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Something I'd Like WB and DC to Consider About 'Suicide Squad'

by Hapsetshut The Pharaoh 5 years ago in movie
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Or "I was gonna send this as a tweet but it got long."

There’s about a ninety-eight percent chance you’re never going to see this anyway, but here it goes. Dearest WB studios, PLEASE release a "Joker cut" and a "rated R" cut of the Suicide Squad movie. I know this might seem like a moot point now almost a year later, BUT, with audiences divided on Justice League like they are, and you all still trying to figure out a formula that works for these movies (yes we can tell) wouldn't it at least be worth the effort to see if these version get a better reaction out of fans?

I do realize that your superhero movies aren't just done for fans, you want them to appeal to the general public as much as possible also. At this point, though the general public has seen Suicide Squad and formed their opinion on it. They’re over it. But fans (ok nerds really) we want every last drop you can squeeze out of something! (Speaking from first-hand experience here.)

I'm not saying this has to be a big huge release or anything either. There can be some kind of special edition copies, OR, even just releasing them as digital content would be just as good if not better. The main point I'm trying to make here is that you already have this content. It's more or less just sitting there collecting dust while there are people willing and wanting to see it within the world. At this point in time that's just going to be lost profit if you were to ask me. Also, I do in fact realize you will have to spend some amount of money to re-edit these films, but the cost for re-editing them I suspect will be reasonable to what you’ll end up making back, especially if you decide to take the digital route because you won’t have to worry about the packaging, shipping, or production costs.

We know your studio is still struggling to get this whole "superhero world" plotted out in a way that works for all parties. You have the baseline, the stories, and the means. You’re just having trouble nailing your execution, which in reality is probably the hardest part to nail down anyway so don’t feel too bad. Doing this could give you another chance to hone what you’ve been trying to do from the start. Go back and correct things, smooth things out, tell that one character's side story that got dropped because of time or what have you. This can give you both an opportunity for profit and for improvement, and it very well may appease some parties that were unhappy with what ended up being the final cut of the movie.

Also, I’ve heard somewhere, the internet, that there were three cuts of this movie going around before the official release anyway, so you got those lying around somewhere as well most likely.

The original Blade Runner has literally had about seven different cuts released over the past twenty years. Fans love seeing those different versions even if the changes are minute, but we live in a different age. Everything is six hundred times faster with the internet and people aren’t as keen on waiting like they were, mostly because really they don’t have to. From my perspective, and I may very well be wrong because I have limited information on how your side of this actually works, I can only see this as a smart move for the company. If anything it’ll make you profit and perhaps even help your general standing with fans that have been less than thrilled with the way, the movies have ended up.

Don’t see this as a loss or even a failure, because it really isn’t. It’s an opportunity for you and for the fans. The painter Edgar Degas was known for going to client's homes to work on paintings he’d already sold them with one man going so far as to chain the painting to the wall so that he couldn’t take it. If they let him do that I’m sure that this request is well within the realm of reasonable possibilities.

Thank you and goodnight.


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