Suicide Squad 2 Accidentally Confirmed: New Squad Members in Sequel

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Suicide Squad is the first comic book-influenced film centered around a team of villains rather than heroes.

Suicide Squad 2 Accidentally Confirmed: New Squad Members in Sequel

Suicide Squad has turned the comic book movie genre upside down by centering an entire film around a team of supervillains. For those of us familiar with the anthology of comic book-based movies which have premiered over the past 10 years, we know that Suicide Squad depicts a type of film that hasn't made it's way on to the big screen.

But for those less enlightened, Suicide Squad is the first comic book-influenced film centered around a team of villains rather than heroes — more on the villain-hero dynamic of Suicide Squad later.

Every past movie based on a comic book franchise has spawned around the focus of a superhero. There hasn't been a single comic book movie which didn't rely on the focal point of their plot revolving around the success and rise of one or multiple superheroes/heroines (e.g. Man of Steel, The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice). That premise has reached its limitation in creative productions, and Suicide Squad is the result of that limitation being reached.

From director David Ayer, Suicide Squad is based on a team of supervillains who are united for a common goal; rather, they're forced to work together by Amanda Waller's corrupt government agency, A.R.G.U.S.

The movie differs substantially from past comic book-based properties since Suicide Squad follows anti-hero types rather than the predictable hero; the only exception to that statement would be when referencing Deadpool (2016).

Suicide Squad (2016)

Up until Suicide Squad premiered, Deadpool was the only comic book-based movie to deviate from the predictable hero-centric dynamic but Suicide Squad won't be the last comic book property to spawn from within the sub-genre of DC Comics. Suicide Squad had a tremendous premiere and box office numbers skyrocketed to record breaking numbers. And now talks of a sequel are in place. Nothing official has been announced as of yet, but the director of Suicide Squad, David Ayer, may have let a crucial tidbit of information slip out during an interview with The Wrap, in terms of where a potential sequel to Suicide Squad lands in the DC'EU lineup of films.

During the interview, Ayer mainly spoke of his new cop-thriller, Bright, which will also feature Will Smith (Suicide Squad), but somehow Ayer's focus was diverted to the prospect of a potential sequel to Suicide Squad. And apparently, David Ayer spilled the beans on Warner Bros. Pictures bringing back both himself and Smith for the Suicide Squad sequel. However, not every member of the Suicide Squad will make it to the sequel, hence the team-name "Suicide Squad".

David Ayer and Will Smith

The team of supervillains assembled are deemed the "Suicide Squad" for a purpose; their mission is one filled with such peril that it is equal to the act of committing suicide by participating in it. So it's either come along for the ride or say goodbye to your head.

SPOILER ALERT: After viewing the film, the Suicide Squad team only sustained a few losses, some of which will influence the sequel and others that won't even receive a mention. Moving past the dead of Suicide Squad, we need to start looking towards the future and which DC' villains/ anti-heroes are going to fill the open vacancies on the Suicide Squad, come time for the sequel.

As to who'll fill those vacancies in the sequel to Suicide Squad is undetermined at the moment, but we can take a look at some of the more Earth-bound DC villains who could plausibly make their way into Suicide Squad 2. These are some rogues, villains, and antiheroes of DC Comics who could plausibly receive an on-screen adaptation in Suicide Squad 2. If you disagree, leave a note in the comments section.

1. Deathstroke / Slade Wilson

Deathstroke with Harley Quinn

Deathstroke would be an ideal addition to the growing team of the Suicide Squad. Having been a pivotal member in several incarnations of the team in DC Comics, Deathstroke is one of the most viable candidates to appear in the next iteration of the Suicide Squad. Some would argue Deathstroke should have been brought in rather than Deadshot for Suicide Squad, but that's just a matter of opinion by some.

2. Arsenal / Roy Harper

Arsenal, Roy Harper.

Roy Harper could be an interesting choice. Accounting for Deadshot's place on the team, having two marksmen on the team would create an interesting competitive dynamic between Arsenal and Deadshot. That being said, the two would likely cross each other over personal philosophies. Deadshot is quick to pull the trigger but he's always looking at what/who his target is. Arsenal, on the other hand, tends to shoot first and ask questions later — if there's still someone around to ask.

3. Solomon Grundy

solomon grundy

For Solomon Grundy, he may be a hard sell when considering him for Suicide Squad 2. Grundy really has no inert motivations other than rampant mayhem. He can be easily manipulated by someone with magical influence, which could see him become a member of the Suicide Squad in the circumstance that Enchantress remains a member of the team in Suicide Squad 2. Enchantress' magical abilities give her the ability to manipulate other individuals of the magical persuasion including Grundy.

4. Bane


Bane on the other hand could be perfect for the Suicide Squad. In the scenario that Bane has been captured by Batman in the DCEU, Bane would be inclined to take a place on the Suicide Squad if Amanda Waller offered it to him in exchange for his freedom.

5. Catwoman / Selina Kyle

Catwoman, Selina Kyle

The Catwoman of the DCEU should differ from past iterations of the character. Depicting Catwoman as a criminal caught in the act, working to pay off her debt to society would give Catwoman some purpose in the DC universe despite her character always seeming like she's solely obsessed with burglary and theft.

