Struggling With Social Distancing? Follow The Example Of These Fictional Characters

Stop the spread!

Struggling With Social Distancing? Follow The Example Of These Fictional Characters

To stop the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, COVID-19, many World Leaders who have not declared temporary quarantines are enforcing new 'Social Distancing' rules.

Some people, however, are struggling with what Social Distancing actually means, and how to actually practice it effectively. For those people, we suggest following the example set by the following fictional characters.

The Twelfth Doctor

Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor immediately set himself apart from Matt Smith's Eleventh in a number of ways, but we will focus on one in particular here. For most of his tenure, the Twelfth Doctor displayed an aversion to hugging, becoming rather uncomfortable whenever one of his companions hugs him.

This is an attitude that would serve The Doctor well in the time of Social Distancing. While this will be a difficult one for affectionate people, we are currently being encouraged to find ways to greet each other without physical contact.

Elsa In Frozen

After accidentally plunging Arendelle into an eternal Winter, Queen Elsa flees into the mountains and builds herself a nice, private ice palace to live in. She does this in the hope of keeping her sister, Anna, and the rest of Arendelle safe, so she is understandably annoyed when Anna shows up wanting to take her back.

While in the context of the film, Anna did the right thing reaching out to her sister, when it comes to the current real-life crisis, we should all try to be Elsas rather than Annas. If someone tells you they are isolating, it's best not to drop by.

Maxwell Smart (Get Smart)

In classic sitcom Get Smart, Maxwell Smart often requests the use of the 'Cone Of Silence' whenever he and The Chief need to discuss high security matters. The Cone of Silence consists of two large plastic domes covering Max and The Chief, the idea being that no-one outside the Cone will hear their conversation. Unfortunately, they cannot hear each other either.

For safety reasons, World Leaders should adopt the Cone of Silence for important meetings. They wouldn't get anything important done, but that's not much of a change from business as usual.


At the beginning of the first Shrek film, our favourite ogre lives completely alone in his Swamp Home. He scares away any 'visitors', and enjoys his own space, until Lord Farquaad floods Shrek's Swamp with the evicted Fairytale Creatures.

Prior to this invasion, Shrek was successfully self-isolating, as many of us should be during this pandemic. While the Fairytale Creatures had no choice in where they ended up, if you can avoid breaching someone's safe space, you should.

Wade (Kim Possible)

For the first two seasons of Kim Possible, Kim's tech and communication guru, Wade, is never seen in person. Whether working, or in a social situation, he is mostly seen through a video call on the screen of Kim's Kimmunicator, and sometimes as a hologram, or through one of his Wade-bots. Even in seasons three and four, Wade only appears in person when absolutely necessary. Wade isn't anti-social, he's a great friend to both Kim and Ron- He just prefers to stay Home.

In these times of social distancing, Wade's way of life can be good inspiration. With today's technology, it is easy to engage in social activities without meeting in person. Set up an online gaming session, or make use of Google's new Netflix Party add-on to plan a virtual binge-watch with your friends.

Carl Fredricksen (Up)

In Pixar's Up, the ageing Carl Fredricksen struggles following the death of his Wife, Ellie. On the day Carl is set to unwillingly move to a Nursing Home, he enacts a daring plan, using hundreds of helium balloons to make his house fly away, bound for a life of solitude in the remote Paradise Falls.

With the elderly being the age group most at risk from Covid-19, Carl's flight to freedom is probably looking like a good idea right about now. Unfortunately, not many people have hundreds of balloons and helium spare. If you have elderly loved ones, just make sure they stay home and out of harm's way.

The Hulk (Avengers: Age Of Ultron)

Towards the end of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, The Hulk lets himself be sent flying off to parts unknown in a Quinjet cloaked from tracking by his fellow Avengers, and ultimately ends up in space. He does this to protect his teammates, particularly Black Widow, from an out of control Hulk rampage like the one earlier in the film.

While in this case the rampage was not Hulk's fault, having been brought on by the Scarlet Witch's mental manipulation, the message we can take from it is clear. If you have any reason to believe you may have come into contact with Covid-19, keep yourself isolated for as long as is needed to protect the health of others.

Let the characters above be your inspiration. Stay safe, and stop the spread.

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