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Scorned Pt. 3

The Derek Morgan Chronicles Fan Fiction*

By Cynthia FieldsPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Scorned Pt. 3
Photo by Zach Plank on Unsplash

Chapter 6

Potomac General Hospital –

Fran and Penelope opened the door to Derek’s room and stepped inside. The sounds of monitors and the ventilator filled the otherwise silent room. Each stood on opposite sides of the bed as they fought their emotions at the sight of Derek’s still body. It was a miracle that he had survived. Penelope wanted to run but her feet would not move. It didn’t matter what Fran said she would blame herself for a long time.

“My poor baby boy.”

Fran gently took his hand in hers; tears streamed down her face. Things had never been this serious.

“Derek, I’m so sorry. Please you have to wake up so I can explain things. I love you handsome and I need you.”

JJ stepped into the room carrying two cups of coffee. She wanted to be strong for Derek’s mother and for Penelope but, it was hard to see him lying there in the bed. He’d always been a big brother and protector ever since she joined the BAU.

“Any change?” JJ asked hopefully.

“No. The doctor will be in later to give us an update.” Fran answered.

“This is all so crazy.” JJ began again.

“Who would do this JJ?” Penelope asked.

“The work we do, we’re bound to make enemies.” JJ started.

Just then, JJ’s phone rang. It was Hotch; he and Rossi were on their way with an update. Fran and Penelope shifted their attention to JJ.

“Hotch and Dave are on their way; it looks like they have some news.”

“Maybe they’ve found the person who did this.” Said Penelope.

“Next to Derek waking up, that would be the best news!” Fran added.

Hotch and Dave walked through the door. It was hard reading their faces and so the three women were anxious to hear what they had to say.

“We know who shot Morgan.” Hotch began.

“Who?” JJ asked.

Dave went over to Penelope and stood in front of her gently taking her hands in his.

“What? What’s going on?” Penelope asked.

“Garcia, I’m sorry but we have evidence that Sam shot Derek.” Dave answered.

“No! No-no-no... he wouldn’t do that, no!”

“I’m sorry Garcia.” Hotch started.

“He was here not even an hour ago! Why would he shoot Derek and then show up here?”

“He needed to be close to our investigation. He needed to...” Hotch took a moment before continuing.

“He...he needed to what, Hotch?”

“He needed to make sure that Derek didn’t make it.”

“Oh my god! This can’t be happening! This really is my fault!”

“No, it’s not kitten Sam pulled that trigger not you!”

“If I hadn’t broken up with him for Derek...I hurt him and humiliated him...”


“No JJ!”

Penelope pulled away from Dave and turned back to face Derek. Tears streamed down her face, sorrow filled her, and she felt as if she were drowning.

“Derek, please if you can hear me please, please forgive me.”

“Look, we’ve got to be ready, Sam knows that if Derek recovers, we’ll know he did this.”

“What are you saying, Hotch?” Fran asked.

“Sam will be back and when he does, we need to be ready.”

“Where’s Reid?” JJ asked.

“He’s bringing the local PD up to speed and making sure all the entrances are covered.” Hotch answered.

Sam pulled into the parking lot parking near the loading zone. He needed to find a way inside without being noticed. He’d made too many mistakes in his impulsive decision to shoot Derek and he needed to make things right and that meant killing Derek and then being there for Penelope as she grieved.

Sam watched the coming and going of delivery and laundry trucks and he was confident that he had chosen the best point of entrance. Quickly getting out of his car, Sam made his way toward the back door.

Reid had informed the local police who had already sent a team to work with the hospital’s security team. He knew that the odds were against them if Sam was already inside the hospital, so he decided to monitor the security cameras personally to make sure nothing and no one was missed.

While Hotch gave last minute instructions to the team, Morgan’s doctor entered the room.

“Hello, I’m sorry to interrupt but I wanted to give you all an update on Mr. Morgan’s condition. I understand you have placed the hospital on alert and the staff is being briefed now.”

“Yes, thanks doctor.” Hotch began.

“How’s my son?”

“Well as you know, surgery was touch and go but he’s doing remarkably well; frankly, he’s doing better than we expected. His last several vitals show that he’s stable.”

“What are his chances?” Penelope asked.

“He’s by no means out of the woods but if he continues like he has over that last few hours, then his chances improve. The first 24-48-hour window will tell us a lot.”

“Is there anything we can do?” Dave asked.