6. Mister Freeze / Victor Fries

Mister Freeze.

Mister Freeze would be an amazing addition to the Suicide Squad. With a checkered past as both a scientist and a villain, Victor Fries a.k.a. Mister Freeze could provide the ideal support for the Suicide Squad in volatile situations. And the perfect motivation for Freeze to join willingly would be for his wife, Nora to be held by Amanda Waller and A.R.G.U.S. until Freeze finishes the mission he's given. Not only would the plot thread make sense in the grand scheme of the DCEU, it would also be really cool to see what a government funded Mister Freeze will do to some unsuspecting adversaries — it'll probably involve using his freeze-ray.

7. Killer Frost / Louise Lincoln

Killer Frost

Another frosty candidate for the next iteration of the Suicide Squad. Killer Frost might be a bit more difficult to bring to the big screen with all the necessary CGI-effects to back up her abilities, but it would be interesting/entertaining to see a coerced Louise Lincoln a.k.a. Killer Frost freezing the limbs of attacking adversaries for her comrades to make quick work of them when she's done with her part.

8. Lobo


Lobo, the biggest renegade of DC Comics could also have a place on the new team. Being such an unpredictable character, he could easily find a place on the Suicide Squad with his outrageous attitude being highly accentuated on-screen. In the scenario that Lobo is introduced as a vigilante, he could easily take on the lead role of comedic captain for the squad. In doing so, we could finally receive a worthwhile depiction of Lobo on-screen as well as Lobo's lack of care for other species — evident by his history as the genocidal maniac responsible for the massacre of his entire race.

9. Poison Ivy / Pamela Isley

Poison Ivy

As another misunderstood rogue of the Batman-mythos, Poison Ivy stands out as probably one of the only female villains to ever give Batman a run for his money. Having used her powers of persuasion and criminal affluence to enact mayhem on Gotham City, Poison Ivy would make for an ideal candidate for the Suicide Squad. With nothing to lose other than her life, Poison Ivy would find reason in becoming a member of the Suicide Squad if she's coerced into the role.

10. Parasite / Rudolph Jones


A renegade within DC Comics, Parasite has several incarnations within DC. The most notable being that of Rudolph "Rudy" Jones. Within DC Comics, Jones served as the infamous Parasite on very few Suicide Squad missions but became a member nonetheless. However, Parasite's antics weren't well received when he was first let out of detainment. His release saw the death of two members of the Suicide Squad and resulted in the remaining Suicide Squad teaming with the Justice League just to rein Parasite in.

11. King Kraken

King Kraken

A much different candidate in comparison to other potential candidates for new members of the Suicide Squad. King Kraken doesn't have any abilities but his signature look is enough to give him the credit for a spot on the team. Being a tower-house of a figure, King Kraken could easily be a pivotal enforcer on the Suicide Squad.

12. Nightshade / Eve Eden

Nightshade, Eve Eden

Now for Nightshade, she'd likely fill the role of Enchantress in the circumstance that Enchantress a.k.a. June Moon doesn't survive the events of Suicide Squad. As another sorceress with a grasp on magical arts, Nightshade would be perfect to exemplify the use of magical arts in grounded DC films like Suicide Squad.

13. Cheetah / Barbara Minerva


With a character like Cheetah, it might be a bit more difficult to bring to life on-screen. For one, the CG-effects and make-up would be quite costly. Not to mention how costly the choreography would be for such an effect heavy character in action scenes. But aside from the difficult of bringing Cheetah to life in Suicide Squad 2, she would make a perfect contrast for fans interested in DC characters like Killer Croc. Comparing her methods of submission to those of Killer Croc would see two very different depictions of creature-based characters under the DC brand.

14. Bronze Tiger / Ben Turner

Bronze Tiger

Being a seminal member of the Suicide Squad in DC Comics, Bronze Tiger should definitely have a place on the new team. Unlike other members of the Suicide Squad, Bronze Tiger doesn't hold any special abilities, but he does hold a mastery of martial arts that has rivaled the likes of Batman and Green Arrow in the past. The New Earth iteration of Bronze Tiger depicts him as a half-man, half-tiger but that probably won't make it into Suicide Squad 2 if the Bronze Tiger is included.

15. Red Hood / Jason Todd

Since the tease of a dead Jason Todd existing within the DCEU during Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans have been speculating on the fate of Jason Todd. And while some fans have gone on to theorize that Jason Todd went on to become the Joker after his torture at his hands, hence the defaced Robin costume hanging in the bat-cave. It would make more sense for Jason Todd to have taken on his Red Hood persona in the scenario that he's introduced in Suicide Squad 2 as an existing character of the DCEU. Bruce Wayne is well into his years of crime-fighting, this is likely a time for to recruit a protege. And while Jason Todd a.k.a. Red Hood may not be his first pick, he'll be an excellent candidate for the Suicide Squad if he can't play well with Batman.

What Will Suicide Squad 2 Bring To The Table?

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