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Should we be worried about AI?

I’ve been worrying A LOT about AI (despite knowing so little about it).

By David GilbeyPublished 12 months ago 3 min read
Should we be worried about AI?
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I've been worrying A LOT about AI (despite knowing so little about it). As someone who works as a freelancer, abroad, in a country where I don't really speak the language, AI is kinda a problem.

It is set, from what I can tell, to take entry-level roles such as admins and assistants in the near future, especially those who work completely remotely.

Since the AI boom started at the end of last year I have been in something of a slump. I always thought I would, any day now, take my career to the next level, maybe I would become a programmer, or maybe I would finally use that Salesforce admin certification I over a year ago.

Now it seems like, for people who are just starting out in these paths, there is little future, AI can learn faster than we can after all. By the time we have the skills of an entry-level programmer, AI will have that job, by mid-level, AI will be doing that too, and so on. But, as they say, AI is set to create a lot of jobs, such as AI prompt writers. At the moment, the problem seems to me that AI is taking jobs faster than it is creating jobs.

I believe that we now all have to be prepared to adapt, and quickly, I think AI will replace and create new jobs in a faster and faster cycle. 

Having said that I think there will always be some niche where humans can find refuge. Ai can produce beautiful art, but there is something about having a painting that someone put their all into creating, it has greater value. A story, a world, that someone spent their whole life designing down to the most minute detail. I wonder if this is where humans have to focus now.

I was training my dogs the other day and thought, here's a job AI can't take any time soon, not only would it require advanced AI to recognise effectively minute signals in your dog's physical behaviour but also advanced robotics to carry out these exercises. 

Other jobs I think of are carpenters, repairmen, doctors, nurses, all kinds of health specialists.

So how do we prepare for a constantly changing cycle of job roles?

I think it is the opposite of what we have been told, specialising in one area now seems unrealistic, we need broad skills, adaptable skills, and, especially, soft skills.

I trained as a nurse at university, and even then, the severely limited communication skills were evident, especially amongst the younger students on the course. Attention spans were also poor. Eventually lecturers had to start breaking lectures up into smaller chunks because the attention span of so many students was only a minute or two.

What will happen to creativity? Another question I cannot answer? Who will write articles on medium for you to read? A person? AI? Did I even write this? I think creativity is an active battle we must all participate in, we must not rely on AI to come up with all of our ideas... right?

Even beyond this, I think we must not forget how to do things for ourselves, learn to repair our clothes, learn the basics of electronics so we can fix our kettle, and learn how to focus on something for more than a few seconds. These are important things that we are forgetting.

That's all I have to say for now on AI, I'll report back when our routers are being used like sonars to spy on us. Until then if you like what you read don't forget to follow me!


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David Gilbey

Hi, my name is David. I'm a 29 year old Englishman living in Georgia (the country, not the state).

I work as a freelance administrator and English teacher, I've done this for 4 years while travelling with my 2 dogs and my girlfriend.

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