“Just be here, talk to him and if you’re believers, pray.” Then, “I have to be honest with you all, I’m quite worried about one of the bullets that landed near his spine.”

“What are you saying, doctor?” Fran asked frantically.

“We had a hard time removing it and there was considerable damage and bleeding in and around the area where the bullet was lodged. Until he wakes up and we can reassess him we’re not sure what we’re looking at.”

“Are you saying...?” JJ began.

“I’m saying, agent that it’s possible that agent Morgan may never walk again.”

“Oh no, this is not good...” JJ replied.

“...don’t you dare give up on him! You know Derek and he’s stubborn and he’s a fighter, so don’t you...any of you give up on him! My son is going to beat this then you’ll see!”

Dave moved to Fran’s side and wrapped his arms around her. If anyone knew what Derek could do, it was his wife and so Dave was placing his bet on Derek.

Sam had indeed managed to get into the hospital. No one would recognize him until it was too late. He watched from the nurses’ station pretending to blend dressed in fresh clean scrubs just like the other orderlies walking around looking busy. Now all he had to do was wait and stay away from anyone on Penelope’s team.

“I don’t like it!” Penelope shouted.

“It’s the only way.” Hotch insisted.

“I’m with Penelope, it’s too dangerous!” Fran chimed in.

“If Sam is going to strike, it has to be soon. He can’t afford to wait any longer.”

“Dave, I can’t believe you agree with this!” Fran shouted at her husband.

“Bella, trust me, we won’t let anything happen to Derek; I’ll protect him with my life.”

“Fran, Derek taught me how to put a bullet in a person’s forehead with one arm tied behind my back. If Sam steps one foot in this room, I’ll end him.” JJ promised.

Then Hotch’s phone rang; it was Reid. He had news that would change the entire evening for everyone.

“Yeah Reid.”

“Sam entered the hospital through the loading dock. He’s now dressed as an orderly.”

“Where is he now?”

“About 50 yards from you at the nurses’ station.”

“Got it. Keep your eyes on him.”

Hotch ended the call.

“Sam’s here. Let’s end this now.” Hotch ordered.

One by one, everyone left the room. Derek was alone now totally unaware that Sam was mere feet away ready to try again. Dave pulled Fran tighter whispering in her ear and reassuring her that everything would be okay.

Sam was happy to see the room empty. The team had obviously been ordered out of the room, why else would they leave Derek alone. It didn’t matter to Sam; all he wanted was to be able to end Derek’s life and get out of the hospital unnoticed.

Reid watched from the security cameras on the next floor as Sam headed toward Derek’s room and passed the uniformed guard sitting nearby. His arms were filled with towels and bed linen; if Reid didn’t know better Sam would have never been suspected as anything but what he was pretending to be. Steadying his nerves, Sam stepped into the room.

“You’re supposed to be dead!”

Sam closed the door sliding the deadbolt in place.

“I shot you three times, why didn’t you die! Penelope was supposed to find your dead body when she got there!”

Sam placed the bed linen on a nearby chair and stepped closer to the bed.

“I told you I would win. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Baby Girl for you.”

Hotch, Dave, and JJ hurried to the room...

Sam slowly pulled out his gun and aimed it at Derek’s still body.

Hotch placed his hand on the door and was locked...

The door was locked...Sam was inside...the team was standing outside...the door would not budge...they had not counted on Sam locking the door...


It was over and Sam knew it. He wouldn’t be leaving on his own...or alone...

“Sam don’t do this! It’s over!” JJ urged.

...There would be no reunion with Penelope...


...but she belonged to him not Morgan. He couldn’t imagine living without Penelope...

“JJ...” Hotch began.

JJ knew what that meant; she had been taught by the best...she’d been in this position before to save a family member.

Sam wrapped his finger around the trigger and aimed.

...he had to...what would Penelope think if she knew that he had been the one who shot her lover...

Then there was one shot...a bullet released before Sam had a moment to finish his final thoughts about the love of his life.

Hotch, Dave and JJ watched with relief as Sam’s body dropped like a stone to the floor. be continued

*Disclaimer: The Derek Morgan Chronicles is fan fiction based on the CBS Crime drama, Criminal Minds. We do not own Criminal Minds or its characters.

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I adore words and I love what happens when we grab them, sleep with them, holler and scream and laugh at them! I love what happens when we throw them in the air and watch them fall magically from our minds onto paper!

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