film that was released. Ben Affleck portrayed the Dark Night in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” and now he's back in Suicide Squad. During the trailer we saw Batman perched on top of the Jokers Lamborghini, but it's looking likely that we are going to see more of Batman than we expected. It's unknown how much Batman will be involved, but it's going to be good to see universes connect to each other.

3 - Viola Davis As Amanda Waller Will Be Incredible

Amanda Waller is the reason that the Suicide Squad come together. It's argued that Agent Waller is probably one of the greatest anti-heroes in the DC comic books. Amanda Waller will always be prepared for the worst that is heading her way. Which is partly why she puts this whole team together. She uses the Suicide Squad as a contingency plan since she can't get the Justice League to come and work for her. Amanda Waller has been previously seen in the Green Lantern film. Which causes a lot of arguments. Some love the film. Some think it's a load of trash. But when Viola Davis portrays Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad, we're ready for the Green Lantern film to be brushed out of our minds.

If you list the pros, then you have no choice to list some of the potential cons. So here are a few cons that we may be expecting.

1 - Currently No Clear Story Line

The Squad

With all these trailers released to the public on TV and via the Internet, not one of them really offers any information to what this movie actually consists of and what plot it's got. With no clear storyline actually revealed to us, it may draw many people away from the film itself. Maybe we should expect another trailer soon that has more of a plot to it.

2 - The Characters Involved

The Suicide Squad has had a lot of characters involved over the past years. But a lot of fans have come together to decide that the variation used in the Suicide Squad film is rather average. Apart from Harley Quinn and Deadshot, none of the characters chosen seem that big and spectacular. But what are your thoughts on the characters involved in the film?

Harley Quinn

There is only two films listed here because we don't want a dark view looking down on the film already as its not even released yet. But it's likely these cons are to be destroyed and the film will be bigger and better than we have expected.


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