Samurai Jessie P2

Meeting In a Valley: P2

Samurai Jessie P2

Two more people entered the room. Everyone turned to look and saw that it was Sylvester and Stella Mann.

“Who are those two?” whispered Camile.

“That’s Sylvester and Stella Mann, brother and sister. The brother got the powers of a demon, and the sister got the powers of an angel. Well, they seemingly got those powers. They’re basically like yin and yang. Seriously. She usually follows him to undo whatever evil or mayhem he causes. Sometimes he follows her to undo the good she does,” explained Jessie.

“How does that work?”

“Let’s say that Sylvester kills someone. Then, when Stella comes around, she will grant a woman’s wish to become pregnant. It is usually a woman who can’t become pregnant but can carry a baby to term if she were to become pregnant. Other times he puts someone under his control and she'll come and break that hold he has over someone. Things of that nature.”

“So they just go around in circles?”

“Sometimes they do something and one will say that it was 'necessary.' Like uh charity work or a politician being taken down a peg because the person did something illegal and it is clear the officials aren’t catching on or have but are profiting from it somehow.”

“Still, it seems like a waste of time.”

“Trust me, Camile; it is hardly a waste of time.”

Their fights always end in a draw.…

“That did not help me visualize how the fight actually happened,” Camile joked.

“It takes a lot of time just to say that they dodged each other’s attacks or countered them. Trust me; not worth the time. Plus, they’re armor are WAY cooler than mine. Too cool for words, even,” Jessie relaxingly said.

“Really?” Camile looked at Sylvester and Stella sharing a laugh with Nora and Francis. “Eh. Maybe.”

Two more people walked into the room. Luna Toman walked in and Clark Simpson walked in behind her.

“What about them?” Camile whispered.

“That is Luna Toman and Clark Simpson. Both of them are sorcerers, pretty much,” Jessie explained. “They are not brother and sister, but they kind of give each other a hard time. Luna is the bad one and Clark is the good one. The thing is, they ACTUALLY love each other. They got married 200 years ago and they’re still married.”

“Aw. That’s adorable. Do they have any kids?”

Jessie looked down, paused, and then looked at Camile. “Camile… we can’t have children. With each other or anyone.”

“Damn! That’s so sad!”

“Indeed, it is.” Jessie looked at Luna and Clark holding hands and talking to Francis.

“Wait. So, I can’t have kids? No matter what?”

“No. I’m sorry.”

“That sucks. No wonder you guys are so serious.”

“Excuse me?” Jessie looked shocked.

“Well, everybody here looks very serious.” Camile put her hand out to show Jessie how everybody looked. They all have a little smile, mostly grins.

“You have clearly not heard of our century parties. Those are legendary. As a matter of fact, a battle between Luna and Clark happened the day after one of the century parties.”

“So they still have to fight each other even though they are married?” Camile asked.

“Yes. We all have to fight each other. One day, you and I will fight.”

“Really? I feel bad for you,” joked Camile.

“Smack talk doesn’t start until a few minutes before the battle, Camile. I see you're making an exception.”

It was a little more than 16 years ago, in the Bahamas, on a beach. The night before was the combinations’ century party. It was morn – mid – possibly the – sometime after the party but not the night yet. Luna and Clark were still… tired from the party. They staggered out of the hut side by side and Clark walked over to the farther side of the battle ground. He turned around to face his bride.

“Ssssoo….” slurred Clark. “How is this guna blay oout?”

“It’s a ghood fing one of usss doesn’t parti thet nuch,” slurred Luna.

“Waite a mineit,” Clark put his hands together and a potion rose from the Earth in front of both of them. “Drenk tes.”

“Wat is dis?”

“It’s a nurtural kure. Frm de Earth.”


They both drank the entire potion. They almost immediately started feeling better.

“Okay, so, we are in no condition to fight,” Luna said.

“Alright. What do you propose we do?”

