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Stan Lee Showed up on 'Jeopardy' to Give Clues About Himself

Can the man get any more amazing?

By The One True GeekologyPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

You all know him, you all love him, and even if you don't know and love him, his face is bound to be familiar. You see, if you've seen at least one Marvel movie over the last ten years, you will have seen Stan Lee's face pop up at some point or another. The Marvel legend himself, the guy who perhaps embodies comicbook nerddom is literally everywhere, and all the while being one of the nicest guys on the planet.

Well, after turning 95 this week, the man shows no sign of letting up as he made a surprise guest appearance on the hit US gameshow Jeopardy in order to give players clues in the game that involved him. Seriously? How cool is this guy? The lovable grandpa of comics just shows up to take part in a game show like he hasn't got other shit to be doing with his time. Couple that with the fact the man is well past retirement age and should just be living the life chilling on a beach somewhere, he's still here, front and centre, for us all to appreciate.

Just Stan Lee there, casually dropping clues about his first published comic book back in 1941 as if it was just yesterday.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of the game show, the general gist is that contestants are given clues in the form of general knowledge answers, and their response must form a question, for example, the first of the clues offered by Stan "The Man" Lee was, "In a Reddit Ask Me Anything, I revealed that the superhero I would most like to be is this one, because he's rich, handsome, glamorous, the women love him & he's got boats & planes & an iron costume — man!" The question was, of course, "Who is Iron Man?"

His second was, "In my first published comic book story back in 1941, I introduced this character's famous shield throw, which he still employs today." The question: "Who is Captain America?"

Lee's final video clue was, "In 1961, I teamed up with Jack Kirby & told the story of this group of astronauts who gained superpowers after being bombarded by cosmic rays." The question was, "Who are the Fantastic Four?"

Stan has had a pretty busy year in which he unfortunately lost his wife Joan Lee, not long before he and his former collaborator, Jack Kirby, were to be honoured in the Disney Legends awards at the D23 Expo. During his acceptance speech, which got a little emotional, he said;

“I’ll go back a few years to a teenage boy. Not even a teenager, a kid around eight or ten who loved to read everything he could get his hands on,” Lee began. “In those days he read The Hardy Boys, Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes, little books he could buy inexpensively.“One day in a bookstore, he saw a book that was an expensive book. It was what they would have called a ‘coffee table book’ to him. It was called The Art of Walt Disney. I was that boy and I couldn’t afford the book and it drove me crazy. I wanted that book so badly."I saved my pennies and after a few months, I bought The Art of Walt Disney. I loved that book so. I loved Walt Disney so. To me, he was more than a man. He was an inspiration. He was something to reach for, to be like him, and to think that today, I’m standing in the house that Disney built and we’ve paid tribute to Jack and now we’re talking about all the things of Disney’s it so thrilling I can’t tell."

Lee was also honoured by many Marvel Studios stars and others during a handprint ceremony at TCL's Chinese Theater.

Stan is also investigating a potential robbery in which $300,000 was allegedly stolen from his bank account, something that is expected to be an inside job.

While Lee has undoubtedly had a year of very mixed emotions, fans can breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that we will see him on our screens very soon indeed as he will inevitably have cameos in the forthcoming Black Panther,Avengers: Infinity War, and Ant-Man and the Wasp movies.

- Steve


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