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Silence 2 Ending Explained: Aarti Confesses All of Her Crimes

Who was the actual Arjun Chauhan?

By Ayush VermaPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Silence 2 Ending Explained

So guys, Manoj Bajpayee starrer Silence 2 has been released on ZEE5. Let me tell you that this is a sequel to the film Silence, which came out in 2021, and today we will talk about its ending.

We will also focus on the hint given regarding Part 3, and overall, I will tell you what my experience has been after watching this film.

So in the end, we come to know that the address of the fake SIM cards is Peninsula Plaza, and Peninsula Plaza is the same address where Rajeev's office is.

Let me tell you, Rajeev is the one whom ASP Avinash or his team went to meet and who tells his story that he met Aazma during a party.

When the police come to know the address of Peninsula Plaza, Rajeev is being interrogated as to who Arjun Chauhan is. Rajeev tells the police that he is his brother-in-law.

Then the police team reaches Arjun Chauhan's room, where Arjun Chauhan starts doing strange things.

Let me tell you, Arjun Chauhan is a theater artist. In no time, Arjun's sister also comes and tries to save him, but the police arrest Arjun and take her with them.

Arjun's sister then asks her husband Rajeev to call someone, and when Rajeev is on the phone, he makes a gesture of the PAK kind, which I had noticed earlier. Now, while making all these gestures, Manoj Bajpayee's character sees Rajeev, and when Arjun's sister enters the office, her stuff falls, and ACP Avinash notices something in her bag.

Now after that, we get to solve another mystery: Arjun Chauhan is not the real Arjun Chauhan, but SIM cards have been purchased in his name, and the real Arjun Chauhan is his sister Aarti Singh, played by Parul Gulati.

Aarti Confesses All of Her Crimes

So ASP Avinash and his team come to know that the real culprit is Aarti Singh, so the next day they give her the whole confession in the office and explain to her that it was you who had killed Azma, and the rest of the night owl bar shootout was all done by Aarti.

Aarti says that this happened to her because she is a homosexual, and her father did not like this, so he put her in therapy sessions, but she ran away after just one session.

She further says that she is very intelligent; she has achieved many degrees, but still, her father handed over all his companies to Arjun because Aarti's father did not love Aarti at all because he is a homo, and Aarti was very jealous of her father and her brother regarding this matter.

Arjun became Aarti Singh's stepbrother due to a past affair of Aarti's father, which led to Arjun's birth. So, now Arjun has all the family business.

So fed up with all these things, Aarti planned everything. Aarti was a lesbian, and Azma was the only client who had no problem sleeping with Aarti Singh; hence, Aarti had called Azma a client, and Azma did not know that Aarti was his actual boss.

After that, the same scene happens: Azma sees the photo on the laptop, and after that, Aarti also spots her clicking the photo, but now Aazma starts blackmailing Aarti with the number of her dead friend Amesha.

That's why Aarti kills Amisha and Azma.

Aarti does not find Azma's phone in the bar, but she reaches her house, where she finds Azma's phone, and from here the whole game starts.

And the story of human trafficking in Jaipur means that until those companies are formed in the name of Arti, it is like an extra income for her.

Aarti's dad sent her to a boarding school when she was young, where some girls mistreated her. This led her to identify as a lesbian.

She now seeks revenge by engaging in trafficking and harassing those girls. Aarti thinks that girls will face exploitation at some point, either before or after marriage.

ASP Avinash gets shocked after hearing this and asks her, How can she justify the exploitation? Aarti says that her thinking is like this and starts crying, etc., then suddenly runs away from there and reaches the terrace and tells everyone that you cannot understand what has happened to me, and she jumps down from the roof and commits suicide rather than go to jail.


Overall, if I talk about this movie, I do not like the morals of the character of Aarti Singh. I had already predicted what consequences were going to happen regarding the character of Aarti Singh, and in the end, Aarti would turn out to be Arjun Chauhan.

After the case is over, everyone goes on vacation, but then ASP Avinash gets a call that the daughter of a big diamond merchant has been kidnapped, and the responsibility of solving her case is given to ASP Avinash.

So now instead of going on holiday, they have to go to solve the case, and this is where the movie ends.

If the creators want, they can expand the franchise with multiple sequels—3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8—as long as Part 2 continues to attract views on the ZEE5 app.

If you have also seen this movie, please tell me your viewpoints. I liked part 1 and also liked part 2, and I am sure part 3 will also be good because Manoj Bajpai is in it, so how can the movie be bad? It might be impossible.

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