“Let’s make a copy of ourselves and let them fight it out. That way, the winner is random. Not to mention, we can get some sleep during the fight.”

“Luna, I like the way you think.” Clark grinned.

They made a copy of themselves.

“Make sure to set them on easy, darling.”

“Will do.” Luna said. “All set.”

They finished up and they walked to the center of the battle ground, far away from the action. They laid down and fell asleep. Clark waved his hand and an Earth shield appeared to cover them, just in case. Clark likes to protect Luna and Luna likes to let him think that he is protecting her when she doesn’t actually need his protection. She waved away his shield and put up one of her own.

The battle lasted a total of 40 minutes. Eventually, Luna’s copy took too much damage and faded. Turns out, Clark’s copy got some of the… “party” from last night and it helped. Clark gets “invulnerability” and Luna just stays the same for the most part. Clark was declared the winner, but he didn’t care. They cuddled and slept the rest of the day away. Based on the party, they slept until the morning.

“What about their armor?” asked Camile.

“They barely use their armor. Magicians don’t really need their armor on when you can dodge attacks … or redirect them.” Jessie’s arm twitched.

The lights flickered. Jessie knew who was gonna come into the room next. Everyone knew who was coming into the room next. The robies were here. They floated into the room on a platform big enough for the three of them plus one more.

Everyone grew quiet. The robies moved to the head of the table in between the screen. The combinations took their seats around the table. The meeting was starting.

The robies began to talk in unison: “We have called you all here for an important meeting. Possibly the most important meeting since we performed our spells on the eldest among you. Subjects will be discussed and some things will change. The first subject to discuss is the subject of children.”

The robies now spoke individually: “As you know, up to this point in time, you were not able to have children. We made that decision because we were unsure how that would work out. Now, we are more confident in the abilities of yourselves and in your capabilities as individuals. We have watched you all grow and learn so much over the years. In a way … you are our children.” The robies paused and looked at all the combinations sitting around the table.

The robies spoke again in unison: “It is now time to change that decision. Effective as of now, you will all be able to have children so long as you have the child with someone else around this table.” The robies raised their hands and a plume of red smoke surrounded each combination, and then faded away.

“Furthermore, the process of how the baby comes out will be sort of automated. Both parents MUST be present AND agree on all of the choices for the baby. Those choices will be known when one of you becomes pregnant. Note that when you have… begun the process of making a child that you will only be able to have more children with that partner. This is so it is easier on us and so we can see how things will be for your children. The one who is male at the time will become the bearer of that child for all of 8 weeks, at least. The maximum amount of weeks for child bearing will be 10 weeks, and that is only in the case that it is more than one child. The birthing process is the same as the humans.”

The combinations looked at each other and all of them smiled. Bad and good alike would have a shot at being a parent. Finally, they were all happy. They looked back at the robies.

The robies spoke individually again: “The next subject is the subject of the humans, the villains, and the heroes. They have formed groups on either side. They have good and bad, like us. But their villains lack the honor that you all use in battle. We see that as unsettling. We may not agree with their ways of fighting, without honor, but we will allow you to work with the villains and with the heroes as you see fit. If you do decide to work with either side, remember: if you fight anyone, you will fight with honor. As for the humans … you may also interact with them more than you have been allowed to if you please.”

The combinations looked at each other again. Everybody smiled. They liked the humans. They even liked the heroes and villains. They found them both to be interesting.

The robies spoke in unison: “Being combined with something else, you are still technically human. We know you all embrace it and we see that you enjoy it. Seeing as how you will now be in the eye of the public, and knowing that the public likes their heroes and villains to have “nicknames,” you will now choose nicknames as well. We will start by going around the table starting clockwise and going all the way around the table.” The robies extended their left arm to Jessie.

“Samurai Jessie.” The robies used the screen behind them to keep track of the names. Next was Camile.

“Global Girl.” They wrote it down and the next one was Nora.

