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Rocketship [SCORES!] (Visual Listening Film Trailer)📽

by Matt Johnson 9 months ago in entertainment

The Legend of Arnold Tarmac Film Score

Bootleg Poster Mock-up for Trailer

Tasty Fan Productions presented the staff with an opportunity to feature our talents on their recent film's soundtrack, "The Legend of Arnold Tarmac."

The Plan

An entire catalog comprised of Rockets' talent, featuring some of their songs throughout the entire film, took place over the span of a month - from writing to recording to delivery - which was a magnificent blessing to have happen for the artists and the production company.

The Legend of Arnold Tarmac: Trailer

Opening Scene: "Birthday Suit"

The Legend of Arnold Tarmac is a tale of drive, love, and endurance. Following young Arnold from birth (in his first person perspective of life and activities that he encounters) to the discovering moments of life through childhood, his post-life of schooling, to finally, his days of greatness that Arnold embarks on through his own life's adventures.

"Sights on the First Porsche"

Dreyfuss Macdonald as Arnold Tarmac

{Watching the Porsche drive past the window, Arnold's destiny is instantly shifted. The view of the car in motion scrolls right to left of the screen. Just as the car leaves the frame, the sight of Jane is reflected off of the glass, staring in the same direction behind him}

"The Bug"

Lydia Van Turrellson as Jane Humphrey

(Arnold): [It was all worth it]

(Jane): "Let's have some fun, Arnold"

"Driving Father's Audi"

{Tires screeching and the two are seen fleeing from the garage door entrance. Leaves and debris are the only witnesses, the two make their mad dash exiting the neighborhood. The engine is heard HOWLING until the car is no longer in sight to be heard.}

"Last Day of School"

(Jane): "Where are you going?"

(Arnold): "I have to go, Jane. This is my dream. I have to - "

"Real World"

Harry Lee as Mr. Davenport

(Mr. Davenport): "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen - The next sixteen weeks are going to push your limits beyond the mental capacities you presently occupy."

"First Profit (Liquid)"

(Arnold): "We will never have to work another day in our lives, baby."

(Jane): "I love you, Arnold Tarmac"

"The Journey Begins"

Featuring Gwen Tilley as Lady Zara

(Lady Zara): "Look, Tarmac! You're either IN, or you're OUT!"

(Arnold): "I never signed up for this! THIS was not the plan!"

"Bold as Gold"

(Mr. Davenport): "Alright, kid, No turning back now."

"Sideways on a Frontier"

The Tale of Arnold Tarmac. Written and directed by Zeke Bleaker.

Coming soon to a screen in front of you.

A Tasty Fan Productions. Rocketship Records.

The production company did an amazing job on this score. I thought. The trailer looks amazing and the scenes where our talent is being heard / played throughout the specific scenes are truly a work of art. A big shout-out to the film and production crews of Tasty Fan, the artists of Rocketship Records, and all those in the works in affiliation.

Trailer 2: Joyride Scene (bonus)

Director's Stash: "The Joyride Scene" (Bonus Trailer)

(Arnold): "Come on, you trust me, don't you?"

(Jane): "You know I don't. But I like it. Let's have a little fun, yeah?"

{Tires and engine are heard exiting the driveway. Camera [A] is seen peeking into the front windshield of the Audi, Arnold slips on his sunglasses and the first sign of motion signaled to Camera [B] - the volume of the radio increases and (The Great Danes - "Wild Rider") begins to play through the speakers. The tail end of the Audi is in view while departing from frame, its license plate, [QUAAAAD] is clearly displayed while departing.

Jane and Arnold are fleeing the neighborhood, racing past camera [C], [D], [E], [F] and the overhead custom camera [G] attached to the pursuit vehicle that takes turns chasing and leading the Audi.

Jane and Arnold cruise through downtown, shifting lanes in between camera frames, pedestrians halt all motion waiting at intersections. Reflections of the couple inside the sedan on the glass of towering buildings catches hints and glimpses of their vehicle and expressions.

Entering the expressway, the Audi screams into fiery high notes of growls, galloping faster than the present traffic. Slipping the front end of the Audi in the center lane, the pursuit camera vehicle catches their expressions while tailing a large truck.

A quick swivel of the forearms and we're watching the Audi in the far right lane. Riding the side pocket of the expressway, making the slight turn on the offramp and bringing the Audi back into the circled environment of the city.

Cameras are positioned back into their places, scrolling from left to right at the couple and following the Audi all the way into the driveway. Camera [A] is resting in front of the front bumper plate as it draws closer and closer, stopping just before contact.}

A Tasty Fan Production. Rocketship Records. 48th & 4th, 2021.


Matt Johnson

+Studio Estate Operator

+Writer for 48th & 4th

+COC / A&R at Rocketship Records


+Rally Driver

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Matt Johnson
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