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.: A Film Review on “Wonder Woman” (2017) :.

By Deirdre St. CroixPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
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“She Believed She Could, So She Did.”

[A Film Review on “Woman Woman” (2017)]

Every woman should see “Wonder Woman.”

If not in theaters, then at least when it airs on either basic cable; or stream it on any of the many streaming services we’re all now deliriously drowning in.

(Warning : Spoilers ahead!)

Blew me away... Because it DEFINITELY KICKED ASS...without a doubt.

And although, at first, I didn’t completely approve of the...‘improvements’ they made on the classic WW costume...under the proper lighting, it actually wasn’t all that bad.

Being a classic Wonder Woman fanatic -- buying practically every WW merch I find in stores, acquiring almost countless WW collectibles over the years, which are now all in my precious possession, watching the classic TV show, referencing WW...A LOT...or more often than not anyway (like imagining the wind blowing on my hair the way it does on Wonder Woman as I run short distances...........ok, erase this last part) -- you really can’t blame me for having doubts about this recent reimagining of the princess of the Amazons. Saying that, naturally, I have very high expectations- is a bit of an understatement.

Having been a huge fan for years and years (and though no actress compares to Lynda Carter as Diana Prince), whoever even attempts to play her on-screen shouldn’t just be wonderful or incredible or amazing or

SHE needs to be...RESPLENDENT. Majestic. Glorious. Goddess-like.

But while NOBODY could possibly fill Lynda Carter’s shoes -- probably ever -- and I initially had doubts about the actress they chose to play her here, I got to admit...she certainly held her own. I was rather impressed.

In fact, I actually already liked her in ‘The Fast and the Furious’ franchise, but Gal Gadot did a far better job in “Wonder Woman” for sure. NO ONE may hold a candle to Lynda Carter, but the DC Cinematic Universe’s Wonder Woman sure proved her acting prowess. Both with the stunts during the high-octane fight scenes, as well as evoking emotion during the more poignantly affecting moments.

But mostly, it’s the battle scenes, and the stance...oh, my, the stance... Badass. If you ask me. Or when she crosses No Man’s Land to charge against a rain of German gunfire...

Like, WHOA.

Not to mention, there were funny and humorous scenes, too, that were simply hilarious. Chris Pine was remarkable in it as well. (Reminds me of the auto-shop sketch on Chris Pine’s SNL episode, where he plays a mechanic who had a dance-off with a colleague, gyrating shamelessly to Erika Jayne’s ‘Exxpen$ive’, Beyoncé-style...downright HILARIOUS!)

And interestingly, as what a web article / internet feature pointed out, here’s another actor named Chris playing another character named Steve. Imagine that... AND they’re BOTH captains!!

Chris Evans / Steve Rogers anyone?

The interplay between Diana’s innocence about the world and Wonder Woman’s exploits, her...superheroine kick-assery, I thought, was inspired.

Then there’s Themyscira’s breathtaking backdrop... (Gotta pay it a visit sometime.)

The slow-motion moves at just the right moments...gave me goosebumps. And apparently, with the's aaaaall about the moves.

Robin Wright as General

The sword, the shield...and who would dare argue with the Lasso of Truth?

..........................Didn’t think so.

I just wish Steve Trevor’s death wasn’t as anti-climactic...if only a smidge. Albeit Diana’s reaction totally saved it. I was hoping till the last second that he would whisper Diana’s name one last time, as if he heard her saying his name, before he allowed the flames to engulf him whole in midair.

And so when it comes to America’s ongoing love affair with superhero-themed cinema in recent years or as of only usually see the good GUYS. Not very many GALS. (Pun certainly intended.) And even when there are, they were mostly only in the shadows. If that. So to see a superHEROINE finally take center stage in this predominantly testosterone-populated scene -- if only for but a moment -- I must say, it, what’s the word? Ah, yes : WONDERful.

To see a female superhero steal the spotlight in this male-dominated genre, just...kicking ass and taking names -- and in a more graceful way than men have only ever dreamed of -- it’s...CATHARTIC.

“She remembered who she was, and the game changed.” ~ Lalah Delia

However, as sensational and phenomenal as “Wonder Woman” is when it came to putting the proverbial ‘girl power’ on the forefront, the movie shouldn’t be seen as a bitter diatribe directed against the male populace. But. It IS vindicating.

Now of all the things I like about the motion picture, among all its theatrical and narrative attributes that moved me, I think what I love the most about it, is how it bravely depicted the timeless strength of womanhood... By letting a woman take on the mantle to save the day, for a change...if only on the silver screen. After all, women, in their own ways, and in many ways, already save the world everyday.

It was a refreshing take on heroism, when, for once, they chose to portray a female lead character in all her glory, not from an objectified perspective, but from her fiercely indomitable grace. Proving once and for all, that the conventional perception of a woman’s frailty belies her courage and power to change the world.

Much like love does. And LOVE...moves the world.

Something Diana firmly believed.

And was nothing short of...REDEMPTIVE to see a woman show the world what she’s made of...

I’s about damn time.

~ by Deirdre St. Croix


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