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by Mariana Flores about a year ago in literature
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By Maria Herrera

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful Fairy/ Elf princess who lives in a magnificent forest called Elfarry. This elf/fairy princess has brown hair, pale white skin, blue eyes, and red lips and blue-green wings. Her name is Storm.

Now Princess Storms village has an area where it's off-limits to go called the Kelpie forest but, Storm loves to go there. One day, Storm went there exploring and she stumbled upon a human trap. Now anyone else would get scared and run away but, Storm wanted to see what the trap was capable of doing. When Storm got close, the trap-infused with an aroma to trap the elf/fairies and take them away was powerful even for the princess. Though it seemed to have worked in entrapping the princess, Storm had another plan up her sleeve and that was to disable the trap with her magic and take it back to the castle to warn the villagers of the dangers inside the village. When Princess Storm got back with the trap, everyone was in disbelief and horror over the fact that humans have entered Elfarry. Everyone in the village has put extra protection and put up a barrier so the humans don't enter.

When the humans got word of the missing trap they sent their Prince to go investigate. This Prince has blonde hair, white skin, and green eyes and his name is Dale. Prince Dale rode his horse to where the edge of the forest but was unable to get close because of the barrier surrounding Elfarry. The Prince rode back to his village called Morgan. When Dale got to Morgan, he told them about the barrier and that he could not go inside Kelpie to look for clues as to who took the trap. The next day Prince Dale went back but this time to see if the trap will go through the barrier. And so Dale slightly through the trap over and to his amusement it worked, the trap is back in the same spot as the old trap. Dale then went back to Morgan, he told the villagers that the trap is back in place.

Now, that the trap is back in place, the villagers in Elfarry have to fear of the human threat. The next day, Storm went exploring around Kelpie and wandered close to the edge of the barrier. But, little did she know when she got close to the edge of the barrier that there would be a trap. This time the trap is smarter and Storm has no chance. When Storm got to the edge of the barrier, she didn't see the trap and when she eventually saw the trap, it was too late. Storm tried to stop the trap with her powers, but was powerless against it and got captured.

One day Dale went to check on the trap to see if there were any creatures in the his amusement, he found the princess of Elfarry; Storm in the trap. When he saw Storm in the trap, he tried to talk to her and ask her questions but, Storm did not want to answer and attempted to fight him off. Dale then, took the trap to the trap back to the village but waited until dark to bring Storm inside. When Dale brought Storm inside, she told him to let her go, he said no and stay quiet so no one hears her. When Storm didn't go back to Elfarry, the villagers got worried and sent a search party to search for Storm. The villagers stumbled upon the edge of the barrier and saw marks on the ground where the trap used to be as well as footprints of Storm on the ground. One of the villagers got very furious and yelled out to the others to prepare for war. Things in both kingdoms are about to change.


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