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Ricky Stanicky


By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Amazon Prime has kind of been cranking out the original content lately and though not everyone is going see these hilarious and creative movies they are actually pretty good. Our latest endeavor includes Zac Efron and John Cena in the cast and quite honestly that is all I needed to know before deciding to watch this movie.

Essentially to avoid getting in trouble this group of friends makes up a fourth friend that continually allows them to get out of trouble. Now that is an incredible premise all on its own but the fact that they then hire someone to play this fake friend to justify all of this childhood craziness to their parents is extra hilarious. Made even better by the fact that the person that they hire is played by John Cena.

These men continue to use this fake friend into adulthood to get out of shit with their wives and I think that is hysterical. And like geniuses they keep a bible of all the shit they’ve made up for Ricky including a fake social media account complete with posts that they do themselves.

Well right off the bat the pacing of this movie is incredible. The premise establishes itself so quickly, the man they end up hiring as Ricky is an actor in Atlantic City. This comes up soon as JT’s wife goes into labor 6 weeks early. The family insists that the boys invite Ricky to the briss and this is where the story really starts.

This briss is super tension filled. Liona is actively trying to prove that Ricky Stanicky doesn’t exist and he keeps tripping into situations that require so much backstory and knowledge but Rod really did his job and actually researched everything required to blend in seamlessly with this group of people.

These antics quickly get out of hand when the boys accidentally end up drugging the rabi with ketamine and Ricky has to finish circumcising JT’s kid. Rod then doesn’t want to give up being Ricky Stanicky. The structure of this movie is very well done. Act 1 wrapped up so well with them having to hire Rod, Act 2 is winding down with an obvious resolution at the end of the briss but then our twist happens when Ricky gets himself hired at the same place the other boys work. This starts to blow things up for obvious reasons.

The boys have now made it their mission to take down Ricky, they plan on getting him fired from their firm. But Rod manages to turn everything around into something that their boss likes. To the point where he starts climbing this corporate ladder faster than his friends, rightfully pissing them off. And to top it all off there are people after Ricky whom he owes money to because, of course.

The resolution to this movie was as incredible as it could possibly get; The hero of the week segment ends up being a hit, all the boys not only get to keep their jobs but they get recognized by their boss, Ricky really does start helping charity organizations and they all live happily ever after.

Ricky Stanicky is a truly hilarious movie, and you absolutely should watch it. If you like dumb but funny buddy comedies then this is definitely the perfect film for you to see. The cast is incredible and the film is exactly what it is. There is no blending of genres, everything that happens is amazing and totally fits the tone and genre of the film. I would give it a full 10/10. It has great rewatchability and it is definitely something that I would recommend.

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