“Nuclear Winter.” She smiled as they wrote it down and moved to Francis.

“Final Flame.” He grinned. The next one was Sylvester.

“Demonic Dweller.” His sister Stella was after him.

“Avenging Angel.” The last two were Luna and Clark.

“Mystic Queen.” She looked at her husband.

“Earth Warlock.” He looked at his wife. Then everyone looked at the robies.

“All nicknames are noted. We will now try to use these new names for you in the future. As we conclude this meeting, we know that going forward will take a lot out of you. So we have decided to grant all of you full access to your hidden abilities.” The robies raised their hands and a plume of blue smoke formed around the combinations and then faded.

“Your powers will reveal themselves shortly. We have concluded our business for this meeting. You are all free to leave. Remember: Karma is key to the survival of the universe. Thank you.” The robies said as they floated out of the building.

Everyone stood up and looked around. They were happy. It showed on everyone’s faces. They could do more now than they could in the past, more now than an hour ago. They could come out of the shadows. They could have children and be apart of the hero and villain world now.

They started saying their goodbyes.

“So, Samurai Jessie, shall I see you soon?” Final Flame sounded as if he was hinting at something.

“Perhaps. But I have a feeling that the world will see you before I see you, Final Flame?” Jessie spoke the same way Final Flame spoke.

“You take good care of my boyfriend. Don’t make me have to hunt you down, Global Girl,” said Nora.

“Oh, don’t worry about him, Nuclear Winter. He’ll be just fine,” replied Camile.

“I know he is. You just make sure the future father of my babies is well enough to make the babies,” Nora implied, then waved goodbye, and walked away.

“My sister, you MUST take care until we meet next. I have a feeling I’ll see Avenging Angel before you see Demonic Dweller.” Sylvester joked.

“My brother, you really MUSTN’T make such jokes. Afterall, we both know that I have the means to track you, and you only track me after I track you,” Stella joked back.

“True. Take care sis.”

“You too, brother.”

“When will I see Mystic Queen again, my queen?” Clark kissed her hand.

“Dear, Earth Warlock, we never need to be apart from one another.” Luna kissed his hand. “You only need to call and we shall see each other again.”

“However long it is until we see each other next, it will be too long, my one and only.”

“Indeed. But with the recent news that we can have children, you know what that means,” Luna seductively said.

“Now all our… experience will be put to good use.” Clark tried to be seductive, but couldn’t really.

“Who said it wasn’t put to good use before?” Luna said as Clark tried to pick his jaw up from the floor.

“Till next time, my love.” Luna walked away from him, letting him stare and then saying, “You’ve seen it before honey.”

“And I never get tired of seeing it.” Clark tried to catch his breath.

Luna turned around. “Aw. Brownie points for next time.” She walked away again.

“Wait!” Clark shouted.

She turned around again. “What?”

“Nothing. Just wanted to imagine you were walking towards me once more.” Clark said.

“You know what? Why don’t you walk me to my next stop?”

“I’d be glad to, m’lady.” Clark bowed to her. “Where are you headed?”

“Somewhere far from here. Somewhere –”

“You know what? It doesn’t matter so long as we’re together.”

“Aw. That’s even more brownie points for next time. And next time, may be sooner than you think.”


“Come with me and find out.”

“Oh, I so don’t deserve you.”

“Yes, we deserve each other.” She put her arm around his. “Now, let’s go find a nice hotel.” They walked out of the building and disappeared.

Jessie and Camile were outside in the valley. They were preparing to teleport back.

“You ready, Jessie?”

“You bet. I can’t wait to tell Maya and Dan what happened here.”

“Yeah. It was pretty awesome.”

Camile teleported both of them back to the alley they were in earlier. They saw Maya and Dan waiting for them.

“Hey! How’d it go guys?” Maya asked.

Camile and Jessie looked at each other. “Have we got a story for you?” They said in unison.

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