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Schitt's Creek | Netflix Original Series Review

by Joe Harris 6 months ago in review

I finally took some time to binge-watch the critically acclaimed comedy...

A wonderful screenshot from Netflix!

Recently my boyfriend and I went to visit a friend for a socially distanced catch-up. As we bombarded each other with all the stories that we'd been unable to tell each other the past few months we finally got onto what we'd been watching on Netflix. She made us aware of Schitt's Creek, a comedy show she was currently going through for the second time. It instantly took my interest when we watched a few clips, then made even more interested when she mentioned that each episode was 20 minutes long.

What usually happens when someone recommends a show or movie to me, it normally takes a while before I actually watch it. This didn't happen with this show. After watching those few clips, I was eagerly awaiting getting home to start watching the show. We did so that same evening and ended up getting through the first season that night. From there I continued to watch it every chance I got, which has now inspired me to rant and rave about the whole show!


When rich video-store magnate Johnny Rose and his family suddenly find themselves broke, they are forced to leave their pampered lives to regroup in Schitt's Creek. (synopsis from IMDB)

What did I think?

I'll start off by talking about what I thought before I even watched the show, this is because I'd seen so many clips and gifs from this show across social media. Some of them were hilarious yet others just confused me. I found myself put off by the character of David (Dan Levy), he just seemed like another tired gay archetype that I was not in the mood to watch flounce around the show, highlighting that all gays are like him (this is a moment where I should've just watched the show first).

Once I actually got round to watching some actual clips and then the show itself, any negative perception I had was just blown away. From the very start, I fell in love with these ridiculous characters and fell in love with their quirks. The situations they end up in are so quaint and normal that it's hilarious watching them trying to navigate the everyday life that we are so used to.

The fact that the episodes are so short I was able to just blast through whole seasons in one sitting without my attention ever wandering to something else. They are so well written and beautifully hilarious that I was able to just sit and watch the show, something which I don't normally do anymore. I laugh, I cried, I was shocked to the point of gasping that I just had to get through the entire show as soon as possible.

My top 5 takeaways...

  • Fantastic characters: what sold me on the show when I watched that very first episode with my friend, was how great the characters were. If I'm remembering correctly, it was a season two episode I was shown, so the characters had developed already - yet I could immediately see who these people were. Even when I watched the show myself I found myself falling in love with all the characters. Each one is so beautifully fleshed out and given their own story arcs that give them fantastic reasons to grow and develop as people. I finished the show feeling like I knew each and every one of them.
  • Absolutely Hilarious: When it comes to comedy shows there are always the odd episodes where nothing really that funny happens. That did not happen with this show. Every episode there was always something that made me laugh out loud, again not difficult for me - but the gags and some of the lines the characters come out with just make you want to burst out laughing.
  • Great and Inspiring Writing: From the moment I starting watching the show I could tell that there was some brilliant writing involved in creating this. You can really feel the inspiration and love that the creators had when creating this show. There is so much detail put into it that it just makes the show even greater than others I've watched recently. I've also recently become obsessed with watching Dan Levy (actor, writer, and co-creator of the show) talking about how he "birthed" the show. His way of thinking and how much he cared about the show is truly inspiring.
  • Heart-Warming in Every Sense: This links up easily with what I've said about the characters above, but the journey that these people go on gives you such a wonderful sense of care for them all. As they grew I found myself rooting for them to get better, and when they came up against an obstacle I was eagerly waiting for them to overcome it.
  • I Cried So Much: Less a fifth point and more a continuation of the "heart-warming feelings", but this show made me cry about as much as it made me laugh. Having invested very quickly in these characters it was easy to get lost in what was happening to them. When bad things happen it made me sad for them to the point of tears. Then comes the rare moment during the final season (I won't spoil don't worry), but I cried most of the time through sheer happiness. Never has a show made me cry like that. Even now, when I watch clips back I'll get teary (or like today just ball uncontrollably again).

In conclusion...

I absolutely love this show (if you hadn't already twigged). I very much misjudged the show too soon. If you're the same as I was, I would wholeheartedly suggest that you try watching a few clips or maybe just one episode, you should immediately fall in love with it as quickly as I did. Plus, the episodes are about 20 minutes long so you can fly through a season very quickly.

It is funny to the point of tears and written so well that you'll find yourself rooting for every single character from the main cast to the secondary characters. It is a great heart-warming show to keep your mind off things during this bizarre time (unless its the future, in which case its great for just a quick pick-me-up).

Joe Harris
Joe Harris
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